With the bloody and violent crackdown coming in Ukraine to crush resistance to the illegally installed coup regime of  Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk it is of no small consequence that Barack Obama’s CIA director John Brennan visited Kiev over the weekend.  This is of course apropos as the Central Intelligence Agency, long the preeminent terrorist organization in the planet is expert when it comes to the installation and backing of non-democratically elected puppet governments hostile to freedom and friendly to US Deep State interests. Brennan was a particularly good choice for Obama to dispatch, given that that the CIA boss is a veteran of the Bush regime torture programs that the agency along with El Presidente are now desperately trying to keep secret despite ongoing pressure from non other than top NSA Stasi defender Dianne Feinstein. Brennan, much like former Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland who helped to start the mess in Ukraine and is a former Dick Cheney aide. The Brennan visit shows that Obama and his merry band of neocon pirates are “all-in” when it comes to this latest foreign policy disaster, one that could have very serious consequences in that each US provocation and lie leads closer to a confrontation with Russia.

The US media propaganda machine is sticking to the story that they have been hammering for months now, that all of this is Russian president Vladimir Putin’s fault and in the case of the Democrats and their toadies and shills, like the increasingly loathsome MSNBC propaganda princess Rachel Maddow, taking the occasional break from the bell to bell Chris Christie coverage mixes the vilification of Putin with blaming George W. Bush for the whole mess.

The entire operation of smearing Putin, a very well coordinated and a damning indictment that the big media in America are no longer any thing other than shills for the establishment and the policies of Empire is retaliation for blowing up the neocon’s late summer war on Syria – a prevention of another Middle East disaster in which Putin himself pulled Obama’s ass out of the fire after his moronic “red line” proclamation. We to this day do not know exactly who it was that was behind those sarin gas attacks in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta but it was yet another war based on false pretenses just like Saddam’s WMD – legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh just published a piece in the London Review of Books entitled “The Red Line and the Rat Line” that suggests that the gassings were a Turkish false flag operation. The intervention by Putin to stop the “monster strike” on Syria that was being prepared per Hersh immediately sent the neocons into a frenzied state and looking for revenge. It was no coincidence that the head of the National Endowment for Democracy, which exists to destabilize foreign governments published an op ed in the Washington Post for a tougher stance against Putin Ukraine.

As matters continue to deteriorate and the death squads are being prepped, their wetwork happens to coincide with the holy week from Palm Sunday to Easter which will only further inflame the resistance Brennan’s presence was not one made as a man of peace. The increasingly cornered and constantly humiliated Obama is once again coming out on the losing end of the dick measuring contest with Putin and according to Reuters engaged the Russian leader in an angry telephone call on Monday from which I excerpt:

Obama spoke to Putin at the Russians’ request, a senior administration official said, describing the call as “frank and direct,” a diplomatic construction that usually means tense.

“The president made clear that the diplomatic path was open and our preferred way ahead, but that Russia’s actions are neither consistent with or conducive to that,” the official said.

Obama told Putin that Kiev had made “real offers” to address concerns about the decentralization of powers to local governments in the country.

“That is a matter for Ukrainians to decide,” the official said. “We have always and will continue to support an inclusive process.”

Earlier, U.S. officials stopped short of announcing a new set of sanctions against Russia but said they were in consultations with European partners about the prospect.

The European Union agreed on Monday to step up sanctions against Moscow by expanding a list of people subjected to asset freezes and visa bans.

“Russia continues to engage in provocative actions in eastern Ukraine. The mere presence of the troops, in addition to what else they’ve done inside Ukraine, creates a threat of destabilization within Ukraine,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters.

“I can assure you that Russia’s provocations – further transgressions and provocations will come with a cost. And I’m not here to specify what cost will come from which specific action, but there have already been costs imposed on Russia; there will be further costs imposed on Russia.”

The endless threats of sanctions, likely while more aggressive actions are prepared which Brennan’s visit seems to indicate is in process are an act of war against Russia. When the US-NATO goon squads join forces with neo-Nazis, fanatics such as Pravy Sektor, mercenaries and neo-Nazis to engage Eastern Ukrainian resistance to the illegitimate austerity government in Kiev – coming soon, maybe even today. The Russians may have no choice but to send forces across the border to prevent the slaughter. This will only play into the hands of the neocons who will then have their provoked incident and an excuse to begin the war that may end up being the last one for the rogue state in The Homeland. Putin can’t be blamed for this fiasco, it is all on Barry and Kerry and their entrenched army of neocon holdovers from the Bushreich.

There is nothing quite like the smell of desperation in an election year and it is rolling out of The White House in waves as Obama’s administration is doing the unthinkable and careening recklessly towards irreversible damage and a potential world war. Even Bush had the sense to take his foot off of the gas and put ground between himself and the deranged neocons but I just can’t see the current narcissist in chief as capable of anything but disaster on a grand scale.