“The preparations for Hate Week were in full swing, and the staffs of all the Ministries were working overtime. Processions, meetings, military parades, lectures, waxworks, displays, film shows, telescreen programmes all had to be organized; stands had to be erected, effigies built, slogans coined, songs written, rumours circulated, photographs faked..”.

– George Orwell’s 1984

In a rapidly escalating exercise of ginned-up outrage the corporate/state media, it’s lackeys and stooges who serve as carrier pigeons for establishment lies have launched a propaganda campaign designed to steamroll everything in front of it. It will be joined by the opportunistic and whorish politicians who have repeatedly drop-kicked this once great country in the balls for the sole reason of aggrandizing themselves. The target this time is Rolling Stone magazine over the new issue sporting a cover picture of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev which media miscreants have wailed portrays him as a “rock star” like Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan.As of this evening the firestorm is spreading as efficiently and rapidly as those wonderful incendiary bombs that our domestic murder industry (euphemistically known as “defense”) efficiently produces with the maximum dispersal rate for melting the flesh from the bones of innocent women and children in any of our ongoing wars. This thing is hot and the temperature is rising by the minute as the hysteria spreads like a bad case of orally transmitted genital herpes. Not that many have actually read the story which by all accounts is not exactly a tribute to the rotten little bastard but a study of how a seemingly innocent young man could become a ruthless monster who digs planting IEDs at the finish line of a storied race in order to inflict maximum damage on unprotected innocent people. 

Not that any of the berserkers bother to mention in their ridiculously over the top attack pieces that the subtitle on said magazine cover reads “How a popular promising student was failed by his family, fell into radical Islam and became a monster”,  but when a good deal of the media whoppers in this country are in fact lies of omission it fits the pattern. The national propensity for knee-jerk reactions to demagogic manipulation by a venal, in the bag media is likely nothing that anyone who is reading this post will be surprised by, you can get everything but the truth in the modern era American media.  The establishment knows exactly which buttons to push and when in order to elicit the desired response. The faux outrage over Rolling Stone’s cover this week serves to nudge Obama’s surveillance state, his ruthless Justice Department and those secret FISA courts all the closer to the memory hole and then the flush lever will be hit. By the Sunday morning weekend gabfests I expect to see this dog and pony show trotted out as yet another example used to persecute, marginalize and ultimately criminalize any journalists and publication that aren’t fully aligned with the Obama regime and the national security state that he is currently the putative head of.  There are now along with the tantrums boycotts as mega-drugstores CVS and Walgreens have announced that they will not sell the current issue of Rolling Stone (although they still will stock beer, wine, rubbers, tobacco, sexual lubricants, dildos, ingredients to make bathtub meth and soft core porn magazines that may encourage -gasp – masturbation) and the pressure is mounting. I am a terminal cynic (although not nearly as cynical as the pigs who run this system) and it would not shock me if the offices of Rolling Stone were visited by government goons and paramilitary thugs in the very near future.



This entire carnival of perversion is yet another luminescent display of the terminal hypocrisy that currently inflicts dumbed-down, riled-up and fucked-over America. Our leader in historical infamy, El Presidente Barack Obama has appeared on the cover of said magazine no fewer than FIVE times. The man is an accomplished liar, war criminal (by definition every U.S. President is one), murderer (by proxy) who has a daily “kill list” delivered after breakfast, a man responsible for the ongoing terrorism of the illegal wars and occupations (including the upcoming one in Syria) and as recently revealed in an embarrassing manner by government contractor Booz Allen leaker Edward Snowden, presides over a fascist surveillance apparatus that is a high tech equivalent of the East German Stasi. Obama has authorized repeated drone strikes on civilians, signed off on killing American citizens without due process and has declared an unprecedented war on journalists and whistleblowers by invoking the archaic and vile Espionage Act more than any other U.S. President in history. Oh, and my dear fellow Americans, now that the precedent has been set and the beta testing done on the so-called “bad guys” with brown skin in foreign lands, the drones are even now coming home to roost. You just might want to pay attention to an ugly little story that the pocket media here in Der Homeland is hiding under the avalanche of tabloid bullshit and the Rolling Stone cover onslaught  – Obama’s NSA is not only sucking up ALL of your phone calls, emails, texts, web searches etc. but is also building a relational database that could potentially like everyone to whatever vague and secret definition of who is a “terrorist”. Remember that Muslim convenience store owner who ran your credit card the last time you gassed up? 

But I digress… 

The REAL outrage should be why none of the corrupt sucklers to power in the state/corporate media have bothered to honestly cover the criminals on Wall Street who were not only responsible for wrecking the economy but are back doing the same thing now.  The gods of crony finance capitalism were not only given a free pass by Obama’s rancid administration but are currently using their wholly owned Federal Reserve to inflate a mammoth stock bubble that will be the mother of all economic catastrophes when it inevitably blows up. The Dow hit 15,548 and change today, gas prices are rocketing towards 4 dollars a gallon again and the pigs in the commodities exchange pits are rutting furiously as their greed beggars millions. Hey, be glad that you live in America, no matter how fucked up that this place is at least you don’t have to watch your kids starve like you did if you had to live in a third world country where bankster induced food price spikes cut devastating swaths of starvation/genocide that will one day rival those of Stalin and Pol Pot. But of course you won’t see this on CNBC, Bloomberg or even read about it in the cursed librul [sic] New York Times.

And finally….

I am sure that there is no small amount of jealousy and hatred directed at Rolling Stone by the shills for high finance and military power. It was after all this magazine that published the story The Runaway General that led to the indignity of former JSOC commander Stanley McChrystal being forced into an early and shame riddled retirement. The tale was written by journalist Michael Hastings who recently perished in a bizarre fiery car crash amid rumors that he was being investigated by Obama’s FBI Gestapo. Hastings was a real journalist who did his damnedest to hold power accountable in the manner that one could imagine being the intent of the framers when they drafted the First Amendment. The corrupt corporate media would much rather cover the Kardashians or some other tawdry and meaningless pseudo scandal or exploit the poor victims of natural disasters for cheap emotional bling than actually bother reporting high crimes of state and corporations for that is what toadies do. While Rolling Stone was running cutting edge pieces by Wall Street beat reporter Matt Taibbi explaining exactly how the criminals in their ivory towers ruined the economy and then got away with it the mainstream media had a different objective. They just churned out puff pieces, apologies and hagiographies by the bushel providing cover for the looters and plunderers. After a very short period in early 2009 when it appeared that there just might be accountability the corporate media closed ranks and in no time at all Ben Bernanke was Time’s Person of the Year. The outrage is very selective in this rotting carcass of a once great country, lionizing scum and covering up for real criminals is a sure ticket to the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. This is a bacchanal of an event that is nothing more than a sweaty drunken mosh pit of bottom feeding swine swimming around in their own excrement as they worship Washington’s political royalty. This pox on the concept of a free press is befitting of charlatans like David Gregory and his ilk and is what happens when a free press chooses the sleazy fornication with power over holding power accountable. They collect their thirty pieces of silver and then eagerly serve as a firewall to the type of mass corruption and criminality that destroys societies.

And let’s not kid ourselves, is there any American institution more responsible for the downtrend of this country than the rotten to the core media?

Name One!