With the Sunday morning appearance of the two members of Congress that are the most derelict of their official duties to uphold and protect the Constitution Mike Rogers and Dianne Feinstein both accusing Edward Snowden of essentially being a Russian spy the system continues to fail. Despite these serious allegations, more likely than anything the part of a rapidly growing narrative to paint the former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower as an enemy of the state there has been absolutely no effort from the state-corporate media to confront either of the two NSA toadies for actual proof of the charges. Sunday morning TV is among the worst forums for state propaganda ever invented and each week continues to plumb the depths to protect the corrupt system and provide high visibility for those who are responsible for destroying America to spew their lies.

The most reliable weapon in the NSA Stasi’s arsenal has always been Über fascist Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers, the mac daddy of the House Intelligence Committee. Rogers, a former FBI thug who managed to slither his way into office has set his sights on supplanting Senators McCain and Graham as the most strident voice on the Sunday morning bloviation circuit. The lunatic Rpgers blasted Snowden as he appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press with David Gregory as a “thief” who had foreign assistance while DiFi tut-tutted to the delight of the always oily beltway ass-kisser David Gregory. Rogers then popped up on CBS’s Face the Nation to spout that “This wasn’t a random smash and grab, run down the road, end up in China, the bastion of internet freedom, and then Russia, of course the bastion of internet freedom”. He conveniently omits the same sarcastic reference to our very own land of desecrated privacy rights which he of course has been instrumental in stealing away.

While Rogers was spewing his crap, Texas Republican Michael McCaul Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee appeared on ABC’s This Week where he accused Snowden of being “cultivated by a foreign power” and “helped by others”. This is all just more of the same distractions meant to wave the blessed flag which is now serves primarily as a symbol designed to be desecrated by the scum like Rogers and McCaul who wrap themselves in it while then destroying the very principles that this country is supposed to stand for. By attempting to smear Snowden as a Russian spy they deftly turn the conversation from the true outrage which is the very existence of these unrestrained and unconstitutional surveillance programs.

Obviously seeing the writing on the wall that a manipulation of public opinion would green light his state sanctioned murder which many are braying for Snowden himself surfaced to defend himself. In an interview with Jane Mayer published by The New Yorker online the prey of the fascists who run The Homeland not only rebutted the accusations but pointed out the obvious which I excerpt from Mayer’s piece:

“It’s not the smears that mystify me,” Snowden told me. “It’s that outlets report statements that the speakers themselves admit are sheer speculation.” Snowden went on to poke fun at the range of allegations that have been made against him in the media without intelligence officials providing some kind of factual basis: “ ‘We don’t know if he had help from aliens.’ ‘You know, I have serious questions about whether he really exists.’ ”

Snowden went on, “It’s just amazing that these massive media institutions don’t have any sort of editorial position on this. I mean these are pretty serious allegations, you know?” He continued, “The media has a major role to play in American society, and they’re really abdicating their responsibility to hold power to account.”

It should be noted that this corrupt media has allowed the country to be lied into two illegal and immoral wars of choice since September 11, 2001 and continues to agitate for more attacks on countries such as Syria and Iran on hearsay, innuendo, propaganda and trumped up ‘evidence. This media has also completely abrogated its collective responsibility (as put forth in the First Amendement) to hold power accountable. Consequently our economy has been gutted by high rolling, politically connected gamblers playing with house money that is pumped into Wall Street casinos to the tune of $85 billion a month, there is NO recovery only lies and propaganda and the living standard of the average American continues to get worse while the corrupt media is out shilling for wars and engaging in tabloid panty-sniffing. The media has stood by while our civil liberties have been stripped away, torture that would have had one hung at Nuremberg codified and covered up and Habeas Corpus eliminated and most of it done in secret, approved by secret courtes and all on the basis of lies and hide behind the biggest lie of all which is providing equal time to both sides of any given story even if one side’s arguments are nothing but lies. So yeah, basically fuck the media.

I do give some credit for Mayer whose piece specifically cites followup done on those who make and allow such claims that Snowden is a Russian spy with zero evidence. Excerpting again from the New Yorker piece:

Asked about this, George Stephanopoulos, the host of ABC’s “This Week,” defended the coverage. Stephanopoulos pointed out that when the congressman Michael McCaul, a Texas Republican and the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, alleged that Snowden was “cultivated by a foreign power” and “helped by others,” Stephanopoulos pressed him for details, twice. “I did two follow-ups,” Stephanopoulos said, “and got as much as the congressman was going to give up.”


Asked today to elaborate on his reasons for alleging that Snowden “had help,” Congressman Rogers, through a press aide, declined to comment.

An aide to Senator Feinstein, meanwhile, stressed that she did no more than ask questions. “Senator Feinstein said, ‘We don’t know at this stage.’ In light of the comments from Chairman Rogers, it is reasonable for Senator Feinstein to say that we should find out.”

As the saying goes – we get the government that we deserve – but the vast majority of Americans did not vote for either Feinstein or Rogers to be put into critical oversight positions and then to act as elements of a relentless fifth-column bent on eradicating every principle that is embodied within the Constitution.

It would be nice to see the voters in the State of California and the Eighth Congressional District in Michigan to be good Americans and vote those two enemies of the republic out of office as it is the only way that we can be saved from this madness.

Michigan voters, you are now on the clock.