With Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner now mortally wounded after once again throwing the so-called tea party caucus under the bus on the latest debt ceiling deal he will need to watch his back carefully as his ambitious underling Eric Cantor is readying the dagger.  Eric Ivan Cantor, the pride of Virginia’s 7th congressional district is ready to pounce now having just delivered a major foreign policy address which coincides with a renewed push for an attack on Iran that is picking up steam. The P5+1 talks to relax economic sanctions in return for concessions from Tehran on their alleged military nuclear program have amazingly not been sabotaged (at least yet) by a renegade Senate that not that long ago was working toward a veto-proof majority to hit the Iranians with a new wave of crushing sanctions and put the U.S. on the path to what will inevitably be a war that could escalate into a global conflagration.

It was less than two weeks ago that AIPAC, the dominant organization in the Israel Lobby actually backed down and stopped their full court press for the bill sponsored by Senators Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Mark Kirk of Illinois that would have set the nation on the course for war. The caveat being that efforts would resume once the political climate is able to ensures  “bipartisan” agreement on the next national disaster of a war.  The defection of several key Democrats would have looked bad and left the usual assortment of Republican warmongers, defense industry pimps and stone cold Armageddonists holding that particular flaming bag of dogshit. It is however an election year and with the GOP still far too dependent on the dregs of society that constitute the religious right there is nothing like the possibility of a war to end all wars, triggering The Rapture and sending the saved flying dirty, nasty, naked up into the sky to watch Jesus return to kick some serious ass to get voters mobilized.

Cantor is a cunning political animal, he knows that his window of opportunity is now open and in a President’s Day speech at the Virginia Military Institute the House Majority Leader delivered chunks of bloody red meat by the shovelful. Picking up the torch for the American global hegemony and its enforcement by military might Cantor eagerly picked up the torch for the Neocons and the reestablishment of the PNAC/Clean Break doctrine. Peppering his stemwinder with the standard World War II references – Iran as Hitler and shamelessly invoking The Holocaust for political gain he made his move. Seizing the day to pummel Obama for not bowing to Israeli/Saudi pressure to sink more American blood and treasure into the Middle East Cantor had something for everyone with killer sound bites and crusading rhetoric.

“Hope is not a strategy” is so dopey that it should be a winner with the Sarah Palin/Duck Dynasty demographic whose support he will badly need as he pursues his ambitions. Following that one up with a crowd pleaser that probably gave William Kristol a boner ‘Iranium’ Cantor decreed:

“Instead, it should be driven by clear principles: protect the homeland, defend our allies, and advance freedom, democracy and human rights abroad, while maintaining a military superiority that cannot be matched” and  “Make no mistake: Iran is a brutal theocracy. Its leaders violently repress dissent at home and support conflict and chaos abroad”.

Just once I would like to see the bloodthirsty war freaks just pick up a gun and march their own asses into harm’s way rather than just feed others into the meatgrinders of their own creation. Perhaps a taste of actual combat and the horrors of it all would cause them to rethink their positions.

I suppose that being Bibi Netanyahu’s top lickspittle in Congress somehow qualifies a turd like Cantor as foreign policy guru, that and all of the military industrial complex money that sluices through his gerrymandered district like Subic Bay’s infamous “shit river”. Cantor’s speech was also aimed at the growing libertarian influence in his own party particularly Rand Paul and Justin Amash with his denouncement of WW II style “isolationism”. With the 2016 Republican ticket wide open now that Porky Soprano in Jersey is up to his fat ass in an abuse of power scandal over the George Washington Bridge the serpentine Cantor has to be asking himself ‘why not me?’  Nothing would possibly make Netanyahu happier than having Cantor being the messiah who can once and all eliminate the stench of that terrible Shvartzefrom the White House so Americans can get back to business fighting the wars of the far right Israeli regime and their decadent cronies in Riyadh.

The timing of the great Cantor foreign policy speech nicely meshes with the latest escalation in Netanyahu’s war rhetoric and lately the demagogic leader has been in rare form. TheIranians are fomenting unrest in Latin America plays nicely into the strange and likely U.S. orchestrated uprising in Venezuela, the Iranians are non compliant liars and critics of Israeli policy are anti-Semites (groan, not again). Throw in the recent change in language used by Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry that Iran and Russia are meddling in Syria along with the possibility that the U.S./E.U. are covertly funding the Ukranian insurgency and mix in Bibi’s agitation and once again we are careening towards the brink of war.

The collapse can’t be far behind.