The hue and cry from the professional hand wringers over Barry’s inaction in Egypt after the ouster of Mohamad Morsi is now becoming as constant as it is laughable. The U.S. is losing prestige over Obama’s lame response to the growing wave of violence and the bloodbath in Egypt ridiculous even at face value. Prestige? Hell, to anyone who has been paying attention prestige left the building a long time ago when we began meddling in the region to begin with. It has been a cavalcade of ongoing disasters ever since and is only going to worsen as the current situation deteriorates. All hell has broken loose since Morsi was kicked out of power by the Egyptian military last month and every day beings fresh reports of escalating violence as pro-Morsi supporters and that devilish bogeyman the Muslim Brotherhood are targeted with extreme prejudice by the junta.  T

hat the violence is being perpetrated largely through the use of American provided munitions and military financial aid packages is no small matter.  Unlike the majority of the inhabitants of this massive star-spangled lemming farm the rest of the world sees this and understands it perfectly as what it is.  For decades our foreign policy has been in the business of creating conflicts from which the defense industry and investors reap huge profits off of the misery of others, that is the way that it always is with Empire. The slaughter continues, the bodies pile up, rotting in makeshift morgues and the cash register bells are jingling as the blood barters of the military industrial complex reap their obscene profits.

It was the highly decorated former U.S. Marine Corps General Smedley D. Butler who summed it up most appropriately when he famously stated that “war is a racket” and that:

It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

That is absolutely correct and never more so than in 2013, the brutal second decade of the New American Century. The idea of the United States as it currently exists being any sort of an avatar of human dignity and defender of human rights is a sick joke, a mockery and another of the great lies that is constantly sold to the sheeple. They are indoctrinated in the religion of American exceptionalism from their youngest cognitive days and then the state, it’s schools and it’s media drum home the idea for the duration of their lives. Few manage to escape from the flag-draped bubble of honor and glory, the simplistic we are the good guys myth but once you understand that it is a lie, always has been a lie then there is really no way to ever go back again. It is as Plato’s famous allegory of the cave for those mesmerized by the false shadows on the walls (or in the modern era, their televisions) will always prefer the comforts of their illusions and those who have seen reality will forever be cast out and shunned.

Egypt is only the butchery du jour, it wasn’t that long ago that we were talking about Syria and that our sitting government was considering arming and supporting fanatics including flesh-eating cannibals against the Assad government. El Presidente himself was twisting arms to find the backing to send weaponry to these militants, including some groups possibly linked to Al Qaeda. The proud winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize has zero credibility, neither abroad nor here in Der Homeland thanks to his NSA Stasi and the lies that he has used to protect it.

Now Barry finds himself in a bit of a political pickle. When he finally gets back to work after his schmooze-a- palooza with the elites at the playground of the idle rich that is Martha’s Vineyard he will find himself under attack by opportunistic political jackals seeking to have it both ways. Since it is after all Sunday, the king and queen of the Pentagon pimps, John McCain and Lindsay Graham were making their normal glad-handing, gut-wrenching appearances on the gauche masturbatory fests that are the weekly gabfests. Hey, they are authorities, the state media absolutely loves them and besides, Obama himself sent the two snakes on a special mission to Egypt just weeks ago.

Sunday morning, they were plunging in the daggers between his shoulder blades as was wrapping up his taxpayer funded soiree after playing golf with comedian Larry David on Saturday and with Comcast CEO Brian Roberts earlier in the week. It should be of note that this is no small coincidence considering that Comcast owns MSNBC which is  the propaganda arm of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party.  McCain wailed about Obama causing the U.S. to have “lost all credibility in the Middle East” by not cutting off aid to Egypt. What the ever crankier and unstable old bastard never mentions is that his own support for Bush’s disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq, based on a lie that he not only shilled for but enabled didn’t exactly add to our ‘prestigious’ image. The invasion of Iraq, while admittedly displacing a vicious thug in Saddam Hussein (who we once backed) and the subsequent slaughter of civilians, the unleashing of sectarian violence and the exposure of torture at Abu Ghraib Prison will forever be a pox upon us. The Iraq debacle was unnecessary and has created more ‘terrorists’ and enemies than ever could have been imagined. Guys like McCain are the best recruiters for bin Laden types, so good that they could actually be on the official payroll of Al Qaeda. Charlatans like McCain, Graham, Peter King and their ilk are always first and foremost about themselves over what benefits their country.

Obama’s failure to stop arming the murderers in Egypt will likely do wonders for our existing dismal image in the region, already a sucking, stinking black hole of death, misery and primitive religious fanaticism. McCain and his little buddy will be up and down, for and against Barry depending on what day it happens to be but neither of those blood-drinking politically influential carrion birds have ever met a war that they could not support nor their munitions industry cronies couldn’t profit off of. The administration’s hands are however tied by the need to support big business interests in the region therefore other than some gesture of no substance, for example small cuts in the approximately 1.5 billion dollars extorted out of the American tax payers nothing will be done to stop the violence.

