Fanatical Long Island Congressman Peter King, a supporter of the terrorist wing of the Irish Republican Army erupted on Monday in yet another of his trademark mouth-foaming tirades. Congressman King, the pride of New York’s Second Congressional District – whose residents insist on screwing America by returning this lunatic piece of crap to office – threw a temper tantrum directed at that hated concept of freedom of the press in denouncing the Pulitzer Prize being awarded for reporting on the unconstitutional rampage of the NSA Stasi.

Launching into a Twitter frenzy, King called the prize bestowed upon The Guardian and the Washington Post (most definitely not the neocon oped page sewer of idiocy) a“disgrace” and practically spat upon the “Snowden enablers” whose work revealed this cancer on democracy.  In referring to the famous and now fully vindicated former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in such a manner of derision obscures the fact that the real “enablers” of the true American hero are King, Mike Rogers, Dianne Feinstein and the rest of the criminals in high places who have constantly and consistently violated their oaths to office in providing cover to the illegal NSA mass surveillance and data-mining programs as well as a myriad of other anti-American activities – such as torture.

It must be one big nasty bug crawling up King’s big fat ass especially since former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald -who he and assorted other fascist swine like the right wing talk radio bound Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers. the perjurer James Clapper and that fiendish little twerp former NSA/CIA head Michael Hayden have denounced as a traitor, a thief and other such terms that more accurately fit themselves – called their bluff and returned to the USA to accept his George Polk Award on Friday. Not a good day for those who continue to betray Americans but the best thing is that there isn’t a thing that they can do about it other than to just eat shit. The scum is losing – at least in the court of world opinion although such a triumph of the freedom of the press is largely lost on an American populace immersed in the local crime story of a man blowing away his girlfriend in fucking South Africa and an underwater airplane. The honor is however progress and hopefully will only offer encouragement to others who will descend into the gutter where the scum like King and his minions wallow in order to fight them.

Honored along with Greenwald in his triumphant return to The Homeland were fellow journalists on the rogue state hit list Laura Poitras as well as Ewen MacAskill of The Guardian and Barton Gellman of the Washington Post. Now if he can just get to writing about the really good stuff like industrial espionage, blackmail, money laundering and other dark functions of “The Octopus” which the NSA is an integral part of as well as the private contractors that provide both a dodge from governmental accountability as well as plausible denial.

In an interview with Amy Goodman on the liberal news program Democracy Now,  broadcast today Greenwald and Poitras discussed both their ordeal as well as future plans. I excerpt from the transcript:

GLENN GREENWALD: We weren’t so worried that we weren’t willing to get on the plane. I mean, if we were really worried, we wouldn’t have come. There was no need for us to come. But we knew, certainly, that it was a risk.

I mean, I think the important thing to realize about this is that American national security officials and other officials in the government have deliberately created an environment where they wanted us to think there was a risk. They have very deliberately and publicly suggested that the journalism we were doing was a crime. They have advocated that we be arrested. They have had their favorite media figures openly speculate about the possibility that we would be. They detained my partner for nine hours. They announced that there was a terrorism investigation pending in the U.K., and they refused to give my lawyers any information at all about whether there was a grand jury investigation, whether there was an indictment under seal—very unusual behavior when dealing with these lawyers, in particular, who say that they can always get at least something.

So they wanted us to have this kind of uncertainty about whether or not they would take action upon our return to the U.S. That’s very clear. And it’s easy, I guess, to say it doesn’t seem likely that it will happen, but when those threats are being directed at you, you take them seriously. And so we did, but then, obviously, assessed that the risk was low enough, mostly because we didn’t think that they would be so counterproductive or self-destructive to do it, and were willing, therefore, to get on a plane and come back.

REPORTER: And those conversations about the indictment, how long—or if there was an indictment or grand jury out, how long did those conversations go on?

GLENN GREENWALD: We’ve been trying to get information from the government about whether or not we could safely return to the U.S. for at least four to five months. And originally, the government said that they were willing to have conversations about what that might entail, and then, ultimately, I guess, decided that they weren’t willing to have those conversations, because they just stopped returning calls and stopped giving any information. And so, they just expressly refused to say whether or not there were—whether there was a pending indictment under seal or whether or not we were the targets of a grand jury investigation.

AMY GOODMAN: Your trip isn’t over. It doesn’t just have to happen at the airport. What are you concerned about, for both Glenn and Laura? And, Laura, if you could describe how your experience coming through the airport today compared with your previous experiences?

LAURA POITRAS: Sure. I mean, you know, the other risk that I think that we face as journalists right now are the risk of subpoena, where the government subpoenas our material to try to get information about our source. And we know that the government has been using the border as a sort of legal no man’s land to get access to journalists’ materials. I mean, I’ve experienced that for six years, where I’ve been detained, interrogated and had equipment seized at the border, and never told, you know, for what reason that’s happening. So—

AMY GOODMAN: How many times have you been stopped?

LAURA POITRAS: You know, I’ve asked the government to answer that question, and they won’t tell me. I think close to 40 or more. I’ve got FOIAs out, and soon as I can get a precise count, I’ll certainly publish it. So, I mean, the risks of subpoena are very real. And as—you know, as you indicate, I mean, the fact that we’re here is not an indication that there isn’t a threat. We know there’s a threat. We know there’s a threat from what the government is saying in terms how they’re talking about this journalism, the journalism that we’re doing. And, I mean, the reason we’re here is because we’re not going to, you know, succumb to those threats.

AMY GOODMAN: What are your plans for the United States? Will you be staying here long? Glenn, will you be moving back? Laura, will you be moving back?

GLENN GREENWALD: I mean, I think—you know, I think that this first step—I mean, since we didn’t know what today held, we haven’t been doing a lot of long-term thinking, because we had no idea what the outcome would be of our deplaning. But I think that once we got on the airplane this morning, it was a commitment not just to come back for this one time, but to come back whenever we want, which is our prerogative as American citizens. And it ought to be our right, not just to come back, but to come back without fear of that kind of harassment, to even have that enter our thought process.

So I don’t know what Laura’s long-term plans are, I mean, but for me, you know, I have a book coming out next month, and I want to be able to come to the U.S. to talk about the issues that it raises. I have a lot of journalistic colleagues here with whom I’m working. I want to be able to freely travel to work with them and work on stories in the United States and to talk about the things I think we need to be talking about. So I do think this sort of presages more visits to the U.S. for me.

Greenwald will continue to challenge the illicit authoritarian power structure, he has a book coming out soon that is entitled “No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State” and if I were him I would use the opportunity to promote the book as heavily as possible and further dare the Obama-Holder regime to arrest him as the screeching from big government loving, warmongering Republican neocons grow louder as the 2014 midterm elections near.

Maybe Americans can get lucky and that terrorist supporting sack of shit Peter King will have an aneurysm between now and November 4th.