In the latest episode in the ongoing reality show ‘Death of a Narcissist’ it is almost painful to see the incredible shrinking president Barack Obama continuing to thrash about on his own hook.  For the second time in six months or so he has talked much smack in leading the international law violation machine that is neocon U.S. foreign policy towards yet another crisis that despite his bellicose rhetoric and a pocket media onslaught he has no way of emerging victorious. In the late 1980’s dark comedy “The War of the Roses” the divorce attorney played by Danny DeVito wisely offered up his counsel that “There is no winning! Only degrees of losing!” which Obama would be wise to consider.  In choosing  to hold a grudge (a given being the egomaniac that he is)  rather than showing gratitude towards  Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s allowing him to wiggle out of the trap of his own making that nearly lead to an ugly war in Syria that was based on complete bullshit the losing will of a very high degree.

Now to borrow a bit of old wisdom from an old bayou buddy of mine dear leader is again “up to his ass in alligators while losing sight of the original idea of draining the swamp” as the ongoing clusterfuck of a splendid little coup in the Ukraine increasingly resembles one of those movies where a scheme has gone horribly awry. As a result of this latest in a series of misplays the reputation of what used to be the United States of America before it mutated into something called The Homeland is taking another hit. Obama and his stammering goon Secretary of State John “Skull and Bones” Kerry have again badly overplayed their hands and the latest rebuke over their limp-dicked threat of vague “consequences” including economic sanctions over the Russians rightfully securing their strategic assets in Crimea is only the beginning of what is going to be a devastating series of smack downs and retreat.

The Obama-Kerry act is getting pretty tired by now with this abortion following Syria interruptus and is is clear that there is absolutely no coherent foreign policy in this woeful administration. With credibility having long ago left the building and the rest of the world (with the exception of the US-EU global finance mafia) laughing their asses off at our bare-ass naked emperor on the level of George W. Bush the game is over for Barry and the boys. Hell, Obama can’t even control his own Congress, his own rogue NSA nor after years of hype and political trench warfare manage to get something as simple as a goddamned website to work properly so why should he expect to have any influence over a ruthless, seasoned political animal the likes of Putin?  Enough of the tantrums already – Obama should just do the honorable thing by immediately firing Kerry, Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland, authoritarian Cass Sunstein’s wife Samantha Power, Susan Rice and the rest of his over-matched foreign policy team and then just resign – spare us of the next two-plus years of indignity – hell Nixon did it. V.P. Joe Biden is perfectly capable of filling in as an interim captain to get the great star-spangled garbage barge into port where the thing can be fumigated and have the red-white and blue bunting touched up before Hillary takes the helm and sets sail for more gunboat diplomacy- he sure  couldn’t do any worse at his point despite his proclivity for gaffes.

The Washington Post continues to lead the strident push for war on Russia from the fetid cockroach nest of their necon infested editorial page bunker. The latest collection of nasty chickenhawk penned denouncements of Obama’s ‘weakness’ towards the defiant top Russian features a gaggle of miscreants as well as one of history’s all time great war criminals in Henry A. Kissinger who should do us all a favor and just hurry up and die already. Not that the gospel of the Beltway insider scum is alone in the incredible outpouring of wall-to wall anti-Putin “two-minutes hate” being pumped out 24/7 and the lying about the neo-Nazis supported by the US/EU who provided the street muscle for the Kiev coup but for a paper that had already pretty much hit bottom in terms of credibility it is something to see Jeff Bezos’ new media operation set up a rig and start drilling. It is impossible to watch or read damned near anything this week without having to be bludgeoned by war machine propaganda that surpasses that of late summer’s Syria sales job that cynically used that shameful war porn video loop of those gassed and dying kids. Thank God for the Oscar Pistorius trial because it is the only thing that that provides any relief these days from the Putin hating blitzkrieg.

The WaPo even dredged up the corrupt former Georgia leader Mikheil Saakashvili, a western puppet who came to power in one of those phony color revolutions was humiliated when his August 2008 illegal incursion into South Ossetia resulted in an ass-kicking delivered by the big bad bear that sent that tie chewing little prick crying home to mommy. The editorial entitled “When Putin invaded my country” is a shameless piece of cookie cutter crap that is chock full of revisionist history and the now flogged to death neocon boilerplate talking point invocations  of “Munich”, “Hitler”, “Neville Chamberlain”, “Churchill”, “Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia” blah, blah, blah. Such a lofty forum is barely indistinguishable from the standard right-wing horseshit that is thrown out by such southern-fried motherfuckers like Rick Perry and Mike Huckabee  at the annual CPAC extravaganza where it is even money that an unwashed draft-dodging baby daddy like Ted Nugent will win the early straw poll for the 2016 GOP nod,

Take the big names like Kissinger and Saakashvila, mix in the standard ‘take the money and run’ drive-by shooting poison pen columns by longtime propagandists like Jennifer Rubin, Charles Kraüthammer and George Will and you have a textbook example of exactly why the establishment ‘dead tree’ media is dying and by the constant wailing for relevance through Cold War II  it must really hurt. The aforementioned triad are set up well for their looming retirements which is a damned shame because none of they will ever have to worry about having to go out and get real jobs.

These assholes just don’t get it do they? They are not going to be able to throw their weight around against a country like Russia as they do with Iraq, Iran and such mighty military powers as Somalia and the island of Grenada. Putin is in a position to tell them to  just go and fuck themselves and that is exactly what he is doing. The American empire has been reduced to an in hock up to it’s ass future colony of China with an economy that is incapable of producing anything other than death, mass surveillance and the skimmed money that is collected by a large collection of state-subsidized predatory jackals on Wall Street. This is what happens when decades of borrowing to fund the bloated military machine that exists due to never having adequately made the sane transition out of World War II into a victorious and humble nation that could have instead used all of that wasted money that has been chucked into a sucking black hole of murder and thievery to actually build a society that would by now have overcome every one of the catastrophic problems that are now coming home to roost as we stumble towards collapse.

Let’s hope that when Putin delivers the long-deserved rubbing of Uncle Sam’s big nose into a giant pile of his own steaming hypocrisy. Then the rest of the civilized world can get the message and also give a big middle finger to an overstretched and doomed former superpower that has now become the very “evil empire” that was so long used to justify all of the military spending while destroying what was once the most prosperous middle class in world history. All of it pissed away too and especially so in that 21st Century that Kerry so loves to invoke when making a fool out of himself.

There is no winning! Only degrees of losing!