Predictably the RNC’s resolution to restrain the unconstitutional activities of the NSA has already met with fierce resistance from one of the more deranged defenders of the fascist security state. Representative Peter King of Long Island (as well as the terrorist Irish Republican Army) exploded over the brand new “Resolution To Renounce The National Security Agency’s Surveillance Program” before the ink had even had time to dry.

For a very brief time the first step upward out of the gigantic hole that has been dug for the Republican party by the likes of George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Lee Atwater and others who had seen the at one time huge political benefit of yoking the party to the religious right only to see it turn into a millstone around their necks as time passed, demographics shifted and elderly voters died. It was a brilliant idea even if largely motivated by political considerations to go on record as opposing the NSA data-mining and spying given the growing popularity of libertarian ideals among the young and the terminal corruption of the current system that has alienated the majority of the population.

But even a suggestion of a return to constitutional principles infuriated the lunatic King who according to an article in the ‘inside baseball’ gospel of the beltway Politico ranted in his usual incoherent manner as he savaged the resolution:

“We’re going to make the Democrats and Barack Obama the party of national security,” he said. “It’s signing our own death warrant as a party.”

“Republicans are supposed to be the party of national defense,” King said. “It would be one thing if people wanted to pass legislation [posing] questions. But to talk about ‘spying’ and unconstitutionality … it’s basically repudiating the policies of the Republican Party over the last 12 years, policies that kept us safe.”

In his rage at the prospect of a return to a saner land where the Constitution actually is something other than “a goddamned piece of paper” King had that rare moment where he let the truth slip when uttering the line that: “We’re going to make the Democrats and Barack Obama the party of national security … It’s signing our own death warrant as a party.”BINGO! The Bush administration played the terrorism card early and often in consolidating political power and smearing opponents as unpatriotic and terrorist sympathizers and it worked brilliantly, the same arguments are currently being made to protect the illegal activities of the NSA. Never forget how loathsome establishment politician Saxby Chambliss smeared Democrat Max Cleeland, a decorated Vietnam veteran who lost three limbs in service to the country during the 2002 Georgia Senate race.  A Chambliss ad compared him to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein at the height of the national insanity that was triggered by the 9/11 attacks. Chambliss like so many others who have supported sending others to die in wars of their creation never served in the military. For that matter neither did the chickenhawk Peter King unless you count the National Guard which has long been a refuge for those seeking to avoid being shot at.

There will be several other warmongering apple pie authoritarian Republicans following King as they attack any sort of party effort to address the gutting of the Constitution and put an end to the unconstitutional mass surveillance led of course by the McCarthy style blowhard Mike Rogers.

Also according to the Politico story:

King has indicated he is weighing what would be a long-shot presidential bid in part because he wants the 2016 Republican debates to include a more aggressive perspective on defense issues.

God help us.