“I began by telling the president that there was a cancer growing on the presidency and that if the cancer was not removed the president himself would be killed by it”

Nixon aide John Dean

I continue to look for the outrage within the political establishment, especially with the diehard Obama haters in the Republican party over the rampaging run amok NSA and the global surveillance. Not only have our civil liberties as Americans been desecrated but the Constitution has become, exactly as George W. Bush so famously tabbed it “just a goddamned piece of paper”. We essentially have no privacy rights and the government has been lying for years about the invasive data-mining and storage for ominous future usage of personal communications, credit and websites visited by law abiding Americans. Again where the hell is the outrage? If the GOP wants a real reason to finally mount Barry’s head on a pike here it is, Slick Willie was impeached for far less. Congressman Grand Theft Auto, Darrell Issa made the following remark on Obama’s NSA in this piece in the Guardian –“Remember, the NSA works for the president. Through his national security advisers he knew or should have known” – but he is all talk and no action, nowhere to be found conducting one of his inquisitions when it isn’t for show. Darrell could be a star if he started the impeachment hearings over Obama’s NSA – but he won’t. He is part of the club.

Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors for allowing the NSA surveillance to continue and grow exponentially on his watch, hell he constantly lies about it to protect the criminals within the system. This is not some bullshit Benghazi conspiracy mongering, nor more political carping over a disastrous rollout of an abominable corporate insurance parasite friendly health care “reform” scam. This is real, not only are the rights of American citizens being trampled but ongoing revelations of the extent of our fascist deep state operations monitoring the communications of world leaders – our freaking allies for God’s sake is doing enormous damage to the national image and squandering whatever credibility had been accumulated, earned hard by those who gave their lives in past wars all for naught.  Hard core American fascists such as House Intelligence honcho Mike Rogers can primp and pontificate for the cameras spewing nonsense like this for CNN per the above linked Guardian piece

“I would argue by the way, if the French citizens knew exactly what that was about, they would be applauding and popping champagne corks,” he said. “It’s a good thing – it keeps the French safe.”

Going further, Rogers claimed that the emergence of fascism in Europe in the early 20th century could be partly explained by a conscious decision by the US not to monitor its allies.

“We said: ‘We’re not going to do any kinds of those things, that would not be appropriate,” he said. “Look what happened in the 30s: the rise of fascism, the rise of communism, the rise of imperialism. We didn’t see any of it. And it resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people.”

Godwin’s Law aside because it was brought up by Rogers who never bothers to mention that the rise of Hitler’s Nazis did not exactly take place in a vacuum hidden away from public view. There were years of warning signs of what was coming, pogroms, demagogic rallies and the man did after all write a book entitled Mein Kampf in which he laid out exactly what was to become of the Jews. Rogers is a liar and a delusional paranoid authoritarian at that. Invoking the European fascist regimes of the past as justification for the current domestic fascism is hogwash. My grandfather risked his life fighting against scum like Rogers and his ilk and so did the grandfathers and great grandfathers of millions of Americans who are having that for which they sacrificed all stolen away by men like him. And men like Obama for that matter, a war criminal who has nicely grown into all of the vileness that the men who occupy that office have come to stand for.  He should be impeached and removed from office because in any society where the rule of law actually meant something other than to borrow from the late Hunter S. Thompson allow the establishment to push for  ”.. the systematic destruction of everything this country claims to stand for except the rights of the rich to put saddles on the backs of the poor and use public funds to build jails for anybody who complained about it.”

Bill Clinton was impeached over lying about a blow job yet Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid failed to use their majority to do likewise to Bush for the torture state and illegal wars of aggression nor was there any support for such a thing from all of the elitists on either side of the proverbial aisle. By failing to impeach Bush a climate of lawlessness and unaccountable crooked conduct was established and it has served to embolden Obama. The abuses will be far worse under his successor who might do more than just spy upon the population, his replacement may act upon that information that has been gathered and is just sitting out in amonster data storage facility in the Utah desert.

None of this is going to stop until the day that these high officials are brought under control and held accountable by the law – whatever remains of it and Obama would be damned good start, as the old Democrat Harry Truman was famous for saying “the buck stops here” and the top offender is sitting in Harry’s old office.

This is neither liberal nor conservative, those labels lose more meaning by the minute given the level of systemic corruption – this is about right or wrong.