With the crown jewel of American cultural decadence that is the Super Bowl now receding into the recesses of the national memory the next great offering up of bread and circuses for the masses will be the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. While the Super Bowl was anational celebration of all that has gone awry in this once great country, in particular the worship of the militaristic security state this edition of the world games presents the establishment with a particularly fine opportunity to traffic in the fear and loathing that have become the coin of the realm. In the sad husk of what used to be (at least in theory) a democracy that was the envy of the world but s now just a desiccated and perverted dystiopa referred to as  the Homeland we shalt now be inundated with a plague of raw propaganda of biblical proportions. The state-corporate media are piling onto the host country as well as its hated leader Vladimir Putin who has been constantly mocked and vilified by the lackeys of the elite ever since that audacious New York Times column that ran on the twelfth anniversary of that most sanctified day questioning the asinine concept that is our blessed American exceptionalism.

The Russians have many problems given the recent spate of terrorist attacks as well as the much sensationalized infiltration of “Black Widow” suicide bombers and according to some accounts the refusal of House of Saud political fixer Prince Bandar bin Sultan (aka Bandar Bush) to guarantee protection for a price. Prince Bandar and the swinish monarchy in The Kingdom are still furious over the abandonment of the latest Middle Eastern war in Syria, jilted by both Putin and Barack Obama and have been caterwauling about it ever since. I tend to put some credence in the accounts of Bandar’s guarantee of Olympic safety as it is no secret that the House of Saud or elements thereof have provided funding to Islamist militant groups, pitting them against the Great Satan to spare them from launching a mass invasion of the opulent palaces of their oppressors. It is also of note that fifteen of the nineteen September 11, 2001 hijackers hailed from Prince Bandar’s own homeland.

But I digress. The domestic propaganda machine is set on high with the latest Olympic scare being about toothpaste bombs. This of course is meant for internal consumption in the United States of Kardashian where the populace needs to be kept in a constant state of fear to ensure their continued submission to the NSA Stasi and the police state forces that serve as enforcers of our own increasingly Draconian laws. Having a football free month of full spectrum media dominance with which to hype not only the dangers of Olympic terrorism but also to launch diatribes against all things Russian look for the fear card to be played often and dealt from the bottom of the deck. The tale of the explosive toothpaste is the latest in a line of the type of bullshit that Americans have been bludgeoned with to meekly accept the never ending war on terror. Christ, this is all straight out of the Bush-Cheney textbook, recall the days back when the child fondling, old woman harassing government goons at the TSA staked out their territory by confiscating an ever growing list of personal hygiene items from terrified travelers? Remember that there was once a time when our national airports actually did not old Soviet bloc checkpoints where state sanctioned theft, bullying and other forms of intimidation were enforced. We never had to take our shoes off nor be felt up by thugs nor marched through naked body scanners – the deadly explosive toothpaste bombs of a reminder that we all must sacrifice to remain free.

This week the “two minutes hate” is to be directed at Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak who inflamed the sensitivities of our leadership class daring to opine during news conference last week that the security in Sochi as far as the Russian state being able to guarantee total safety is “the same in Sochi as in Boston” and “For Example, in the United States, at the marathon, people died not so long ago”. OUCH! That has to really smart to have that vodka marinated, star spangled shit sandwich jammed down the throat particulary in the aftermath of the Super Bowl when of all people a (GASP)  “truther” was able to penetrate millions of dollars in paramilitary forces and high tech security to hijack the microphone during game MVP Malcolm Smith’s press conference to deliver his message that 9/11 needs to be investigated. That humiliating breach of the fraud of the security state illustrates what a scam that it all is, the man could have been wearing a suicide bomb and detonated in the middle of the crowd during the freaking game.

Kozak’s comments may have assoles aplenty in full pucker mode but he is spot on and the failure of the trillion dollar NSA all-seeing spy machine to stop two losers from setting off a pressure cooker bomb at the Boston Marathon finish line shows just how much of a lie that it is that the government police state can prevent anything – it is all about money, power and getting over. That Kozak chose to take a poke at Boston has to be especially galling to the chowder heads who after the bombing allowed a huge portion of their city to be put under a de facto state of martial law where black clad paramilitary police squads roamed the streets and conducted unconstitutional, warrantless, house to house searches. That the ever belligerent bad asses of Beantown, heralded as one of the birthplaces of the American Revolution would so easily throw up their hands, cower and kiss the whip had to really fuck with the local psyche. It was all washed away in the exploitation of the bombings though, hijacked by the Red Sox baseball team as a chintzy motiational tactic to power them to a World Series win which was then prompted as the cleansing of a most vile act that was perpetrated upon a city. The whole thing was sickening and as revealing of an American character now bereft of dignity and content to cower in fear at bogeymen invoked by the profiteers who run their government. To think that after the humiliation of the bombing, the further indignity of the rape of their rights by being placed under martial law and then the spectacle of watching the post World Series win pilgrimage of freaks to kiss the street at the finish line was as surreal as it was sickening. Samuel Adams had to be rolling over in his grave over that.

There is also the ongoing exploitation of another American demographic through the use of disgusting ‘gay baiting’ and the continuing drenched in hypocrisy hectoring of Putin over his less than stellar record towards homosexuals. This is laughable horseshit coming from the Obama administration which has turned the exploitation of the gay community for votes into an art form. It is even more ridiculous when considering that a good number of American states, largely comprised of  those down behind the cornbread curtain in Dixie have their own onerous laws against homosexuality in one form or the other (all denying individuals their rights) and the legitimately recognized portions of the American Christian establishment treat gays with the same sort of intolerance and hatred that the Ku Klux Klan espoused towards blacks or for that matter the establishment expresses towards all who do not heel to them.  You know, Jesus Christ never once denounced gays but he sure as hell preached many a mean sermon against hypocrisy of the type that The Homeland is drenched in.

The Olympic closing ceremony is to be on February 23rd making the next few weeks the perfect opportunity to those who want to get off the grid for awhile and just tune out all of the noise.