It is so delightfully ironic that in an epic battle of the comparing of dicks that Putin has now one upped the insecure Obama by allegedly test firing a Topol ICBM missile on Tuesday. Let’s just hope that for the sake of the continuation of human life on Earth that the pathological narcissist U.S. President doesn’t decide to prove that his is bigger.  In the latest developments of what the western state-corporate controlled media is breathlessly hyping as Cold War II or the REAL clash of civilizations the hurricane of bullshit reached category four level with an ominous storm surge. Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry, fresh off of his over the top asininity on the Sunday morning propaganda circuit where he uttered the nonsensical words that “You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext” which he was allowed to slither off of the hook for by the insufferable gravy-train rider Bob Schieffer who never bothered to bring up the word “Iraq” made landfall in Kiev.

Kerry as is his modus operandi make a big show out of launching into extended forays of verbal mish mash, just as he did when ginning up a case for an attack on Syria until his own tongue did him in and gave Putin a chance to sashay in steal away the next Middle East war. He also laid flowers at the Kiev Memorial for those killed during the violent street protests that were hijacked by western backed fascist goons and turned into murderous riots. But what would a visit to an un-elected government installed by chicanery and subversion by an American official be without the obligatory bribe. Kerry delivered to the newly installed fascist/neo-Nazi stocked regime in Ukraine the gift of the promise of over $1 billion dollars in loan guarantees – hey American taxpayers, you have enjoyed the show on TV now you will be paying for it – with Obama, Kerry, Samantha Power and Susan Rice delivering their brand of liberal interventionism at gunpoint get used to it. There is an acronym that the entire doomed non-elite classes of citizens in The Homeland should become familiar with BOHICA = Bend Over Here It Comes Again. Kerry of course made no reference to the right-wing thugs and neo-Nazis who are backing “Yats” and the occupying government but with the subject being taboo and a likely career killer in the domestic media why would he?

So on it goes, the aggrieved Obama is talking more smack accusing Putin of violating international law – my God has this man no shame? – while he presides over one of the most flagrant violators of the law on the planet.  The entire sordid circus has pretty much reincarnated the neocon ghouls who are caterwauling for war with Russia at the top of their lungs from the think tanks, media venues and editorial pages from which they pontificate to send others to their deaths and permanent maiming as though it is some kind of sick fucking game. While they have spent the last two decades since the fall of the Soviet Union – their original object of hatred – backing illegal wars against nearly every country in the vicinity of Israel the new tensions with the Bear have them honing in with a laser focus.

The scrum will soon be joined just in time for the 2014 mid-terms by the packs of corrupt charlatans and opportunists in both of our now beyond salvage criminal political parties with all of them trying to one up each other on how best to nuke Russia. There is yet anther excuse to once again avoid any sort of serious discussion of the real issues that plague America such as the economic strip-mining by looter capitalists, government subsidized financial markets, offshoring of jobs (crack cocaine to CEOs) and that hidden inflation that is conveniently omitted from official figures but is seen during every trip to the grocery store with rising prices and shrinking packages.

But as bad as it gets here in the U.S. of A. with the ongoing redistribution of wealth to the fractional upper 1 percent and the ongoing funding of wars without end it is going to be far worse in Ukraine as the pigs will soon be feasting with the devastating austerity package that is about to be imposed. The global finance mafia is going to devour the people of Ukraine once western control has been consolidated. The interim prime minister “Yats”, an endearing nickname made famous by the “Fuck the EU” intercepted and leaked phone call of oneVictoria Nuland who is an Assistant Secretary of State in charge of European and Eurasian Affairs is a made man with a job to do.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk is a former central banker and therefore the top choice to wield the carving knife soon to be taken to those essential services, social programs and pensions that have to be stolen from the people in yet another country that will be assimilated into the Borg collective of the impoverished. He is also the chosen man of American interests to get the job done so that the parasitic elite can revel in their theft of even more money to finance their lavish globe-trotting lifestyles. He has the full backing of the U.S. establishment as well as vicious state-protected goon squads to act as enforcers with those who dare to step out of line including Nazi wannabes – it all sounds so 1980’s Latin American but with the coming of Cold War II it is back to the future for The Homeland.