The usual corporate-state media defenders of Obama’s unconstitutional NSA Stasi surveillance apparatus were busily hosting establishment shills this Sunday morning, performing the usual damage control for the rogue government of The Homeland. It had been another week of damaging revelations, primarily the NSA spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s private communications since 2002. Barry’s ass is in hot water over his goon squads and justifiably so. Now reports have begun to surface that none other than Obama himself knew about the snooping on Merkel which flies in the face of his statements to the contrary – yet another ding in our national image. Being that the Merkel reports put the origination of the spying at the beginning of the George W. Bush administration it was a marvelous bit of serendipity when none other than Richard B. Cheney, war criminal and traitor was trotted out on the prestigious electronic platform of ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos.  The former Bill Clinton flack turned celebrity talking head rolled out the red carpet for Cheney in the sort of dignified type of atmosphere more befitting a benevolent former statesman other than a sadistic, lying, torture-mongering, , mass murderer whose disembowelment of the constitution set the standard for Obama’s police state policies.

Stephanopoulos slobbered over the evildoer while lobbing softballs that were easily smacked out of the park by well-prepared talking points. Cheney defended activities of Obama’s NSA Stasi “It’s something that we have been involved in for a long time. And the — I think the unfortunate aspect of it is that Mr. Snowden has, in fact, divulged a lot of information which is damaging to the United States” as well as pimped his deranged neocon daughter Liz’s run for the upcoming Wyoming Senate seat. The bulk of Cheney’s airtime was however dedicated to a continuation of the promotion of standard neocon world dominance doctrine primarily pushing for an attack on Iran, long the apple of the eye of the PNAC imperialists:

“I don’t have a lot of confidence in the administration to be able to negotiate an agreement. I think sanctions offer some prospect of bringing the Iranians around. I’ve talked to my friends in that part of the region. I still know them, a lot of them, and they’re very fearful that the whole Iranian exercise is going to go the same way as the Syrian exercise; that is, that there will be bold talk from the administration. But in the final analysis, nothing effective will be done about the Iranian program,”

Croaked Cheney in his trademark serpentine whisper, his “friends” likely his benefactors in the House of Saud and the right-wing government of Israeli strongman Bibi Netanyahu, two regimes that squeal the loudest for American blood and treasure to be shed to protect their own power base that don’t have the stones to go it alone. Not that I would expect anything else from an elitist turd like Stephanopoulos but a question on Cheney’s view on comments by Republican mega-donor and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson suggesting a nuclear strike on Iran would have been a relevant thing to ask given that he will likely be her sugar daddy.

Following Cheney was arch neocon propagandist William Kristol, a coward’s coward who has never met a Middle East war that he wouldn’t send some other poor bastard off to die in all the while grinning like some obscene Chesire cat. The credibility that is afforded to these ridiculously phony political discussion programs would make probably be an embarrassment to Joseph Goebbels but that is the way we roll in The Homeland. In fact the quicker that the appearances are booked, just look at defense industry pitchmen John McCain and Lindsey Graham who on any given Sunday morning will be seen selling death to credulous viewers along with their morning orange juice. Then of course there is Peter King, a hypocritical fanatic whose anti-Muslim tribunals are an embarrassment to any concept of a free and decent society. The Long Island demagogue routinely rails against “terrorists” yet it is never once pointed out that he himself long supported the militant wing of the Irish Republican Army that murdered civilians with relish.

The ever swinish King was front and center as was the uber-fascist House Intelligence Committee head Mike Rogers, a former FBI agent and by nature a man who gets his rocks off with seeing federal thugs conducting home invasions under mysterious and trumped up evidence. Absent was the usual false equivalence nor any serious alternative voices that place the gross constitutional violations of the big-money surveillance state in a context outside of that permitted by the state.  This is where the mythology of a government paralyzed by internal strife, party civil wars and rancorous partisan paralysis is exposed as the crap that it truly is. When it comes to matters of suppressing civil liberties, hypocrisy, war, torture and thuggery and most of all being able to gather information from everyone on earth for some vague future usage that probably involves “selling” intelligence secrets to big corporations by government operatives for industrial espionage the unified voices of state power are all singing in unison from the same hymnal. King provided Obama with the ‘bipartisan’ cover for the Merkel surveillance, invoking the treasured talisman of flag-draped fascism 9/11 – “As far as Germany, that’s where the Hamburg Plot began, which led to 9/11. They’ve had dealings with Iran and Iraq, North Korea — the French and the Germans, other European countries.”  It might be noted that the Germans also had past dealings with Nazis, a group that both King and Rogers would fit in very nicely with.

Saturday’s Washington rally against NSA intrusions on privacy predictably get much press here in the fascist states of America, the walkoff World Series win by the St. Louis Cardinals over the Boston Red Sox on a controversial “obstruction” call dominated this morning’s big stories. Whatever coverage that was offered up tried to downplay the number of participants that gathered in D.C., this Reuters story refers to “hundreds” while more reputable foreign news sources reported the presence of “thousands”. I suppose that Reuters is at least technically right being that ten times one hundred equals one thousand but it was just more of the same dishonesty, propaganda and outright balderdash that is spoon fed to the lemmings by a media teeming with rats, paid operatives and careerists that long ago abrogated the responsibility of a free press that the First Amendment was supposed to guarantee.

Be sure not to miss tonight’s 60 Minutes, which will feature former CIA official Michael Morrell capping off the day vilifying former Booz Allen government contractor employee and NSA whistleblower for revealing the existence of the “black budget”.  In a preview of what promises to be a grand promenade of big fascist government lies Morrell cries wolf that Snowden has put Americans in danger and that outing the black budget is – “I think this is the most serious leak– the most serious compromise of classified information in the history of the U.S. intelligence community”.  It does’nt take much to see who the true enemies of America are, just turn on your television every Sunday morning.