Nowhere in the now thoroughly corrupt US state-corporate media has the neocon crusade for war without end been more prevalent than at the Washington Post, particularly the teeming snakepit that is the editorial section. The WaPo’s business is WAR, whether it be trotting out a cavalcade of liars, death pimps and war criminals to shill for an attack on Russia – longtime hack Charles Kraüthammer recently called for a “naval flotilla in the Black Sea”. That such a provocation, especially in the wake of the onslaught of chickenhawk condemnation of the hated western devil Vladimir Putin could possibly lead to a nuclear catastrophe if things managed to spin out of control likely never registered with the on staff Goebbels.

Given the quality of the sordid company that he keeps at the nation’s flagship neocon megaphone the wheelchair bound Kraüthammer could be excused for fancying himself as Dr. Strangelove. What was at one time a highly regarded journalistic entity has gone to seed along with the long ago gone establishment boy wonder fallen from grace that used to be Bob Woodward. It is the duty of the Jeff Bezos owned beltway organ to sell the wars of aggression of a most exceptional people as put forth as gospel as espoused in the libraries of various neoconservative riffs off of Mein Kampf to promote their deadly ideology.

Outside of the deafening squealing for a full scale attack on the latest in an endless series of “new Hitlers”, this time Putin, before him it was Assad, Ahmadinejad, Saddam Hussein etc. the Post is a wonderful smear machine and one of it’s most despicable character assassins is the neocon warfare wench Jennifer Rubin. Ms. Rubin is as prolific as she is nauseating and given the enormous amount of poison pen diatribes that are published under her “Right Turn” byline I wonder whether she actually writes the fucking garbage herself or if it is manufactured in one of William Kristol’s propaganda chop shops of which there are many. Get one thing straight about Rubin and Kristol and that their chief loyalty lies with the rogue state of Israel and no matter how much blood money that is pumped into that festering wart on the ass of humanity by the US taxpayers it will never be enough.

Rubin takes particular umbrage towards Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and her latest knee-capping is yet another doozy. Entitled “Rand Paul trashed military option for Iran and blamed the U.S. for WWII” it is an epic example of linking to a video of a speech and then smearing Paul for an accurate although rebutted reference to history in that the provocation of Japan doesn’t jibe with the narrative of the “Good War”. I excerpt from the piece of crap:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s push to be a Reaganite on foreign policy is eviscerated by remarks caught on video last year in which he denigrates the potential use of force in Iran and bizarrely claims the United States was partially to blame for causing World War II.  In the video, posted on a Paul fan Web site and dated Feb. 24, 2012, he minimizes the threat of an Iranian nuclear weapons, saying merely “It is not a good idea” and claims an Israeli official doesn’t think an Iranian bomb is an existential threat to Israel, something no Israeli government official or Obama administration appointee has ever agreed with.

A foreign policy expert at a center-left think tank puts it simply, saying Paul sounds like the “unreconstructed Taft-Lindbergh-Buchanan wing of party, ” referring to isolationist Republican Sen. Robert Taft, America Firster Charles Lindbergh and Pat Buchanan (who has opined that WWII need not have been fought).

The remarks disparaging the potential use of force against Iran were echoed a year later at the Heritage Foundation when Paul opined that containment would be an option for U.S. policy. These comments, his bizarre take on historical events and his current opposition to sanctions (in accord with President Obama) raise troubling issues regarding his true beliefs and the degree to which his father’s radical libertarian ideas have rubbed off on him.

Who knows what sort of videos are out there of Rubin, given that she has continually exhibited that she is bereft of anything even approaching moral decency in my opinion it wouldn’t be surprising if some old drunken college party footage of her engaging in some vile act of perversion may be floating around – who knows. Purely speculative though but those who often traffic in such SHOCKING previously undisclosed video footage often end up being impaled upon their own swords.

I wonder when she will get around to calling him out for not being sufficiently supportive of those internment camps into which law abiding, loyal American citizens of Japanese descent were thrown into. It is probably no small burr up her ass either that Rand Paul didn’t stoop to the level of the other prospective 2016 Republican aspirants such as the fat fraud Chris Christie, Wisconsin’s union busting Koch whore Scott Walker or Ohio’s John Kasich in crawling on their bellies to lick the balls of the warmongering Zionist casino magnate Sheldon Adelson in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Some people have no shame and they are over-represented at the Washington Post, Joseph Goebbels himself would have been proud of the Pravda on the Potomac. Rubin’s columns are not even worth using for bird cage lining, you would figure a future thinking man like Bezos would see in her and the rest of her strident caterwauling ilk that there is no future whatsoever in the dead tree media.