There is too much money to be made and his hands are tied, don’t forget that when the uprising of 2011 forced U.S. backed Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak from power that Obama’s emissary wasn’t a former political or State Department dignitary but one Frank Wisner Jr., who is virtually the bagman of empire. Wisner’s father, Frank Wisner Sr. was one of the Wall Street eastern elite who was instrumental in the establishment of the CIA, the enforcement arm of the empire. When it all comes down to it, it is really all about money, it is all just one big racket exactly as General Butler said it was. When munitions manufacturers and mammoth global corporations such as Exxon Mobil are able to effectively set their own business friendly foreign policy (see Steve Coll’s Private Empire) using the CIA, the U.S. military and the NSA as tools for their profiteering it is easy to see that our political actors are just that, tools of the real power elite.

Obama is just the bloodsucker of the moment, since the end of World War II and the advent of the National Security State this country has required it’s presidents to be bathed in blood. Bush may have ignited the funeral pyre of the Middle East but never forget that WW II, Korea and Vietnam were all presided over by Democrats. With Obama now having a bit less than three and a half years to go he will want to have pissed his own name into the snow as a ‘war president’, our currently configured society of permanent warfare demands it. Nothing after all creates an eternal foreign enemy which is used by the rogue state to justify it’s increasingly virulent domestically oppressive policies than our ongoing wars and interventions.

You have to understand this to know why someone like Senator Rand Paul has become such a hated figure, and his own Sunday morning appearance today will only put a bigger target on his back. On Fox News Sunday Paul dared to utter the heresy that foreign aid “essentially goes to dictators and despots” which “doesn’t win the hearts and minds of people”. But when that is the unstated intent, to keep the war machine running and generating profits while wrapping the entire immoral package up in a shiny package with a red, white and blue bow to be delivered to Boobus Americanus as patriotism a man like Rand Paul is dangerous. If I were him I would keep in mind what happened to Michael Hastings and what is going to happen to Ed Snowden very soon. Whatever Senator Paul does, in light of history it would be advised to stay away from flying on small planes.

It is no coincidence that the good amount of the problems that the U.S. faces with the world in general and the Middle East in specific are self-created. There are currently the abattoirs of Egypt and Syria and of course the aforementioned Iraq but this has always been the case. The 1953 CIA backed overthrow of Iran’s then democratically elected leader Mohammad Mossaddegh after a nationalizing of oil companies.  Operation Ajax ensured that Mossaddegh was replaced by the western backed puppet despot the Shah of Iran who ruled with an iron fist. His ruthless secret police, the SAVAK kept order through the use of torture and repression. It was in 1979 that the Iranian Revolution brought the Mullahs into power along with the Ayatollah Khomeini. The U.S. embassy was stormed and hostages were taken, this led to the subsequent ouster of U.S. President Jimmy Carter. The revolution was a backlash against the Shah and his foreign backers and to this day Iran continues to be a problem although much of the nuclear threats are hype and propaganda to wrest power from the theocrats and get another U.S. friendly strongman into power.

Then there was the 1965 CIA backed coup in Indonesia that resulted in the rule of U.S. friendly dictator Suharto and which had the critical assistance of the country’s Muslims who were whipped up by propaganda against the godless commies. Muslims assisted the military junta, militias, criminal gangs and other opposition backed groups in committing one of the greatest slaughters of the 20th century. Today Indonesia is demographically the largest Muslim country on the planet, is the home to an estimated 12.7 percent of the world’s Islamic adherents. I use these examples (there are dozens more) primarily because that ever since communism collapsed the need for the Manichean Devil, the always hateful enemy is being filled by Muslims. They occupy resource rich territories, Islam is their coherent religious dogma which stands in the way of western imperialist exploitation and their lives of misery, abetted by U.S. friendly tyrants ensures that they will always be filled with resentment, bitterness and even righteous fury at the west. There is nothing that quite radicalizes like having your loved ones killed by wayward bombs, errant drone strikes or tortured to death in the dungeons of their despotic rulers. Forget that Islamic caliphate crap, that’s for the rubes, the rabble and those who can be easily manipulated and mustered as political shock troops by corrupt and cynical party bosses. The real power in this country is cold, calculating and pragmatic, it’s representatives are guys like Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brezinski and it’s bagmen are guys like Frank Wisner. All the rest is political theater and those who are demanding that Obama cut off military aid to Egypt now are just trying to avoid responsibility for the coming slaughter, hypocrites all. In a footnote to the Indonesian atrocities where the enemies of the regime were labeled “Gestapu” (after Gestapo) the Egyptian junta is in the process of banning the Muslim Brotherhood, an official sanctioning of the coming wave of murders, torture and assassinations that will seek to eradicate the group.  A statement is being made here , as this seems to somewhat mimic the blueprint for a past coup look for rivers of blood to flow through the streets of Cairo.

Where he able to, Obama should get the United States the hell out of the Middle East entirely and the sooner the better. But he won’t, and neither will his successors because there is far too much blood money to be made yet and anyone who believes otherwise is both foolish and naive and only serve as enablers of the downtrend.