Quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it? That’s what it is to be a slave.

-Roy Batty

With the Obama administration desperately defending the secret courts, spying and lack of accountability and seething over being rebuked by Russia to hand over Edward Snowden after weeks of bullying it was finally time to bring the back the invocation of the threat of the other as a distraction and to justify the unconstitutional mass surveillance programs. This was the week that the new boss finally became the old boss by reaching into his predecessor’s playbook and playing the fear card. Since September 11, 2001 hyping the threat of terrorism has been the most kick ass club in the bag and going forward it will see a resurgence, bet the mortgage money on it. The Obama regime for the most part has largely refrained from using it until this week when it was pinned down deep in it’s own territory, down by six and needed a big play to extend the drive.

The state media has been in rare form the last two days, hyping an imminent threat to American citizens abroad due to a reputed threat from Al-Qaeda. Please excuse me if this  sets off my overly sensitive personal bullshit detector.  I do remember the years when the Bush administration was riding tall the saddle, largely because they knew full well that in post 9/11 America that FEAR had become the coin of the realm. Unlike far too many TV addled and forgetful Americans I remember with crystal clarity the multicolored terror alert charts that Tom Ridge would trot out whenever the Bush-Cheney junta needed political cover. Ridge to his credit came out and admitted that the threat levels were manipulated for political purposes but the color coded alert system became an albatross and was eventually discarded. Now that Obama’s lawless regime is cornered like rats it comes as no surprise that they are going to the well by conjuring up the radical Islam bogeyman.

The fear-mongering to which I refer to is the hysteria over an Al-Qaeda overseas threat to Americans issued by Obama’s State Department. Not that crazy things do not happen because when you are an empire, occupying countries, supporting torturers and fiends and murdering innocent civilians with bombs and drones people tend to become upset and fight back. The definition of terrorism has become so skewed so as to become virtually meaningless in the 21st Century United States of Orwell. Guerrilla warfare or attacks by those with no power against foreign symbols and institutions in lands being colonized by corporations, using the U.S. military as their henchmen and ruthless private mercenaries for the real wet work are common. In fact this has been the norm rather than the exception throughout history. The technical term for such incidents is blowback and it is insane or stupid to not believe that becoming oppressors of people in foreign lands for the sake of plundering their natural resources, installing hand-picked despots as their leaders and keeping the money rolling in for the defense industry will not result in blows against the empire. Terrorism is more of a political term, it worked like a dream for Hitler as his enemies were slaughtered, imprisoned and worse and it worked like a dream for Bush and Cheney in launching their ruinous adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars of choice that have done more to bankrupt this once great country than anything else. Despite that Obama and the establishment are practically wetting their pants to go into Syria and if crazed Senator Lindsey Graham gets his way Iran.

The establishment is putting a lot into this weekend’s alert, closing many U.S. embassies on Sunday and hoping for violence that would serve up some breathing room on the calls for reigning in the NSA. I suspect that something will happen too, such is the pattern of serendipity when the imperial police state has a need to justify further crackdowns on civil liberties. Now there is the insertion into the narrative of impending doom of the fanatical  Peter King, the porcine anti-Muslim bigot who on Friday stated:

“We’re not certain exactly where something might happen but it’s very specific as to when and it’s also very specific as to the fact that it is going to happen, so we have to be on alert everywhere”

King, who should be an expert on real terrorists given his ardent support for the civilian murdering IRA will undoubtedly show up on at least one of the Sunday morning masturbatory fests to defend Obama’s NSA Stasi and to call for further restrictions on American freedoms. With a bit of luck he can even  set up another of his anti-Muslim inquisitions and then whore himself out to the media and set more precedent for such kangaroo courts when it becomes policy to start hauling other Americans in front of them as well.

But I digress…

The very definition of “terrorist” has been deliberately rendered vague here in Der Homeland, prior to this week there has been an ongoing effort to begin to shift the threat of surveillance justifying ‘terrorism’ inward. I reference this very recent story about Michele Catalano, a Long Island woman whose home was stormed by government goons after unconstitutional spying on her household’s internet activity found that she was looking up information on a pressure cooker. Her son was using the internet to research the Boston Marathon bombings and her husband was looking for a backpack. This is absolutely true and is yet more evidence of how out of control Obama’s rogue government has become. I excerpt the following comment by Catalano from the story via The Guardian:

I felt a sense of creeping dread take over. What else had I looked up? What kind of searches did I do that alone seemed innocent enough but put together could make someone suspicious? Were they judging me because my house was a mess (Oh my god, the joint terrorism task force was in my house and there were dirty dishes in my sink!). Mostly I felt a great sense of anxiety. This is where we are at. Where you have no expectation of privacy. Where trying to learn how to cook some lentils could possibly land you on a watch list. Where you have to watch every little thing you do because someone else is watching every little thing you do.

All I know is if I’m going to buy a pressure cooker in the near future, I’m not doing it online.

I’m scared. And not of the right things.

I myself must wonder whether a paramilitary goon squad is going to visit me now that I have done queries on pressure cookers, terrorism and other red-flag terms while writing this today. In this forlorn and sorry husk of what used to be a free country anything is possible anymore. With the bar now lowered so as to turn even such normal behavior as the Catalano family doing web searches for household cooking items into suspected ‘terrorist’ activity what can’t be considered as such? The entire system is being tweaked so as to allow for the future roundup of Americans whose data will be stored in that massive NSA facility in Utah. We already know that there exists the capability to do three-hop queries and that there are indeed plans in place to abduct and detain American citizens. This will likely happen when the big collapse comes, the economic collapse that has been so deftly covered up by Obama’s financial alchemists and state media propagandists and is a ticking time bomb that could detonate any time and it will be a society killer when it blows.

It could be two days, two months or two years but the day to pay the piper is coming and it won’t be the culprits who will have to shell out their pound of flesh.