During the annual CPAC Conference that took place in the pox on the Potomac the usual right-wing shockmeisters like Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum whipped out shovelful after shovelful of bloody red meat into an adoring crowd of low-information types while Rand Paul towered above them. Paul delivered a principled address that was as devoid of cultural populist religious dreck as it was a challenge to the crushing jackboot of Leviathan that is embodied by President Barack Obama’s NSA Stasi and the American war machine itself.

Senate Majority Mitch “Kentucky Kickback” McConnell looked totally ridiculous when he appeared brandishing a flintlock as a prop to pander to the NRA demographic, with his tortoise like gait and visage it could have served as a promo for a teenage mutant ninja turtles time-travel cartoon. It was however Mitch’s  fellow KentuckySenator Paul who brought the house down and made the rest of the loons trying out Nazi each other looking like the silly pack of perennial losers and also rans that they are and always will be thanks to stupid gatherings like CPAC. The real winning issue in 2014 and later on in 2016  and beyond is the restoration of the Constitution and the reigning in of the new evil empire (us) and it has an appeal that cuts across party lines and knows no demographic boundaries.

One of the primary reasons why we now face an increasingly tightening garrote around our collective necks is that the political system in this country has failed. It has deteriorated into a narrowly controlled two corrupt party crime syndicate that has more in common than we are led to believe by a bought and sold corporate media that above all else promotes reverence of the state that is controlled by dishonest plutocrats, energy cartels, arms manufacturers and greedy Wall Street money changers none of which have any loyalty to this country. Nor do the controlling elite have any respect or loyalty to the ideals of liberty as set forth by our Constitution, what George W. Bush began when he allegedly referred to that sanctified document as a “goddamned piece of paper” has been continued by Obama and his rotten to the core administration.

The rulers of this country, those who the late George Carlin in his epic rant “The American Dream” referred to as our “owners” mind not which political party actually holds power for they are both equally depraved with the primary difference being that one is more overtly fascist than the other. The oligarchy is always careful to fund both, hedging their bets and relying on the bread and butter invoking of those meaningless ‘issues’ such as abortion, religion, the right to bear arms (as if the government really cares about what the citizenry possesses – they have an army with tanks, bombs and helicopters), the redress of the grievances of squabbling identity groups who can never unify to agree on anything and above all the great lie that is American exceptionalism. It is all hogwash and Rand Paul is about the only man who can seize the moment to cut through it all.

One need only look at CPAC to see why conservatism is a walking corpse, much like one of those zombies that are seemingly everywhere today in popular culture. The future is libertarianism and the terminal rot of movement conservatism into a rigidly enforced Khmer Rouge style cult of ideological purity will prove to be the midwife to the birth of the new order. The thing about the miscreants who have largely hijacked principled conservatism only to replace it with their own worship of the state, particularly the war machine and using the government to suppress the basic rights of those whom they hate – particularly gays, Muslims and those whose skin is of a darker tint – is that they are the same rank charlatans and  vile hypocrites  responsible for the transformation of this country into The Homeland.

They supported Bush and Cheney’s international law flouting attack on Iraq and welcomed in the police state with open arms. Their sheer ridiculousness and the stunning array of strident boobs and jackasses that they continue to trot out only has enabled Obama to expand the totalitarian state that was launched by the Bushreich in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. They have no answers and the majority of them are so intellectually devoid and developmentally retarded that one actually wonders whether the nut jobs of the early twentieth century who founded the American eugenics movement may actually have been onto something when they tried to refine the gene pool that produces such clinically defined idiots.

I could never imagine any of the typical gaggle of fools that shows up at these annual dunce contests quoting Pink Floyd as Paul did when excerpting a snippet of the lyrics for the song “Wish You Were Here” while giving the group’s writer Roger Waters appropriate credit. You can practically see the wheels turning within the heads of the neocon propagandists given Rogers’ principled stance for the rights of Palestinians who are suffering under the whip of Israeli oppression – he will be smeared as an anti-Semite which of course goes with the territory whenever one dares to challenge such people and their fucking wars that run counter to America’s best interests.

Wrapping up the carnival of perversion was of course the goddess of American ignorance that is Sarah “the quitter” Palin who played to the low-hanging fruit by – and I kid you not – byreading from “Green Eggs and Ham”.  With the exception of  Rand Paul the entire sordid affair brought to mind a great observation by Daily Show fill in John Oliver on the pathological attention freak Palin: “I just don’t even know where to begin with her,” he said. “I mean — hold on. I think I’ve just realized something. Fuck it, this is exactly what she wants. Just because I walked into a turd supermarket doesn’t mean I have to buy anything.” Palin is the penultimate self-serving half-wit and the idolatry that she is showered with is indicative of a very deep decline in the intelligence of the American public. We now revel in being stupid and unless a serious alternative to the Obama-Kerry-Clinton “improve or we’ll kill you” form of liberalism is found we have no future save that of being like the Proles in Orwell’s Oceania.

It is apparent from the idiocy, dishonesty, war-mongering and demagoguery that emanated from CPAC 2014  that Rand Paul is a giant among Lilliputians and other than him anyone with any sanity or hope of surviving this darkest period in our history would be wise to ponder “turd supermarket” analogy.