If the strident and dishonest nature of the rhetoric and behavior emanating out of the kingdom of Mordor that sits along the Potomac with the incessant propaganda campaign against Russia seems familiar all one has to do is to recall early 2003 while the Bushreich was building the case for the “Shock and Awe” attack on Iraq. While the daily onslaught of lies don’t include references to Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, trans-Atlantic chemical weapon spewing gliders, mobile chemical weapons labs or apocalyptic conjecture the likes of war criminal Condoleezza Rice’s “we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud” it is every bit the equal. By the time that President George W. Bush ascended the dais to lie to the American people during his 2003 State of the Union address about that yellow cake Uranium that the “New Hitler” of that time had purchased from Africathe coming attack and invasion of that country which did not even remotely threaten the US was already a done deal.

Barack Obama has now like Colonel Walter Kurtz reached the end of the river with his ongoing jihad against Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the indignity of having NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden snatched from the talons of his henchman Attorney General Eric Holder and subsequent granting of asylum in Russia was the first injury to the great one’s massive ego. Putin’s sweeping in to derail what was an all but imminent beginning of bombing and missile strikes against Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad on the basis of nothing more than lies about the gassing of civilians was a running dropkick in the nuts and thatSeptember 11th New York Times editorial that denounced the mockery that is American exceptionalism was a burning ember embedded in the craw of Obama and the neocons.

The annexation of Crimea after an obviously US instigated overthrow of the democratically elected leader of Ukraine in which the west backed a tool of the global finance mafia installed with the assistance of neo-Nazi thugs despite warnings from the narcissist in chief was too much. Now Obama has going completely off the rails and has like the stammering moron Secretary of State John Kerry resorted to revisionist history to attack Putin. It was a stunning and unbelievable thing to hear the other day when El Presidente actually invoked Bush’s illegal war in Iraq, widely acknowledged as perhaps the greatest military blunder in US history in a positive manner to make a point during a speech in Brussels.

Obama, who is as notoriously thin-skinned as he is incompetent has been goaded and egged on every step of the way by the neocons both within his administration and without. Nowhere has the hectoring of Obama been more constant nor as loud as at the Washington Post, now having shed the cloak of being a journalistic entity and exposing itself as a propaganda organ of the Deep State the WaPo has led the charge damning Obama for his failure to crush Putin and as the Ukraine debacle drags on I seriously expect to see an editorial board demand for the nuking of Moscow. Those are the times in which we live, yesterday the criminal Congress stole away from economically disadvantaged citizens of the United States who they deny appropriate levels for food stamps and refuse to extend long term unemployment to bestow billions upon the neo-Nazi infested occupying government in Ukraine. Still it is now good enough for the neocons nor their flagship beltway megaphone.

The latest mouthy coward to launch a jeremiad from the WaPo bunker is none other than Robert Kagan, the arch neocon and the husband of Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland with this breathtaking battery of bullshit from which I excerpt:

Whether one likes President Obama’s conduct of foreign policy or not, the common assumption is that the administration is at least giving the American people the foreign policy they want. The majority of Americans have opposed any meaningful U.S. role in Syria, have wanted to lessen U.S. involvement in the Middle East generally, are eager to see the “tide of war” recede and would like to focus on “nation-building at home.” Until now, the president generally has catered to and encouraged this public mood, so one presumes that he has succeeded, if nothing else, in gaining the public’s approval.

Yet, surprisingly, he hasn’t. The president’s approval ratings on foreign policy are dismal. According to the most recent CBS News poll, only 36 percent of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing on foreign policy, while 49 percent disapprove. This was consistent with other polls over the past year. A November poll by the Pew Research Center showed 34 percent approval on foreign policy vs. 56 percent disapproval. The CBS poll showed a higher percentage of Americans approving of Obama’s economic policies (39 percent) and a higher percentage approving his handling of health care (41 percent). Foreign policy is the most unpopular thing Obama is doing right now. And lest one think that foreign policy is never a winner, Bill Clinton’s foreign policy ratings at roughly the same point in his second term were quite good — 57 percent approval; 34 percent disapproval — and Ronald Reagan’s rating was more than 50 percent at a similar point in his presidency. That leaves Obama in the company of George W. Bush — not the first-term Bush whose ratings were consistently high but the second-term Bush mired in the worst phase of the Iraq war.


For many decades Americans thought of their nation as special. They were the self-proclaimed “leader of the free world,” the “indispensable nation,” the No. 1 superpower. It was a source of pride. Now, pundits and prognosticators are telling them that those days are over, that it is time for the United States to seek more modest goals commensurate with its declining power. And they have a president committed to this task. He has shown little nostalgia for the days of U.S. leadership and at times seems to conceive it as his job to deal with the “reality” of decline.

Perhaps this is what they want from him. But it is not something they will thank him for. To follow a leader to triumph inspires loyalty, gratitude and affection. Following a leader in retreat inspires no such emotions.

Now THAT is the definition of shamelessness. Invoking George W. Bush’s unpopularity for a war that Kagan himself was instrumental in selling to the bad seed of President George Herbert Walker Bush, a man who understood that the neocons were “crazies” despite his destined for historical infamy Defense Secretary Dick Cheney. In the typical haughty and sneering manner of the elitist neocons Kagan also considers the average American views towards war to be contemptible and not worth considering, his fellow neocon ideologue William Kristol recently bashed a “war weary” America in similar fashion. Kagan’s condescension is at least somewhat justified in that the vast majority of Americans are idiots – the lofty status afforded to the neocons who are now resurgent as well as their failure to resist any of the corruption, surveillance and now the giveaway of billions to an unelected gaggle of puppets of the global finance mafia in Ukraine is a testament to that.

Kagan also falsely spins Obama’s rapidly sinking approval rating to suit the needs of the neocons while omitting that the man is a duplicitous flip-flopper who stands for nothing but burnishing his own legacy, presides over the most intrusive surveillance apparatus in the history of the planet and has from day one been in over his head. Throw in the five years of racist animosity over a black man being elected president that is prevalent within the dregs of society and has been stoked relentlessly by dog whistle politics and outside big money groups as well as the worst Congress in history and you can see that Kagan like all of the neocons is full of bullshit.

There are many reasons why Obama’s popularity rating is sinking faster than whale shit and his spinning of the attack and invasion of Iraq to fit the false narrative that has been constructed about Putin and Ukraine is but one of them. Mr. Kagan can just go and fuck himself, like all of the other cowards who constantly advocate for wars in which the children of American mothers will be fed into the meat grinder in order to satisfy their own arrogance and as serious systemic error in affording scum like the neocons the legitimacy that the do not deserve.