As he had previously stated he would, investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald was going to force the issue and has now returned to the hallowed shores of The Homeland to accept his George Polk Award for his reporting on former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Mr. Greenwald, formerly of The Guardian whose new venture for First Look Media “The Intercept” arrived in New York on Friday along with fellow Polk Award winner Laura Poitras who has also been instrumental in exposing the anti-American, anti-Constitutional rampage of Obama’s NSA Stasi which is yet another indignity heaped upon Barry the Narcissistic. Obama must be furious, his Ukrainian coup d’etat fiasco is imploding as the Europeans are starting to get antsy that their gas supplies are going to be cut off as a result of occupying deadbeat regime in Kiev not paying it’s bills and the hated Putin is once again about to humiliate our idiotic commander in chief on the world stage. The US government should start buying KY Jelly in bulk thanks to the exploits of the Obama-Kerry team of unrivaled morons.

Obama may not have been able to best Putin in Ukraine but he sure as hell can take it out on the now former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for the indignity of the botched Obamacare rollout – so much for all of that demagogic horseshit from the Democrats about the “war on women”. The buck never stops here in Obama’s White House and while Sebelius will spend the next few days nursing the black and blue marks on her ass from being drop-kicked by her boss the appearance of Greenwald provides El Presidente with a dilemma.

Does Obama follow through on the demands of the authoritarian freaks, criminals in high places and outright fascists like House Intelligence Committee boss Mike Rogers, the strangely effeminate psychopathic former NSA/CIA boss Michael Hayden and the lunatic terrorist supporting Peter King, the pride of New York’s 2nd Congressional District and have Greenwald arrested? It would be a way to show everyone who is really boss – being theDeep State/COG unelected rulers who are above Obama’s pay grade that the man at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is serious but it would also reveal exactly what type of country that we really live in. Obama has likely been chafing at the bit to call for that JSOC assassination team or dialed up drone attack to extra-judicially murder Snowden and I personally suspect that a damned good part of his current reckless game of my dick is bigger than yours with Putin even at the risk of a nuclear war or even worse Russia and others dumping the dollar comes from the festering animosity over Putin’s saving Snowden from being apprehended for torture, humiliation, a Stalinist style show trial and then execution and having to endure the Chinese water torture of the ongoing stories by Greenwald and Poitras exposing what Snowden took – and the best is yet to come.

So does Obama have Greenwald and maybe Poitras detained, harassed or arrested to avenge his damaged sense of self-esteem and whip out a shovel of bloody chunks of red meat to the fiends like Rogers and his ilk or does he for once practice some restraint. It is a damned good question because no matter how it is handled or justified anything that the US state does to Greenwald and/or Poitras (or David Miranda which would be a typical gangster move befitting a vengeful swine like Obama) would present Putin with the precious gift of being able to call out the rogue American state as exactly what is and what it spends all of it’s time pretending not to be.

Now is the time for the authoritarian scum in this country to put up or shut up.