NY Times Columnist Hits New Low in Exploitation to Push for Refugees

The New York Times has plumbed the depths of the propaganda pit by publishing a picture of a bloodied Syrian girl and then ups the ante by comparing her to Anne Frank. The doomed child has become a symbol of the atrocities brought upon the Jews and the rest of Europe by the Nazis and sadly a conveniently exploitable figure when it comes to invoking the Holocaust in order to push a political agenda.


Selfish 49ers Quarterback Hijacks Team to Protest National Anthem

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has had enough problems as of late without Friday’s incredibly seflish and inflammatory act of idiocy. The one-time budding star has seen his career take a downward trajectory into the crapper ever since he started for the team in Super Bowl XLVII in 2013. While the 49ers lost the championship to the Baltimore Ravens in a fare-thee-well to legendary goon Ray Lewis, Kaepernick’s future looked bright before being derailed by a series of onfield flops, locker room issues and injuries. This was to be his big chance to reassert himself in the new Chip Kelly offense but instead of putting his nose to the grindstone the big dummy decided to use his return performance to make a political statement.


Hey Trump, Keep Your Damn Dirty Hands Off My Blacks!

The increasingly unstable Hillary Clinton has released another race-baiting ad as her campaign seeks to defend against Donald Trump’s unconscionable efforts to reach out to black voters. The Dems are tripling down on peddling racial animosity and scheming to run out the clock without having to debate any real issues before the election. Trump finally triggered the full scale nuclear attack when he dared to point out that Queen Hillary was a cynical bigot who promised much and would deliver nothing to African-Americans. The establishment is punching back hard and the media is awash in inflammatory stories to keep the minority vote locked safety inside the gates of the Clintonland plantation.


Dallas Cowboy is Breakaway Leader for Rookie Dumbass of the Year

Late August is a time of anticipation for football fans as the college season prepares to kick off and the pro football preseason winds down. Despite it’s many flaws, thugs and overpaid Prima Donnas as well as the ongoing corporatization of the game, the NFL is still the choice of die-hards when it comes to an avenue of escape from the miserable realities of life. But along with the box scores comes the police blotter upon which will land an inevitable array of chuckleheads who despite their high-paying dream gigs just can’t manage to stay out of trouble.

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Texas College Students Break Out the Dildos to Protest Campus Gun Law

The wave of liberal degeneracy and intolerance that has spread across the nation’s college campuses like some brain-eating disease found an outlet in Austin, TX this week. Students organized to protest a new law permitting the concealed carry of handguns on public university campuses by flaunting – and this is no joke – dildos. With an innovative idea that could catch on and spread, student activists launched the “Cocks Not Glocks” campaign in hopes to get attention to the ongoing leftist assault on the Second Amendment.


Big Time Mission Creep as DHS Investigates Leslie Jones Website Hack

Exactly as the skeptics predicted would happen, the Department of Homeland Security would become an American Gestapo. The monster big government agency that was formed after the 9/11 attacks to prevent terrorism was always ripe for abuse by a regime that would put it to use for political reasons. The DHS has now been unleashed to find the perpetrators of the diabolical hacking of the website belonging to Leslie Jones. The African-American star of the box office bomb all-female remake of the classic “Ghostbusters” had her nude pictures purloined and posted online in the nation’s latest racial firestorm.


Queen Hillary Hits Up Romney Donors for Dollars

As Queen Hillary continues her relentless quest to surpass one billion dollars in political payola, she is seeking to tap into Mitt Romney’s donor network. Mrs. Clinton is hoping to exploit anti-Trump sentiment with her appeal to establishment Republicans who are in mortal terror that Donald Trump would bust up their rackets. While a lot of millionaires and billionaires of the sort that are politically inclined like to pay lip service to their own country, they are not going to be the ones who put America first when they stand to profit off of the corrupt crony capitalist system.

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You’re Either With Her Or You’re With the Racists

In a despicable display of raw demagoguery saturated in conspiracy theories, Hillary Clinton just laid the groundwork for redefining millions of Americans as racists. With her campaign besieged by mounting questions about her health, those pesky emails and the racketeering at Clinton Foundation, Hillary set a new low for American politics and prepared to leap howling like a banshee into the abyss. In a much promoted speech in Reno, the Democrat nominee wove a web of innuendo and in pandering to the lowest common denominator attempted to sell her sinister vision of a “rising tide of hardline, right-wing nationalism around the world” with Russian leader Vladimir Putin as the cunning global villain tying it all together. It was the stuff of dementia and in a sane society should have ended with her being given a Thorazine shot and hauled off in a straightjacket.


Bogus Bernie Bolts on Wasserman Schultz’s Primary Challenger

With his new lakefront vacation home secured and most of his supporters sold out to Queen Hillary, Bernie Sanders continues to show that he was always a fraud. Back when he was still playing the part of the Democrat opposition to the Clintons, Bernie made a big show of support for the primary challenger of Debbie “the Carp” Wasserman Schultz but now appears to have thrown Tim Canova under the bus.

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Demagogic Hillary Conjures Up Alt-Right Bogeyman to Link Trump Supporters with Neo-Nazis

Conspiracy nut and hate-mongering demagogue Hillary Clinton is preparing to make hay by linking Donald Trump to the so-called Alt-Right. The Democrats and their racial grievance travelers have devoted a good deal of time and effort to create a formidable bogeyman army for Trump. After all, what would the new Hitler be without his contemporary Brownshirts? So now comes the Alt-Right, a conglomeration of online elements that are being transformed into a unified movement by those seeking to fulfill a political agenda, foremost among them is Mrs. Clinton who is going to deliver a major address on the phantom menace this week in Reno.