Riding high after their show trial of poor Bradley Manning who now will be thrown into a hole for the rest of his life for exposing war crimes and state treachery the celebratory mood at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue didn’t  last long.  The champagne had not even gone flat before the buzz wore off and Obama’s rogue administration went into a maniacal rage.  On Thursday, hated NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was granted political asylum by Russia and left the transit area of Moscow’s airport where he had been trapped since fleeing Hong Kong in June. Throw this in with the administration’s ongoing efforts to start yet another war in Syria but bring frustrated by Russian resistance to intervention and an already volatile situation is about to boil over.

Make no mistake, this news was a running drop kick in the nuts to Obama who has now proven that he is nothing but another lawless, human rights abusing wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He may be more articulate than his predecessor and probably will never match Bush’s body count, even with over three years left in office but he is every bit the type of global criminal that the office of the presidency has as the top job requirement. This entire episode over Snowden has been an embarrassment to a U.S. establishment that in anointing Obama sought to put a friendly face on Bush and Cheney’s oppressive and ugly policies, just think of it as Fozzie Bear fascism. It went over well in the beginning but now has become exposed as just another great advertising job, in America you can always sell a turd if you polish it to a high sheen but ultimately it is only a turd and even the rubes will eventually catch on.

The one year asylum provided by Russia was immediately denounced by Obama’s occupiers of the U.S. government and their loyalist apparatchik. “We see this as an unfortunate development and we are extremely disappointed by it” hissed top flack Jay Carney. The administration is now weeping and gnashing it’s teeth and threatening that Obama will likely boycott the upcoming G20 summit in Russia next month and maybe even the 2014 Winter Olympics. It is the equivalent of a petulant spoiled child threatening to kill himself by holding his breath until he turns purple in the face. What a bunch of clowns we have running this circus but as the adage goes “we get the government we deserve” and when you have an apathetic  and poorly informed public that is easily manipulated that is our shared burden.

Longtime fixer Eric Holder must be apoplectic this morning, his letter to Putin promising not to have Snowden tortured has made him into a laughingstock, much like his boss. A good amount of glee over the entire grotesque episode is experienced by Americans themselves, at least the portion of us who have become disgusted at how this once great country has been destroyed from within. Nothing is quite as delightful as having our government’s hypocrisy and grandiose incompetence exposed on a global stage since we are inundated by silly tabloid media coverage that refuses to address real problems here at home. With the Snowden escape from Holder’s clutches our once beloved and now gone to seed Uncle Sam has just been served up a nice big shit sandwich with a vodka chaser by of all countries Russia. The only thing that was more darkly humorous in the past month was seeing Obama get a stern lecture on the evils of his Stasi surveillance machine by of all people, the Germans. You just cannot make stuff like this up.

As former Reagan administration Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts pegs it spot on in his latest piece America Discredited

As Washington loses its grip on the world, defied by Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and now Russia, the US government resorts to public temper tantrums. The constant demonstration of childishness on the part of the White House and Congress embarrasses every American.

Washington’s latest outburst of childish behavior is a response to the Russian Immigration Service granting US whistleblower Edward Snowden asylum in Russia for one year while his request for permanent asylum is considered. Washington, having turned the US into a lawless state, no longer has any conception of legal procedure. Law is whatever serves Washington. As Washington sees it, law is nothing but Washington’s will. Any person or country that interferes with Washington’s will is behaving unlawfully.

Because Obama, like Bush before him, routinely disobeys US law and the US Constitution, the White House actually thinks that Russian President Putin should disobey Russian and international law, overturn the Russian Immigration Service’s asylum decision, and hand over Snowden to Washington.

Washington expected Russia to hand over Snowden simply because Washington demanded it. Like a two-year old, Washington cannot conceive that its demands don’t take precedence over international law and the internal legal procedures of every country. How dare Russia stand up for law against “the indispensable nation.”

This is great because about the only thing to be proud about as an American these days is if you happen to be ashamed to be an American because of the stupid, futile and deadly conduct of the last two presidential regimes, this one in particular. It is getting to be pretty mortifying to live in this flag swaddled fascist  lemming colony and will be until a gigantic enema bag is inserted into Washington and the bulb given a good squeeze. Unfortunately, given the advanced state of deterioration that has taken hold will not allow any such cleansing until the system itself collapses. The good news is that at the rate that we are going it could be soon, the downtrend cannot be reversed.

So with the  Russian acceptance of Snowden who is fleeing torture and a rigged justice system here in Der Homeland the sequel to the Cold War is nigh. This will no doubt delight the still deeply embedded neocons who have always hated ‘the bear’ and the propaganda chop shops in their network of think tanks and media fronts are busily dusting off old anti-Soviet propaganda and modernizing it for the imminent rollout this coming week. John Bolton must have a hard-on this morning and all of the remaining ghouls from Team B and Iran-Contra will be booking appearances over at Fox News to bray their lies to the base. Conversely, the Obama toadies will wrap up their anti-Russian bellicosity in the language of human rights interventionism and will soon be appearing on defense contractor G.E.’s propaganda organ MSNBC. Rachel Maddow will inevitably be wailing about Putin’s repression of gay rights and Chris Matthews can finally take a break from Anthony Weiner roasting to slobber and demagogue the “evil empire” for human rights hypocrisy. What is problematic in 2013 for Obama and the establishment’s meat puppet talking heads is that the United States has lost the moral high ground. That “shining city on the hill” that President Ronald Reagan once extolled has become a corrupt sewer of inequality, state propaganda, paramilitary police goon squads, rigged courts, torture facilities and rule by a small elite. We also have a shameful incarceration rate that if not the highest in the civilized world is  in the top three and a for profit prison system that rivals Stalin’s gulags. The roles have been reversed and while it may not be common knowledge to those sitting on their sofas sucking their thumbs in front of the electronic crackpipe it is common knowledge to the rest of the world. We have become the new “evil empire” courtesy of Bush and Obama with an assist to Clinton.

The delusion though, not apparent to our foot stomping emperor who while not totally naked yet (the glue on the figleaf is wearing thin of late) is that Russia is a serious nation with a serious military and lots and lots of nukes. It’s not like invading Iraq or Afghanistan which despite all of the money and superior U.S. forces still managed to drag out the conflict for a decade running. This is lost on the idiot in chief and the rest of the war freaks who still seem to be enthralled by arch-neocon and proud fascist Michael Ledeen’s doctrine of “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business”. Now pissed off, scorned and shown to be the twit and fraud that he is to the rest of the world Obama just may be susceptible to being pushed into a new Cold War, one that this time will be lost and lost badly.

El Presidente has often compared himself to Reagan, much to the dismay of his stabbed in the back base but when it comes to the Russians all that can be said is that “you are no Ronald Reagan sir”, this time it is you who sit atop that wall. I am sure that you enjoy the view.