The neocon Ukraine propaganda onslaught abated slightly over the past week more than likely due to the sheer overkill of the shrill emissions from the state-corporate media propaganda organs. One could also suspect that the leakage of the truth that the US taxpayers are being forced to back an illegally installed coup government filled with neo-Nazis had a bit to do with it. With the murder of Right Sector leader Oleksandr Muzychko aka Sashko Bily by police bringing threats of reprisals from the western backed thugs who provided the muscle during the hijacked street protests it was time to clean up the riff raff before the narrative spun out of control. This coming immediately on the heels of a viral internet video of sitting members of the new government attacking and beating a state television executive in his office.  While the unelected regime of Arseny “Yats” Yatseniuk was locking down the spoils from the coming IMF ruination of Ukraine’s public services, looting of pensions and crushing austerity it was time to clean up the rabble.

The retrenchment of the Neocon-EU-NATO axis of evil and the propaganda machine has been launched as the Night of the Long Knives style purge continues. The newly installed “Yats” has now formally accused the ousted elected President Viktor Yanukovych for personally being responsible for that mysterious sniper fire that provided the impetus for his overthrow and the installation of the current puppet regime. Not only that but that Russian forces had acted as accomplices -just watch this morph into Putin’s personal involvement once the spin evolves and is fed through the Washington Post echo chamber.

First of all who in the fuck would believe a tool like “Yats” who has an obvious agenda and was backed by neo-Nazi muscle as well as covert western operatives – other than TV addled, stupid American zombies that is. Note how the star-spangled lemming farm that is our Idiocracy establishment media just trotted out the perfect example of why we are truly fucked in his once great country as we descend into our future as slaves on the banana republic that is Uncle Sam’s plantation. None other than that shining example of societal retardation that is Sarah Palin was trotted out to the delight of millions of ignoramuses on the Jimmy Fallon version of Tonight Show for a lowbrow skit to bash the hated Putin before a national audience, it was vintage propaganda for the low-hanging fruit and from the reviews it was a record harvest. You have to hand it to the neocons and the Obama administration, they are relentless with their desire for a new Cold War, hell just look at the latest dirty trick of introducing a Cuban version of Twitter to finally pull off that regime change that has eluded the best and the brightest of the US political class for nearly sixty years now.

Secondly,  just why has there not been an independent body of international officials drawn from nations outside of the particular US-EU-NATO sphere of influence to formally investigate who was responsible for the shootings? I think that you an guess what the answer to that one is. This all stinks in a manner that is reminiscent of that to this day unproven accusation of the Syrian president Bashar al Assad’s personal involvement in that hyped to the max by the state-corporate media gassing of those civilians in Ghouta last summer that nearly led to another US war in the Middle East.  Oh, and the same unelected, neo-Nazi packed Ukraine government has now through it’s own investigation come to the conclusion that Sashko Bily shot himself.

You just can’t make shit like this up.