“If you’re losing your soul and you know it, then you’ve still got a soul left to lose”

-Charles Bukowski

The neocon anti-Putin propaganda campaign made landfall in the perspective section of my local ‘liberal’ newspaper Sunday morning causing me no small amount of indigestion over breakfast. In addition to a reprinting of that insane Washington Post Gary Kasparov diatribe  (this is Florida for Christ’s sake – NASCAR country) there were various and sundry other screeds, all pushing the same centralized talking points for open hostilities towards Russia. It may only be a coincidence but the frenzied escalation in Cold War era rhetoric has exploded just as looming cuts to the bloated US defense budget were coming, the warfare state like any parasite must devour the host in order to survive and nothing brooks continued employment and profits more than a state of eternal warfare. As the optimist who was George Orwell so brilliantly nailed it in his enduring view of a future dystopia in the novel 1984 – “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia” and this alone is exactly why the future will be that of “a boot stamping on a human face — forever”.

The entire US establishment is ‘all-in’ pushing for the avenging of the indignities inflicted upon The Homeland and its preening narcissist of a front man Barack Obama by the detested Vladimir Putin. The daily escalation of the propaganda wars only takes a break for coverage of that missing Malaysian jetliner and even then it is spun to advance the agenda of the warfare and surveillance states by fascist scum the likes of safely gerrymandered Congressmen Michael McCaul of Texas and Mike “Ramrod” Rogers of Michigan. Appearing on this week’s NBC gabfest Meet the Press with the insipid faux jounalist David Gregory Rogers continued his Sunday morning sermons where he continues to embarrasses all of America by spouting off unchallenged. The weekly offering was made even more ridiculous by the invocation of what is an obvious talking point – in all probability supplied by one of the think tanks or media chop shops within the William Kristol neocon Axis of Evil:

“Mr. Putin we’re done with you expanding into other countries. He goes to bed at night thinking of Peter the Great, he wakes up thinking of Stalin. We need to understand who he is and what he wants.”

Such a zinger is much too highbrow for a knuckle-dragger like Rogers and the reliance on the bread and butter neocon World War II references as a crutch is a dead giveaway. Really though, if anyone has balls enough to invoke both Hitler and Stalin in the same sentence it would be Rogers, his ongoing defense of the rogue NSA surveillance machine, one that totally blows away any ever utilized by the Gestapo or NKVD – either of which Rogers would have fit very nicely within as a key member of the inner circle.

Like a late stage manic pederast the man just cannot restrain himself. He also upped the once ante again by accusing Snowden of being involved in actual collaboration with that demonic destroyer of worlds Putin. If Rogers has any proof whatsoever one would think that he could rapidly mobilize some secret congressional tribunal to make his accusations actually stick for a change but he is content to be a cheap imitation of Richard M. Nixon relentlessly going after his own Alger Hiss.  That this guy never, ever gets called on any of the insane bullshit and lies that he constantly pulls out of his ass without the burden of proof is the ultimate example of how the state-corporate media has been turned into nothing less than a propaganda machine to be used – as Rogers’ beloved NSA Stasi is – as a weapon of the criminal political class against the American people. If there was ever a man as totally full of bullshit as Congressman Rogers – that is outside of Senator Joseph McCarthy  – I have no idea of who it would be. The man is a walking, talking example of everything that has gone so horribly wrong in this once great country and yet he is allowed to preside over the powerful House Intelligence Committee and like the de facto president, neo-Nazi loving Senator John McCain is regularly afforded national face time on the Sunday morning ‘news’ circuit.

The rush to stick it to Putin – even if it results in some freak accident that triggers a global thermonuclear war – has this country on the precipice of a serious and historic disaster and unless there is some adult leadership that is above the pay grades of foaming at the mouth warmongers like Rogers and McCain as well as the thin-skinned Obama that soon appears to reign these assholes in then the worst is yet to come.  The supreme commander of NATO which should have been dismantled and scattered to the winds after the end of the Cold War is mouthing off about some fantasy that Russian troops are soon to invade Moldova as the regional tensions continue to escalate. Obama is to make his grand appearance at the Hague (where he should be standing in the dock) for nuclear talks where he will be meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping to muster up support for economic sanctions against Putin. I would like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation considering that the news was just broken yesterday about the NSA Stasi’s spying on Chinese tech giant Huawai as well as Chinese government itself. That should be one hell of an icebreaker as the flaming hypocrisy of the American global bully is exposed once again.

When it comes to American double standards you have to hand it to El Presidente’s better half Michelle Obama who in her recent visit to China has the audacity to lecture the Chinese about free speech. Her husband and his administration have zero respect for such a concept with their ongoing war on journalists and whistleblowers.  China is only ahead of the curve and considering the rapidly metastasizing surveillance and police state that her hubby presides over it is only a matter of time when The Homeland rockets past the future dominant world power in terms of the raw force of the big government using all of the tools in the box to crush dissent and any serious opposition to their new world order enforced on behalf of the elite.