If there was any remaining shadow of a doubt about where regular Americans stand in the sewer of corruption that is Obamaworld let it now be removed. While food stamp programs, long-term unemployment and veterans benefits are cut to the bone there is plenty of money to send to support Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Both Barack Obama as well as the real enemies of the American people in the US Congress just stuck it to us all good and hard. In yet another of those truly amazing shows of bipartisanship that is always able to cut through the gridlock whenever it comes time to fuck over the citizens of this country in order to shower undeserving foreign governments with money stolen from the US taxpayer the Congress voted overwhelmingly today to send billions in aid to the illegitimate, coup d’etat installed puppet government in Kiev and its neo-Nazi component.

This big star-spangled bag of loot is only awaiting Barry’s signature but that is of course a formality. Never has a US president been such a complete stooge of the global finance mafia nor has a sitting US Congress approached this level of wanton – in your face – corruption. Where Americans anything but the television lobotomized sheep that they are they would be the ones out in the streets where the would be quickly confronted with all of the force that the rogue government has to bear and the blood would be knee deep in the streets. The audacity of the government here daring to engage in demagoguery over an inside job of extremist instigation and questionable sniper fire in Kiev when the fully militarized police state would turn any similar mass protest into piles of bloody chunks of human hamburger.

But in Der Homeland it is always about contradictions and hypocrisy, look at polls that show an enormous level of disapproval with the way that Obama has handled the now fully Hitlerized Russian president Vladimir Putin. The squadrons of couch bound warriors want Putin’s head on a fucking pike paraded through the streets, mummified and then used as the game ball during the next Super Bowl in Tempe, and of course the immediate nuclear attack that would turn Moscow into a the world’s largest parking lot  However it never once occurs to the average American thumb-sucking dumbass that the money going to fund the endless wars of imperial aggression and prop up puppet governments that enforce crushing austerity measures sold as “democracy” that the money is being stolen from them to finance it all. Not that long ago I thought that the movie Idiocracy was a prediction of the future of this country but given the ability of boobus Americanus to be once again suckered into supporting the planetary looting spree and the likes of Obama and the bought and paid for Congress it is obvious that it is already here.

Adding insult to injury is the inconvenient truth that Americans are being squeezed by spiking inflation – not of course that which is revealed by official government statistics which are total horseshit as food and energy costs are conveniently omitted in the calculation. Food prices are already up 19 percent this year, the prices are going up and the packages are getting smaller by the month as our criminal political class continues to enrich themselves at the public trough and earn every dime that big energy cartels, agribusiness conglomerates, the military industrial complex, the surveillance industrial complex, Wall Street gamblers and the global high finance parasites are paying them.  The average American schmuck who is all for a war with a nuclear power like Russia can’t be bothered with such vagaries though as their long and slow slide into slavery continues.

Welcome to chumpland suckers!