Weeks of escalating war propaganda culminated with today’s appeal from the Washington Post for the Obama regime to get cracking and start another Middle Eastern war. The bellicosity emanating from the blood thirsty war freaks has been ratcheted up another notch with each story of mass killings and torture (Gitmo anyone?), barrel bombs and crimes against humanity and now has reached a keening pitch as neocon chickenhawks have found Syrian leader Bashir al Assad in violation of his vow to eliminate chemical weapon stocks. The warmongers never have gotten over their sorrow that just as Obama and Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry were ready to rock and roll by unleashing millions of dollars of defense industry products upon Damascus that the hated Russian strongman Vladimir Putin rode in to save the day and send those crying the loudest for blood and carnage home with a bad case of blue balls. Now with the new year underway the forces of the American war machine have regrouped and are squealing for the blood of others anew.

The Washington Post editorial calling for Obama to commence the bombing relies on the same Hitler 101 style big lie that Assad used Sarin gas against his own people, it was a winner in selling the Shock and Awe attack and invasion on Iraq when a similar line was used against Saddam Hussein. This time though it was even better, state media networks in the Homeland obtained ghoulish video footage of the alleged victims of the gassing at Ghouta and ran them over and over again. Americans were horrified at the twitching little children in their death throes after their young lives had been snuffed out by an atrocity being the use of chemical weapons on civilians. The problem is that as successful that their war pornography was with a good amount of the populace (I lost a decades long friendship because I refused to support another damned war) they never could pin it on Assad. The militant Islamist rebels that the U.S. along with our friends in the House of Saud were backing could very well haveused the gas themselves, it certainly would behoove their cause more than it would were the Assad regime to have done it and invited upon himself international condemnation as well as a war that would have likely ended up with him dead or put on a show trial like Saddam and then hanged.

The WaPo plea for American blood and treasure to be fed into Syria drags out the he gassed his own people claim again despite this having never been proven and any idea that the Jeff Bezos era would usher in a new commitment to holding power to account and not shilling for wars can now be put to rest. I excerpt the following:

Mr. Assad’s gambit is unacceptable. The chemical weapons removal was the direct outgrowth of the use of poison gas to kill more than 1,400 people last year, including women and children. The evidence pointed directly at Mr. Assad’s forces for use of the chemical weapons. Further delay by Syria in the movement of these deadly substances to the coast will only compound Mr. Assad’s complicity in the grave crime of the original attack.

Granted that a good amount of Americans simply don’t bother to read, choosing instead to have their brains slowly colonized by the electronic crackpipe and granted that Americans have the attention spans of gnats and it is after all Super Bowl Sunday but it is pretty damned blatant to peddle that bullshit again in an attempt to start a war. It is also of note that arch neocon propagandist and ideologue William Kristol of the Weekly Standard has just agreed to join ABC News which will provide the grinning little turd with a national forum from which to call for a renewed U.S. drive to wage war against the enemy of the week. The problems with the domestic media are legion but aside from the half-truths, cowardice, careerism, obfuscations, hidden agendas and false equivalencies it is a grave failure to act as a free press when guys like William Kristol are given the legitimacy that they have time and again proved that they do not deserve.

The war drums are pounding again, one could say that they never really stopped.