The Feds, particularly the Department of Justice have officially announced their intent to kill Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev which will likely provide an extra boost to alcohol sales in Beantown this Super Bowl weekend. Attorney General Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s top hatchet man released the news on Thursday that the U.S. government was seeking to exact the ultimate revenge even if the state in which the crime was committed does not allow the death penalty. Now before I even get into this at length I want emphasize that I am in no way defending the vicious little punk nor his dead brother for this heartless criminal act.

They do however remain as suspects and as a result have yet to have their due guilt affirmed by a court of law which don’t seem to matter very much anymore in The Homeland.  What is troubling at a far deeper level than the heinous acts perpetrated upon innocent men, women and children last April 15th at a sporting event that is of no small degree of public pride for the city of Boston is the manner in which that wanton act of barbarity became a symbol in the aftermath. That April 15th is Patriot’s Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts while September 11th post-2001 has been at least somewhat officially tabbed as Patriot Day – in the phony war on terror it is important that the state be able to assign symbolic importance to such dates as they wage their real war against the Constitution.

The bombings proved a very fortuitous event for the police state as it became a live drill for how to impose a state of de facto martial law upon a portion of a major American city. Paramilitary shock troops roamed the streets backed up by military grade hardware and technology all justified on the basis of chasing down one young punk, the word overkill is not sufficient to describe the response of the authorities as they hunted down Tsarnaev. The paramilitary forces engaged in warrantless and unconstitutional house to house searches, more often than not welcomed by cowardly residents. The fact that they had no real choice than to allow the state sanctioned home invasions is terrifying and had the least bit of resistance been put up, given the level of bloodlust unleashed  by that monstrously criminal act the person who would have done so would not be alive today.

It was a despicable  act and permanently altered the lives of hundreds but Tsarnaev has not even been found guilty yet, the trial has yet to occur. This latest iteration of The Homeland is one more area where the government is unchaining itself from the Constitution, death has already been preordained by the state. Tsarnaev will at least get a trial albeit one in a kangaroo court carried out with maximum assistance from the state-corporate media and while it won’t be O.J. Simpson it will be every bit the circus in its own right. Similar rights to due process, no matter how stacked that the deck will be against the defendant were not extended to the victims of Obama’s extrajudicial killings by drone, the American citizens Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16 year old son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki nor will they be for Edward Snowden.


The announcement that the Feds have already predetermined that the suspect will be put to death is just the latest road sign that we have whipped past upon the highway to hell, careening towards the imminent collapse and the subsequent headfirst plunge into the abyss