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Trumpzilla Stomps Across America as Hillary’s Electoral Edge Evaporates

When the official history of the 2016 elections is written it may well be that the turning point will be Hillary Clinton’s incredibly stupid foray into smearing millions of Americans as neo-Nazis, racists, bigots and knuckle-draggers. Riding high after a big post-convention bounce – which was largely aided by the orchestrated Khizr Khan media ambush – Team Hillary decided to venture into demagoguery and conspiracy mongering with a bizarre decision to give a big speech about the unorganized and indefinable “Alt-Right” who she accused of being a fifth column of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.
The decision to go back to the future may well mean a return to 2008 when Mrs. Clinton was rudely rejected by her own party in a humiliating loss to an obscure former community organizer from Chicago. It’s been all downhill ever since and the descent began picking up speed last weekend when the queen of the bitches regaled the liberal high-rollers at a posh liberal LGBT fundraiser by calling Trump supporters – a “basket of deplorables” which even she soon realized was a yuuuge mistake

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Obama Calls For Blacks to Keep Their Asses on the Democrat Plantation

Amidst mounting Dem dread over the rapidly approaching election, El Presidente himself is issuing black voters their marching orders. Queen Hillary appears to be losing considerable ground with African Americans and despite her incessant pandering to that most crucial of all demographics, the lights may be going on for many.
The sad truth is that Democrats only care about blacks when it’s election time and once the votes have been cast, quickly take a dump all over them. With Donald Trump’s recent efforts at outreach and his speaking of the truth about Mrs. Clinton’s cynical and insincere motivations, a fear bordering on panic is setting in with the blue jackass party.


Predictable WAPO Now Back to Claiming Trump is Inciting Violence Against Hillary

From the department of recycled crap, the Washington Post is once again claiming that the hated Donald Trump is calling for violence against establishment favorite Hillary Clinton. Trump’s remarks supporting the Second Amendment were seized upon by a media scorned and are being served up to those low-information voters who still believe the garbage that the presstitutes dispense to them on a daily basis.


Clinton Crime Family Operative Implicated in New Obama Birth Certificate Flap

In addition to being the mother of ISIS, Hillary Clinton is also the queen of the birthers. After being utterly humiliated by Donald Trump when he trolled the entire national media with an announcement over Emperor Obama’s birth certificate, the paparazzi and presstitutes fell back into a defensive position around Hillary. Trump used the opportunity provided by the media swarm to announce to a national audience that it was the Clinton slime machine that began the controversy over whether Obama was born in Kenya back in 2008.


Stoner Gary Johnson Doesn’t Make Debate Cut

In what may end up being the fatal blow to the Never Trumpers, faux libertarian Gary Johnson won’t be onstage for the first presidential debate. It was the hope that the former New Mexico Governor would be able to siphon off enough of the vote to put Hillary into the White House and maintain the corrupt political elite’s stranglehold on power. Mitt Romney really likes him too.


Polls Show That Most Americans are Not Siding With Cop-Hating Attention Whore Colin Kaepernick

Liberals may worship Colin Kaepernick as if he walks on water and cures lepers but regular Americans seem to have another opinion. Newly released polls show that a high percentage of the population find the San Francisco 49er benchwarmer turned social warrior be unpatriotic. While grievance mongers had long been clamoring for a prominent national spokesman to make the case that this once great nation is full of racists who take a special delight in oppressing blacks and cast their lot with Kaeptain un-American, those who actually work for a living seem to be taking all of this hoopla with great umbrage.


Ohio Governor Kasich to Help Obama in Selling Globalist TPP Trade Scam

As the establishment faces the unthinkable prospect that Donald Trump will actually win the White House, the rush for Emperor Barack Obama to finish the screwing of America is picking up. Mr. Obama’s legacy is awaiting his crown jewel – the passage of the globalist deal with the devil known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – to punch his post presidential ticket ala the Clintons. It’s a virtual certainty that the TPP will be crammed down the throats of Americans in the upcoming lame duck session and Mr. Obama is counting on a cadre of anti-Trump Republicans to help him embed a butcher knife into the backs of an already besieged working class. One of them is former presidential candidate and virulent Trump hater John Kasich.


Priceless Tidbit from Hacked Colin Powell Emails: Bill Clinton is Still ‘Dicking Bimbos’:

With the complete abandonment of all journalistic responsibilities by the establishment media, it’s fallen to hackers to dig out the dirt on our rotten to the core political class. With latest release of DNC emails driving the Democrats to fits as their influence peddling is revealed, there was another hack of emails belonging to former Bush regime Secretary of State Colin Powell. The emails were published by the website DC Leaks which the powers that be have claimed to be a Russian intelligence operation because everything is Putin’s fault these days. They are a collection that offers a glimpse into the insight of one of the nation’s most prominent African American figures.


Does Charles Blow Hate All White People or Just Donald Trump?

By now it’s probably a pretty safe assumption that New York Times columnist Charles Blow just may hate white people. Oh, a lot of blacks are very good at hiding it but as the percolating climate of racial enmity sweeps across America while the Democrats and their media allies fan the flames, the masks begin to slip with increasing frequency. Dems, Liberals and racial oppression pimps would have people believe that racism only exists if it’s being directed by whites at blacks but this is a huge fallacy because there is a vast amount hostility when the sides of the equation are flipped.


Queen Hillary Wants a Taco Truck on Every Corner

On Thursday Queen Hillary raised herself up off of her sickbed and waddled back out onto the campaign trail. While reports of her demise were exaggerated, she still finds herself rapidly losing ground in the polls to hated nemesis Donald Trump. So what’s a poor old gal to do but return to her bread and butter trickery of pandering to identify groups and this week it’s the turn for Hispanics to be the focus of her cynical manipulation.