Surfacing again on the Sunday morning state propaganda circuit, blood-thirsty Arizona Senator John McCain, the politician best loved by the corrupt media made an appearance where he routinely calls for U.S. military action. On CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley ‘flipper’ shockingly commented that there has been “overreach” by the NSA and suggested that a select committee be formed for Congress to investigate the agency. It was a rare moment of rationality for “bomb, bomb Iran” McCain and should be taken with the necessary grain of salt. Firstly, any sort of select committee culled from the ranks of this corrupt and lamentable legislative body would be inexorably tainted and more likely than not to provide a nice coat of whitewash on the unconstitutional surveillance programs.

Let’s face it, we aren’t exactly talking about the second coming of the Church Committee here, especially given the ongoing defense of the programs by the likes of Mike Rogers, Di Fi, Dutch Reppersberger and McCain’s little buddy Lindsay Graham. Even Obama’s vaunted, insider packed panel of which El Presidente is to speak on Friday as to recommendations for reform was filled with half-measures that fail to do what truly is necessary which is to dismantle the NSA and put those responsible for its actions, such as former General Michael Hayden on trial and send them to prison. McCain will probably change his mind again by lunchtime today like when he suggested that NSA boss General Keith Alexander should resign in an interview with Der Spiegel and then rapidly denied it.

Were McCain serious which is doubtful then it would at least show some sort of pushback from a Congress that is being spied on by the NSA and seeks to reestablish some oversight but it is such a collection of liars, charlatans and self-serving asses it is only window dressing. As anyone who watches the ongoing train wreck of American democracy can clearly see the Congress only functions in a unified bipartisan manner when it comes to matters of war, threats of war, undermining diplomacy in the interests of more war and mass police state spying to compile a massive database containing the names and information of all who would dare to oppose war. There will be absolutely nothing done to restrain the NSA Stasi with the exception of cosmetic changes that will appease the public and you can rest assured that the agency is going to be very damned careful in limiting access to information after it was burned by former government contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden.

McCain also made a remark during his appearance that  “when one guy who works for a contractor is able to reveal all this information — and supposedly there’s much more that he hasn’t — then there’s something wrong with the system right there.” He is absolutely correct on that one but there is not one damned thing to be done about it because the millions of “contractors” that have been hired by the government at extravagant rates being bilked out of the American taxpayer should not exist, these should be government jobs if they are deemed necessary so that there can be some control implemented over the massive costs associated. However, guys like John McCain are so dependent on the campaign financing provided by the military-security industrial complex that they are not about to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

While the investigate the NSA comments got the headlines the rest of the interview was vintage Sunday morning McCain as he once again used the forum to present himself as a foremost expert on U.S. foreign policy and take pot shots at Obama (the man still can’t get over losing to the black guy in 2008) as well as engage in his standard pandering. Doing his part to advance the ball with the “stabbed in the back” narrative of Fallujah falling to al Qaeda (an overhyped term for all Islamic militants rather than a unified force) and doubled-down on the vaunted General Petraeus led “Surge”:

The president of the United States said the surge wouldn’t succeed, and it did. And he wanted out of Iraq. We’re out. And now you’ve seen increasing Iranian influence. You’re seeing Maliki being very — persecuting the Sunni minority. The Iraq/Syrian border is now becoming a haven for al Qaeda. And now, of course Fallujah.

You know, the battle of Fallujah — the second battle of Fallujah, Candy, we lost 95 American soldiers and Marines, and 600 wounded, the bloodiest battle of the war. Now we see Fallujah, vehicles driving down the main street with al Qaeda flags.

It’s very distressing to those veterans who fought so hard.

And this president wanted out. We got out. They would never say the number of troops that they wanted to have there, so Maliki decided to go his own way. And we are now seeing dramatically increased Iranian influence there in Iraq.

You would think that he was talking about the battle of Iwo Jima rather than a savage Lidice style revenge attack to avenge the gruesome murders of four Blackwater mercenaries where the U.S. used chemical weapons on civilians. John McCain is a career flip-flopper who is utterly devoid of scruples, loyalty and the basic level of morality that should keep politicians from sending off American servicemen and women off to die and be maimed in unnecessary battles that take place in illegal wars in lands where the only national interest is the plunder of resources for corporations. The whole of America should shun this man like he were a leper – the Maricopa County Republican party just censured the bastard and this country would be a far better place were others to do likewise.