Media Approaches Orgasm as Porn Queen Emerges as the Latest Trump Accuser

Hillary Clinton surrogate Gloria Allred has produced yet another woman claiming that she was a victim of Republican nominee Donald Trump. The latest alleged target of the fiendish Trump has a sordid history of her own – she is a porn “actress” who is coming forth with an accusation that the billionaire enemy of the establishment propositioned her back in 2006. The media is running with the story that Jessica Drake was offered $10,000 by Trump to engage in sexual relations with him for which – as with the rest of his recent accusers – no proof exists. But that’s good enough for the media which is now a fully functional propaganda arm of the Clinton campaign.


Officials Concoct Crazy Cover Story to Explain Away the Coming Rigged Election

In a purely dastardly move, Obama regime officials are now putting their cover story into place to quell public outrage if proof emerges that the election has been rigged. With establishment fears mounting that millions are suspicious that trickery will be used to put the Clintons back into the White House, a new variation on the Russian hacking hoax has emerged. According to the usual gaggle of anonymous government sources, a report is out that if any proof emerges AFTER the election results are cooked in Hillary’s favor that it will only be due to Russian forgeries.


Outrage Mongering Ambulance Chaser Gloria Allred Produces Yet Another Alleged Trump Victim

Yet another alleged victim of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been produced with less than three weeks to go until the election. Feminist ambulance chaser Gloria Allred is touting the case of another woman who claims that she was molested by Trump and only now – eighteen years later – is sharing her story. While the mainstream media peddles boatloads of faux outrage and engages in ritual hand-wringing over these earth-shattering revelations from the past, it’s difficult to not question the motivations of the “victims” as well as those who stand to gain from trotting them out now at this late stage of the game.

John-McCain- (1)

Self-Serving Old Bastard John McCain Releases Statement Defending the Sanctity of Our Rigged Elections

It turns out that the pussy wars were just a warm up for the anti-Trump lynch mobs. The entire media as well as the usual pack of self-serving charlatans are yowling like scalded cats over Donald Trump’s reluctance to stand down if cheated in a rigged election. That the election is been “rigged” has already been established due to a rotten to the core media that has spent months smearing Trump as the earthly personification of Satan and in doing so has successfully poisoned millions of barren minds against him.


NFL Commissioner Denies Kaepernick Circus is the Reason for Tanking TV Ratings

The National Football League is on the verge of panic mode over plummeting television ratings in 2016 and the public relations flacks are out in force with their spin. NFL friendly pundits are busily speculating as to what exactly has caused the shocking rejection of the 800-pound gorilla of professional sports and pushing such wild-assed theories that ratings are down due to it being due to the election. What is obvious to many but continues to be denied by the league is that the effect of cop-hating militant San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his growing number of disciples. Kapernick’s decision to thumb his nose at the flag has turned off millions of viewers who are tuning out rather than be subjected to millionaire whiners making political statements.


Little Marco Rubio Calls for Republicans to Shut Up About Wikileaks Revelations

The ongoing series of leaks of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s top henchman John Podesta have provided a damning view at how the Democrat crime syndicate conducts business. Despite the silencing of leader Julian Assange, the activist organization continues to publish Podesta’s emails on a daily basis which in a normal political climate would provide plenty of fodder to combat the Clinton restoration.


Media Goes Nuts After Trump Refuses to Say He’ll Accept Rigged Election Results

The third and final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is now over and the billionaire outsider is once again dominating the headlines. A seemingly endless series of political debates where the deck was increasingly stacked against Trump as the stakes grew has come to a close with Trumpzilla still standing and despite being wounded, still lumbering towards the Imperial city.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at a the National Council of La Raza Annual Conference Monday, July 13, 2015, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Dem’s Race Baiting Pays Off as La Raza Political Arm Endorses Hillary

Months of race-baiting demagoguery by Democrats and their media surrogates has paid off as La Raza has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Mrs. Clinton is basking in the glow of the Latino supremacist group’s political arm bestowing it’s seal of approval upon her campaign as the Dems look to nail down the coveted Hispanic vote. With the election now less than three weeks away and efforts to get as many Latino’s (legal or not) registered to vote it’s probably safe to say that Donald Trump is going to take a drubbing with this demographic. Hey, it’s not as if the Democrats have even bothered with trying to appeal to white Americans (unless they are queers and trannies) as they honed in on whipping up racial resentment to benefit at the ballot box.


Fauxahontas Back on the Warpath, Clucks Like a Chicken in Attack on Trump

The Clinton controlled DNC has kept fake Indian Elizabeth Warren on the reservation since their convention in August but in a last ditch appeal to progressives, have sent her after Donald Trump’s scalp. With Queen Hillary needing every vote that she can get, it’s imperative that dewy eyed dopes who still believe that Warren and Commie Bernie Sanders will have influence on Mrs. Clinton onboard the Dem team and both Judas and Jezebel are hitting the hustings to stump for Hillary.


Obama Regime Bullies Ecuador Into Silencing Assange Until After the Election

It is beginning to look as though Julian Assange won’t be dropping a house on Hillary after all. The leftist Ecuadorian government has admitted that it has cut off internet access to the Wikileaks founder for an undisclosed period of time. The move came after reports that Secretary of State John “Skull and Bones” Kerry had threatened Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa with ‘grave consequences’ if the data dumps on Democrat dirty dealings didn’t stop immediately.