With the state media going all in to use the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia as an excuse to scare the hell out of the average American with a ludicrous daily diet of ‘terrorist’ threats a second front has been opened to fire up folks against those dirty Taliban bastards in Afghanistan. The news is spreading that according to sources that there has been a canine member of the military occupiers captured and have posted the video of the animal online. According to some sources the dog is a Belgian Shepherd named “Colonel”, this is certain to tug at the heart strings of dog loving Americans who may not get riled up over the actual human casualties of the unending war nor give a rats ass about the permanently maimed military members coming home to bleak futures but animal abuse is a different story.

First off it should probably be said that this animal is not your average house pet, military dogs are trained killers and are often used during the no knock night raids that have spread terror through Afghanistan among the locals. There is nothing quite as unsettling as having the door kicked in by a squad of heavily armed trained killers with their vicious snarling beasts. What is never noted in any of the stories is any reference to cultural perspectives regarding the dog which is an animal while revered as ‘man’s best friend’ in the U.S. of A and other western countries is actually a food source in others. Generally speaking and largely through no fault of their own Americans are by far the most culturally ignorant people on the planet, they have indoctrinated by institutions like the government, the media and a good part of the educational system to view the world through the twisted lens of the John Wayne mythology of American whup ass. The idea of the dog as “man’s best friend” also doesn’t seem to get in the way of profits though as retailers have little qualms about selling expensive clothing items made with the fur from the animals.

There is no shame when it comes to finding tricks and angles to assist in selling the ongoing fleecing of the American taxpayer into supporting the permanent wars of Oceania at the expense of using the money on anything that even remotely benefits them in the course of their increasingly miserable daily lives. They will be whipped up into an anti-Muslim rage over the plight of “Colonel” though and much like Pavlov’s famous dogs they will largely respond to this latest blatantly over the top coordinated propaganda campaign by lining up to salute their blessed flag and payback against the ‘ragheads’. I must admit that I feel a bit sorry for the captured animal myself, more than I would for a captured member of our imperial storm troopers who actually have a choice on whether they are going to engage in the ongoing murder, rape, destruction and plunder needed to ensure that American corporations can reap their obscene profits off of war. Nobody has ever put it better than decorated USMC General Smedley D. Butler when he famously declared that “war is a racket”.

In an interesting development as of early Friday there has been a slight shift of reportage on the Taliban’s capture, while it was reported yesterday that the dog was American there are now emerging stories that it is actually British. Perhaps some within the war mongering establishment felt that following up the ludicrous scare-mongering of the toothpaste bombs with this farce was a bit too obvious and are now slightly backing off. In the end though it won’t matter, if the dirty Taliban bastards already posted video of their prized captive and it has elicited outrage just imagine how ready for war that the public will be when the inevitable You Tube video surfaces of them actually dining on the poor, doomed animal at their next tribal buffet.