In an epic meltdown the crazed Peter King unloaded on the New York Times for daring to suggest that former government contractor Booz-Allen-Hamilton employee turned NSA leaker Edward Snowden be granted clemency. Long a target of the insane authoritarian demographic that has seized control of the Republican party and conducted a Stalinist style purge of the rational the Times has now become the target of the demagogues pushing to protect their beloved NSA surveillance apparatus. King appeared on Fox News (where else?) in the immediate aftermath of the Times OpEd to spew his rancid bile just as he does when he is conducting his neo-McCarthyist tribunals on taxpayer funds to promote anti-Muslim hatred and stir up fear in order for the surveillance state programs that his type need to go after their massive enemies list.

Were King a patriotic American (which he is not) he would use his position as the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security to investigate the enemies within the system that have been waging war on the constitution since September 11, 2001. This country will never fall to foreign enemy despite the hysterics from lunatics like King and his ilk about a Muslim fifth column and the implementation of Sharia Law but it will be eaten from within by the termites that are the fascist thugs and their pathological obsession for control of everything.

The catalogue of King’s fanatic ravings is already voluminous and the 2nd congressional district out on Long Island should do the rest of the country a favor come November and vote this national disgrace of a politician out of office. He should have no problems finding some local beer hall from which to spew his venom from.  The following excerpt is from a story from the ‘Inside Baseball’ beltway website Politico and sums up King’s comments to the Foxosphere:

“Their editorial today and their whole pattern over the last several years, they’ve really made themselves a blame-America-first rag as far as I’m concerned, and why we exalt The New York Times is beyond me,” the New York Republican said on Fox News. “They go out of their way to be apologists for terrorists and go after those in law enforcement and military who are trying to win this war.”

King, who has long been a defender and proponent of the National Security Agency, called the editors “a disgrace” and said he wishes they “cared more about America than they did about the rights of terrorists’ appeasers.” King said NSA programs do not violate the privacy of Americans and that lives are saved because of them.

“And yet, The New York Times races to Mr. Snowden’s defense. They don’t care about American lives being lost,” King said. “They have this narrow, liberal, left-wing ideological point of view. They did it to the NYPD; they’re trying to do it to the NSA.”

“It’s time for Americans to stand up and reject The New York Times and expose them for the rag that they are.”

People like this are the reason that Thorazine was invented.

King’s tirade even one upped washed up right-wing pundit Ann Coulter’s anti-NYT comment that “My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building”. Interestingly this sort of thinking seems to be quite pervasive with certain personality types to whose deviance only allows them to  recognize violence and repression as an answer to all problems, they actually have a good deal in common with real terrorists.  Peter King himself was for a long time an ardent supporter of actual terrorists, the provisional wing of the Irish Republican Army that murdered innocent women and children.

It could be said that the strongest argument yet to be made for dismantling the NSA programs are the figures who have come out in defense of them. Just as Snowden said, such systems would present a regime with even more contempt for the constitution than Obama or Bush-Cheney to use them for the worst purposes imaginable. Turnkey totalitarianism was the term that I believe that the now obviously patriotic whistleblower used and a man like Peter King were he to have the ability, particularly given his history of virulent anti-Muslim bigotry would relish combing through the data accumulated by the NSA to personally put together the pickup lists and begin the inquisitions.

Godwin’s Law be damned, the only way to truly describe Peter King is that the man is a full blown Nazi.