President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry did their damned level best to lie to Americans in order to pimp a war last summer based on trumped up information in Syria and now they are doing the same thing in Ukraine. In an ongoing spectacle that has all of the fascinating qualities of one of those RNC talking point “train wrecks” the duo continue to agitate and push for an ill-conceived and ultimately disastrous fight with Russian leader Vladimir Putin who can’t be counted on this time to save the dynamic duo (or us for that matter) from themselves. Today’s escalation in the idiotic, hypocritical and dangerous game of chicken with the nuclear armed Russians consists of the esteemed Kerry blathering the same standard cookie-cutter neocon talking points over the rapidly deteriorating situation in Ukraine that was unleashed when the Obama team of unrivaled imbeciles decided that launching a neo-Nazi backed coup in Kiev in order to stick it to Putin during the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Not that a man like Kerry would have a problem with dealing with Nazis. The erstwhile opponent of the illegal wars of empire is a member of the infamous Yale University secret society Skull and Bones with it’s longtime ties to the Wall Street elite and OSS/CIA that to arm Nazi Germany for profits he is in his element as much as a pig wallowing in a pool of shit. Not only was Wall Street money – such as that from a certain Prescott Bush from whose loins sprung two future US Presidents (with another on the way) whose Wall Street firm was actually shut down by the US government – instrumental in the rise of Hitler but they also provided cover for Nazi war criminals after the end of World War II.

With the renewed propaganda barrage against the Russians and specifically Putin erupting anew over the weekend, with a launching pad over at the Washington Post neocon transmission station by the likes of Jennifer “dog face” Rubin, Charles “Dr. Strangelove” Kraüthammer and a newcomer in some hack named Kathy Lally the ground was prepped for Mr. Kerry’s latest uncontrollable bout of chronic diarrhea of the mouth. In ratcheting up the strident rhetoric, especially now that Ukrainians are rebelling against the illegally installed occupying government of “Yats” and his neo-Nazis fully understanding that the future is crushing and ruthlessly enforced austerity, pogroms, political repression and slavery Kerry was in in form unseen since last August. According to an article in The Guardianthe grand marshal of the American fool’s parade is now ranting about Russian agent provocateurs fomenting unrest in East Ukraine:

The US secretary of state, John Kerry, described recent developments in eastern Ukraine as “more than deeply disturbing” and repeated threats of western sanctions against Russia, which he said would be expanded to the country’s energy, banking and mining sectors.

Kerry blamed pro-Russian protests in eastern Ukraine on “special forces and agents” sent by Moscow in a move he said “could potentially be a contrived pretext for military intervention just as we saw in Crimea”.

What is it called when an imperialistic, meddling warfare state that has engaged in “intervention” after “intervention” ever since the original indigenous inhabitants of our god-kissed, star-spangled lemming colony were hunted down like animals and slaughtered as such?

This is so ridiculous on so many levels that it is the proverbial smoking gun that the entire western mainstream media is in the bag – a now completely essential and assimilated component of the Deep State that serves only one purpose which is to lie on behalf of a corrupt establishment that is careening more out of bounds by the minute. It is simply unbelievable that this guy is not called on this bullshit, especially after the obvious lies that damned near led to the attack on Syria over a sarin gas attack on civilians in a Damascus suburb that always stank but never more so than in Seymour Hersh’s latest expose “The Red Line and the Rat Line” over at the London Review of Books. The US state media would NEVER allow a piece like this to be published. Hersh apparently has even been exiled by theNew Yorker after his excellent work during the Bushreich. He may not get any exposure – other than vilification at ideologically bent, Deep State Muslim-baiting shitholes likeCommentary Magazine but he gave two good interviews yesterday with Amy Goodman atDemocracy Now and Scott Horton at Check them out.

Hersh’s story alone calls into question the monstrous torrent of lies about the Ukraine situation emanating from the Obama regime and the corrupt US media and perhaps there is a bit of desperation in Kerry’s latest dissertation of pure, unadulterated hogwash. The drip, drip, drip effects of the NSA leaks courtesy of heroic whistleblower Edward Snowden have certainly given all of those “Hope” and “Change” banners a certain yellowing taint and I at times wonder if a lot of Obama’s relentless crusade to nail Putin to a cross doesn’t have as it’s genesis the fact that Snowden was saved from a US or affiliated despotic partner’s torture chambers by Russia’s leader. Hell, given Mr. Obama’s penchant for narcissism and the humiliation of his American Stasi being exposed followed by Putin intervening to stop the Syrian attacks and that classic, for the ages take down of US exceptionalism on the anniversary of that oh so sanctified day of September 11th in the Op Ed section of the New York Times, Dear Leader is steaming.

It is springtime and that substance that is heavy in the air and clogging nostrils isn’t just pollen. Springtime indeed, for the US establishment led by Obama, Kerry and the neocons it might as well be Springtime for Hitler.