The preeminent defender of the gross illegality of the intrusions on privacy by the NSA Stasi, Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers who lords it over the House Intelligence Committee needs to put up or shut up. His ongoing accusations that former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is a Russian spy and that journalist Glenn Greenwald is a “thief” are thanks to the dismal dregs of what was once a free press continue to go unchallenged despite Rogers having no evidence to back up either claim.

Being a former FBI agent (which is rarely if ever noted) he displays the hammerhead type of mentality befitting of a seasoned government thug, the bull in a China shop that shits on what it doesn’t break during a rampage. He also exhibits a reverence for the type of snooping and hoarding of information for reasons of repression, harassment and blackmail for political purposes that mimic those for former FBI leader J. Edgar Hoover, a very sick man who abused the powers imbued in him by the government. Hoover not only presided over COINTELPRO but engaged in such tactics as threatening Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with exposure of extramarital affairs to induce the civil rights leader to commit suicide. This is a twisted man and it is long past time for him to be called out to produce proof to back up his endless series of accusations.

What Rogers and his fellow apple pie authoritarians, for example the insipid former NSA/CIA boss and probable felon Michael Hayden are attempting to do is to criminalize journalism. It is so obvious that even a blind man should be able to see it yet it evades the entrenched lazy, careerists who largely comprise the mainstream domestic media to whom protecting their own jobs is the apparent driving factor. There was a day when being a journalist actually meant something in this sick country, the First Amendment specifically mentions freedom of the press and that there should be no law infringing upon this. That is about as concrete as it gets but as with so many other rights that were once taken for granted today’s rancid political class holds the Constitution in sneering contempt and has used the phony war on terror as the overriding reason to unchain the government from the founding document.

The urgency to take down Greenwald in particular is of the utmost of urgency to the corrupt controllers of the NSA intelligence colossus, his new venture First Look Media is set to debut this week and will most certainly want to roll out with a huge story. Greenwald contributed to the recent NBC News piece that the NSA’s partners across the pond regularly engaged in spying for the purposes of sexual blackmail as well as launched cyber  ‘false flag’ attacks to discredit activist groups such as Anonymous. Snowden already stated that the programs were utilized for the conducting of industrial espionage and it is only a matter of time until the really ugly stuff comes out – I personally suspect the manipulation of financial markets and the facilitating of the laundering of drug related money througth the banking system and even worse operations so vile that even normally disengaged and apathetic Americans could be driven to outrage. When it comes to the use of NSA programs to track and compile information on law-abiding citizens engaged in political activity for future persecution and which has been ongoing since before September 11, 2001 in the finest traditions of Hoover and COINTELPRO it may finally be a bridge too far. The IRS targeting of tea party related groups pales in comparison to what is coming and probably sooner rather than later if the pathological liar James Clapper is to be believed about an imminent Syrian based plot for terrorist attacks on The Homeland.

Both Snowden and Greenwald have been the targets of relentless smear campaigns outside of Rogers’ unchallenged accusations.  Greenwald, obviously tiring of all of the malicious bullshit that is spewed forth by corrupt cretins like Rogers and his ilk may be preparing to“force the issue” according to his Slate piece and may soon visit the United States, risking arrest and torture. It would however put Rogers on the spot as well as the rest of the rogue government that has engaged in mass data-mining and unconstitutional warrantless spying on millions of law abiding citizens. The arrest of Greenwald could be the tipping point where the pushback finally begins but it also puts an enormous burden on Rogers and his fellow fascists in that if they don’t arrest him that all of their bluster and bullying will be exposed as just so much hot air.

The demagogic Rogers is scheduled to make his normal rounds of the Sunday propaganda circuit later this morning and you can bet the proverbial farm that he will continue to build his case for the dismantling of a free press based on more of his lies and bombastic rhetoric.