Barrack Obama is now on the ropes, the false prophet of hope’s luck is now gone and it’s not coming back. The rats as in Democrats are sprinting for the lifeboats as the feckless aspirants to career lobbying jobs seek to cover their own asses in distancing themselvesfrom the cascading fiascos of the Obama administration, the latest being the implosion of Obamacare. It was really a rotten program to begin with and it is a delightful bit of schadenfreude to see the Teflon coated snake oil salesman finally brought low and hoisted upon his own petard.

The wretched political creature that is Obama wanted to have everything both ways, playing the end against the middle and cutting deals with the same Wall Street criminals who wrecked the economy and the rapacious insurance parasites with his corporate health care scam. Now after the implosion of what has to be the most half-assed website of all time the emperor of flimflammery has been shorn of everything but the skimpiest of fig-leafs and that is rapidly slipping as well.  How in the hell does something that has been so heavily promoted, faced so much opposition and is so important to El Presidente collapse like a shit souffle the minute it is rolled out?  Hell even some of the bloggers out there sitting around in their underwear in the basement would have been more competent than the buffoons hired by the White House – a firm named CGI Federal that has been reported to have a history of problems. It should surprise nobody if they ended up as campaign contributors, for once there is a pretty strong argument that something should have been offshored to China or India.

Seeing Obama this week during his forlorn Q & A session where he repeatedly apologized for “fumbling” the rollout was to see a man finally broken, largely thanks to his incompetent sycophantic advisers and his narcissism. It brought back  memories of George W. Bush’s magnum opus of political imagery when he appeared in Jackson Square in the Katrina devastated New Orleans French Quarter. The Bush spin machine trucked in floodlights to illuminate the scene for the bumbling Dubya’s televised address (not meant for the locals who had no power) after his administration, to borrow one of Barry’s numerous silly-assed sports metaphors ‘dropped the ball’.  There was a time in this country, in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks when George W. Bush was invincible, he stood in the bubble of the World Trade Center with his megaphone and spewed jingoism wrapped nationalist tripe while the stench of rotting flesh still hung in the air of lower Manhattan.

Bush was even then at the behest of Cheney and Rummy lying the country into two economically ruinous wars but he had the most ass-kicking club in the bag and unprincipled scum the likes of Karl Rove never ceased to use it as a bludgeon. I recall when there were billboards throughout the city that I live in promoting Bush, flags flew everywhere and SUVs roared down the roads with yellow ribbon magnets – it was like the freaking Weimar Republic. If there was ever a time in my life where I feared that the U.S. could actually topple into total dictatorship it was in 2002 and 2003. Then just when he was at the height of his power and in the early months of a second term  Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Big Easy and Bush’s credibility was destroyed forever.

Second terms are historically brutal for U.S. presidents. Nixon was ousted from the White House over Watergate, Bill Clinton was undone by a wandering trouser snake and a bold-faced finger-wagging lie to the American people and Ronald Reagan had Iran-Contra. Maybe Obama can redeem himself by sweeping into the mess hall at Bagram Air Base come Thanksgiving Day with a plastic turkey or have his NSA liars foil some mysterious terror plot but the ship has sailed and along with it goes Barry’s credibility.  Maybe we can now finally be spared the horseshit about his “Grand Bargain” where he will gut Social Security for a few measly tax cuts to the rich. The knives are out in force for Obama and they should be. Let the Republicans flay him alive, he is already the lamest of ducks and Hillary Rodham Clinton is probably picking out the color scheme for the White House décor. He was always a phony and now is appropriately destined to become something akin one of his own sports metaphors – a political football and both the jackasses and the elephants will in the terms of one lawman named Buford T. Justice ‘barbecue his ass in molasses’.  The defection of 39 House Democrats last week is only the first trickle of the inevitable dam burst as the party officially pivots from Barry to Mrs. Clinton.

I always got a kick out of the liberals who I knew and their absurd idea that Obama was some sort of chess master, a political Jedi or to throw in another sports metaphor that Barry is so fond of – like Michael Jordan just studying the defense of the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys before he would explode in a whirling dervish of sheer will, breaking down the opposition and winning the champion ship. Bullshit. As Jordan once famously remarked at the height of his endorsement game when confronted about Nike’s use of sweatshop labor and suggestions that he should use his celebrity to take a stand against such practices the superstar refused to take a stand. When Jordan’s endorsement of notorious South Carolina racist Jesse Helms’ black opponent he huffed “Republicans buy shoes too”. Obama is more like His Airness in another way, he is just another amoral selfish prick milking the system for all that it is worth.

The man has always been an incompetent and like his predecessor has always had apologists whose knee-jerk political loyalty or susceptibility to a cult of personality are immune to reality. There should really be some sort of minimal form of competency testing done before allowing Americans to vote especially with the evidence of the past decade of the dismal quality and non-existent morality of our elected “leaders’. As the great  libertarian writer H.L. Mencken once put it  “There’s really no point to voting. If it made any difference, it would probably be illegal.” The entire system is a con and expecting it to produce anything other than the likes of Obama and Bush is foolish.

So as the band plays on and the ship continues to sink, the politicians seek to save their own lousy skins while the rest of us are trapped in steerage already up to our necks in water. Were Obama in office during the World War II years today we would all be speaking German.