Barack Obama has a problem, with his heralded Friday announcement of NSA “reforms” being just the latest bill of goods foisted off on a doomed public by a professional con artist it should now be crystal clear that there will be no attempts to reign in the American Stasi. What Obama now has to do is to find an acceptable way to eliminate the source of the surveillance state’s problems which is of course former government contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden from the equation. Barry’s dilemma is that with Snowden continuing to receive public support – including what is likely a higher approval level than the pope of hope himself – he can’t risk assassinating the man and turning him into a martyr.

While an apprehension of Snowden followed by torture and a huge spectacle of a public show trial that would send a message to any who may have similar ideas would have just a short while back been ideal that is just not going to happen. This is especially so now that even the naive idea of serious oversight let alone meaningful reform of the rogue spying behemoth has been dismissed by El Presidente as though he were flicking a fly off of his collar. With the worst stuff yet to come out and it is going to make what has thus far been revealed look like amateur hour the need to eliminate him as well as others is imperative for the cancer that is eating this country from within to avoid any chance at being cut out. What has yet to break is of course still the subject of much speculation but a recent piece by writer and historian Alfred McCoy (The Politics of Heroin) posted at the website Tom Dispatchunder the headline that  “It’s About Blackmail, Not National Security” has finally interjected a topic that has been obvious about all of this surveillance from the get go.  McCoy’s piece, itself tiled “Surveillance and Scandal” reveals at least one of those functions of the NSA and it’s tentacles that is hidden under the star spangled facade of what has always been the phony war on terror.

The escalation of the anti-Snowden smears, especially in the last month by such enemies of the state as the preening little Nazis like Michael Hayden and the fanatical House Intelligence Committee head Mike Rogers who just this week has pretty much accused Snowden of being a Russian spy without a shred of proof which was dutifully promoted by the corrupt state media as fact. Rogers, who is hell bent on destroying every last shred of American privacy is a fascist thug who on a good day does a hell of a good Reinhard Heydrich impersonation has been given to us all by the fine voters in Michigan’s Eight Congressional district.  One would hope that these people will suddenly rise up come November and oust this menace to society and common decency from office but as is so often with these swine they are ensconced for perpetuity in gerrymandered districts and their ability to exert enormous influence of the country at large despite only being a true representative of a very small amount of actual voters. Like Heydrich, Rogers seems like he would do “Night and Fog” very well and as a former FBI agent his jones for unconstitutional voyeurism is only slightly behind that of the maniacal J.Edgar Hoover.

Snowden understandably is scared, you don’t spit in Leviathan’s face and get away with it. This is especially so when he is one who spiked the ball, proclaimed victory and called outboth Rogers and the morally bereft sow Dianne Feinstein aka DiFi for not doing their jobs when it comes to oversight of the surveillance industrial complex. The hydra of malevolence will always rapidly reconfigure itself, especially when it has the greatest propaganda machine in human history, blackmail cards to play on all who have been spied upon and black ops specialists whose primary reason for existence is to follow orders without question, search and destroy and terminate with extreme prejudice. Obama already has become the first U.S. President to openly authorize extrajudicial killings of American citizens and Snowden has now obviously made this very, very personal.

It is of much interest that as the Winter Olympics in Sochi are increasingly becoming the target of what will be some incredibly savage terrorist attacks, the hype today is over the“Black Widow” suicide bombers but notable also that the U.S. government has now ordered planes and warships sent to the Black Sea to “assist” the hated Putin regime in managing the “terrorist” problem. Perhaps if some accounts are true that the Russian leader is even now regretting not taking Bandar Bush up on his alleged offer for in exchange for Putin’s cooperation in the preempted war on Syria. It is however a very ominous sign, especially for the cornered whistleblower that Rogers is not only engaging in the promulgating of talking points that he pulled out of his ass about Snowden being Putin’s spy but also engaged in thefollowing exchange with CNN’s Candy Crowley on the Sunday morning propaganda circuit:

ROGERS:  Yeah.  I am very concerned about the security status of the Olympics.  I do believe that the Russian government needs to be more cooperative with the United States when it comes to the security of the games.  We have found a departure of cooperation that’s very concerning to me.

CROWLEY:  Can you tell me what a departure of cooperation is?  What does that mean?  What are they doing?

ROGERS:  Well, think about the problems they’ve had.  So they’ve had several bombings.  They disrupted plots.  They’ve now moved some 30,000 armed troops down to the region.  That tells you that their level of concern is great, but we don’t seem to be getting all of the information we need to protect our athletes in the games.  I think this needs to change, and it should change soon.  This is not going to be a political problem for the Russians to share, although they apparently don’t think so.  It will be a problem–

CROWLEY:  They don’t want to share their intelligence with U.S. intelligence.

ROGERS:  That’s correct.  So what we’re finding is they aren’t giving us the full story about what are the threat streams, who do we need to worry about, are those groups, the terrorist groups who have had some success, are they still plotting?  There’s a missing gap, and you never want that when you go into something I think as important as the Olympic Games and the security of the athletes, and the participants and those who come to watch the games.

CROWLEY:  Just quickly if I can, if that does not change, would you worry about U.S. participation in the Olympics?

ROGERS:  If I don’t see a higher level of cooperation, I’m concerned today.  I don’t think anything would abate that concern short of full cooperation from the Russian security services.

Cooperation likely including the whereabouts of one Edward Snowden whose remaining lifespan at this point may very well be measured in weeks.