The sound of the fury is deafening as it rolls forth across the fruited plain today. The crybaby American power elite, the at one time biggest, baddest bully on the whole spinning globe is throwing an ugly and prolonged snit over the reviled Russian leader Vladimir Putin sending troops into Ukraine to protect his own borders. The U.S. warmongers and whiners are braying today in a keening cacophony of petulant assholes who have had the grievous injury of not getting their way. The neo-Nazi backed fascist coup d’etat executed against Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych was to have been a triumphal bit of vengeance for Putin’s daring to offer up asylum to former government contactor turned patriotic NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden thereby sparing the young man a living hell of torture and imprisonment followed by a Stalin style show trial in The Homeland as well as his derailing of the war on Syria which was always based on lies from the onset.

No doubt that Putin stewed during the American led campaign of lies and hypocrisy carried out by dishonest demagogues and state media stooges during the Sochi Olympics and the ousting of Yanukovych by scum and thugs was obviously timed to inflict the ultimate indignity. But once again, Putin being the masterful politician and former KGB spy schooled Obama. I always got a kick out of the assertions of my liberal friends that Barack Obama was the Michael Jordan of politics, patiently and carefully studying the defense of the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys and would at the precise moment of opportunity would in a whirling dervish of superhuman daredeviltry and single-handedly winning the title as his badly outclassed opponents were left in a heap of despair watching the coronation of the young champion. Well to use another of those wonderful sports analogies Putin just punked Obama again and made him into his bitch, there is nothing quite like being butt-fucked six ways from Sunday on the world stage. Obama is nothing more than an amateur and a narcissist, a self-important fool who was never really cut out for the big leagues to begin with.

Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry ripped Putin for his “incredible act of aggression” in Ukraine but this is the same stammering dolt whose chestnuts were pulled out of the fire over attacking Syria back in September by the Russian leader, it would have been an unmitigated disaster. Such an ingrate not to mention a colossal hypocrite and a fitting representative of a rogue state that flagrantly violates every premise of international law on a daily basis but when you are a member of the American elite the law can just be damned – laws are for the little people. Kerry is understandably pissed off  being one of the high-rolling Davos elite and an honorary piece of the corrupt Eurotrash that would have benefited enormously from cramming their latest round of crippling austerity programs stright up the asses of the Ukranian people. Not that Yanukovych personally stuck it to Kerry by nationalizing a Heinz Ketchup factory like Hugo Chavez did but that is another ongoing U.S. backed coup in a country that doesn’t sit on Russia’s border. Kerry’s tirades actually began earlier this week when he carped about the lack of taste for U.S. intervention being the attitudes of a “poor country”. This guy has no business whatsoever acting as Secretary of State as it is very obvious that he is a walking conflict of interest thanks to his marrying into the Heinz family fortunes and his history of flip-flopping, for example wining and dining his pal Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and then pushing for a military intervention to remove him from power.

Taking the place of the neo-Nazi loving Senator McCain on the on the Sunday morning bloviation circuit Kerry was everywhere today pushing the lies of the American gangster state. Other than appearing on Fox Kerry hit for the cycle appearing on all of the big three regular television networks to kick Putin in the balls – ostensibly for sending troops into Ukraine but really to avenge the twin insults of Snowden and Syria. The longtime Massachusetts Senator is man with a notoriously chronic case of diarrhea of the mouth while on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Kerry made the ludicrous statement that – “You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext”. But in typical fashion the ever ridiculous hosts, in this case longtime insider and gravy train rider Bob Schieffer failed to call him on such obvious bullshit. What was allowed to go totally unmentioned is that the flag-wrapped exceptionalist people who run The Homeland have invaded another country on “completely trumped up pretext” in the 21st century when Obama’s predecessors George W. Bush and Dick Cheney attacked and invaded Iraq – a country that did not even remotely threaten the U.S.  Saddam Hussein did NOT have weapons of mass destruction yet a costly and disastrous – at least in terms of American prestige – war was started under the exact type of completely made up horseshit that Kerry has the gall to  accuse Putin of. Hell, if anyone should understand this it is John Kerry – he ran against Bush for the presidency in 2004 for Christ’s sake.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Kerry whined about kicking Russia out of G8 and boasted about economic sanctions, pity the poor wounded empire that is unable to militarily bully Mr. Putin like it does everyone else and as for economic sanctions, none could more onerous and cruel than those which that have been inflicted upon the American people themselves. The failed economic policies of the Obama regime (or for that matter any establishment Republican regime) represent the ongoing fleecing of Americans to provide free gambling money to Wall Street casinos and to pay tribute to the global finance mafia that Kerry is a mouthpiece for.

Everyone is joining in on the scam too.  Mealy mouthed piss babies like Senator Lindsey Graham – in full bitch fit mode are going after Obama hammer and tong after dear leader was fed yet another one of those vodka-marinated shit sandwiches by Putin. Graham of course is fending off a tea party challenge to her longtime Senate seat and yet another public lynching of Obama, especially for not being tough enough on Putin sells well with the Jesus freaks, rubes and Birchers in the Palmetto State. Even the opportunistic Sarah Palin has slithered out of her spider hole to bemoan the lack of backbone by Obama in not launching a full-scale military invasion of Russia – which she could presumably see from her back porch.

On days like this I am ashamed to be an American but considering what this country has become I am damned proud of it.