To the moon Alice! The Dow Jones Industrial Average rocketed up 323 points on Thursday as the imminent bipartisan effort to preserve the ongoing government subsidizing of America’s great gambling casinos on Wall Street was locked and loaded. In a much hyped meeting  between Obama and Republicans an agreement to kick the debt ceiling can down the road to allow for “negotiations” and postpone the cancelling of the maxed out national credit card sent the crack ho markets soaring. The jubilation on ‘the street’ is a celebration of more of the same brand of crony capitalism, rigged financial markets that are unable to function without a constant stream of government supplied heroin in the form of free gambling money and QEuphoria got their latest fix. As of market closing time on Friday, the DJIA was up another 111 and change as the negotiations between Barry and the congressional mob wasn’t fully consummated although the lights had been dimmed, the sheets turned down and the tube of KY jelly parked upon the nightstand. This thing is just about over and the only ones who will be screwed – again – will be the regular American peasants who don’t have the ability to buy the juice in Washington like the big boys do.

Today’s White House dog and pony show had the added attraction of the presence of the Texas Zamboni aka Senator Ted Cruz, the Harvard educated former Supreme Court clerk elitist turned cultural populist with a snake handler for a daddy and an eye on a his own gig at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The state media reveled in the presence of the oily Cruz and his confrontational digs at El Presidente and the biggest media whore to emerge since John McCain basked in the press attention. Cruz was tolerated like an unruly and petulant child is but when it came down to it the deal cutting was being done by the de facto lobbyists executing their marching orders to keep the government gravy train running efficiently when it comes to preserving the inflated markets. There will be a deal in the very near future, that ridiculous October 17th deadline that was hyped incessantly by the presstitutes was always bullshit and anyone with any common sense understood it.  Here in the Homeland, the “new normal” is government supported financial markets, the ‘too big to fails’ will never be allowed to simply go out of business as lousily run outfits would in a true capitalist environment. The big boys know very well that as George Carlin put it in his scathing and brilliant rant “the American Dream” put it – “the table is tilted… the game is rigged”.  The propagandists in the corporate-state media will continue to sell the big lie of the triumphant American capitalist system but the troth is that the markets are totally dependent on free chips from the discount window. Yet another cramdown is coming for the peasants thanks to Barry and his corrupt administration wgi are at this very moment engaging in yet another sellout of America in favor of big money special interests. It must be getting close to Halloween because the ghost of Karl Marx is out and cackling hysterically at how the corrupt American system has vindicated his criticism of capitalism.

Oh but there was much sound and fury over the so-called tea party representatives refusing to cave on the debt ceiling but the big business hustlers, including the Koch Brothers were starting to sweat the implosion of the house of cards economy.  Then suddenly, like a burst of God’s own sunlight beaming down through the dark clouds of collapse a miraculous and serendipitous occurrence of bipartisanship arrived to save the day. Did you really believe that after over five years of shoveling house money extracted from the hides of the little people was going to be blown up by a pack of occasionally earnest but more often incurably useful idiots and their ‘principled’ stance against debt and the deviltry of Obamacare? Nope. Just like those other wonderful aspects of 21st century America – war, torture, domestic spying, building more prisons, rigging the laws to ensure that those for profit prisons are packed with revenue generating human flesh to keep the bribes flowing, propagandizing, censoring journalists and all of the rest of the cornucopia of fascist wonders that rose out of the smoking wreckage of the World Trade Center the big con of the Wall Street Banks, their Federal Reserve and the traders and hedge fund hyenas will endure forever. There is zero way that the sitting government, or for that matter ANY of their bought and paid for successors are ever going to end the fleecing of America to feed the Wall Street monster.

Combine that with the announcement that Janet Yellen would be replacing the esteemed Ben Bernanke at the Fed and inheriting command of the helicopter squadrons and an even bigger proponent of subsidizing the markets than Chairman Ben and it is Christmas in October for the pigs. But the average schmuck continues to get hammered in our star-spangled banana republic, the proper nickname of which should be the “Land of F**k You, I Got Mine” and of which the national anthem, a homage to our dependent markets would be Lou Reed’s“Heroin”.

Freedom isn’t free, unless of course you can afford to buy the government itself. Is this a great country or what?