Tuesday, on the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing allegedly to be the work of two lone wolf Muslim “terrorists”, both of whom managed to slip through the NSA’s “collect it all” net of total national surveillance was either commemorated or celebrated, probably a combination of both across the fruited plain of The Homeland.

The incident, a heinous criminal act consisting of the planting of two shrapnel filled pressure cooker bombs at the finish line permanently altered forever the live sof hundreds of innocent people, a good number of who lost limbs was allegedly perpetrated by two young Muslim men the Tsarnaev brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan. The older brother,Tamerlan who had a mysterious background that seems to have included trips abroad and possible involvement in acts of violence domestically was killed in a shootout. The younger Dzokhar was the target of what was the rollout of a state of martial law and went on to gain national infamy when a flattering picture of him adorned the cover of Rolling Stone magazine – not to bother with the hypocrisy that a similar picture was published in the establishment New York Times and other paperswithout similar ginned up outrage.

Vice President Joe Biden, still a potential 2016 Democratic party presidential contender until the unstoppable juggernaut that is Hillary Clinton formally announces that she is running (if she is) showed up in Beantown on Tuesday to like the state-corporate media milk the anniversary of the tragedy for all that it was worth. In a soaring and often inspirational speech at the tribute Biden mixed platitudes and Tony Robbins style motivational with the standard demagoguery of the post September 11, 2001 permanent warfare state. The media prepped the masses with the constant reminder that the 3 actual deaths and 264 injured was the WORST TERRORIST ATTACK ON AMERICAN SOIL SINCE 9/11 and the Vice President seized upon that to hammer home his message of hope and American exceptionalism all nice and tightly bound up and then dipped in a coating of pure bullshit to keep it together.

The city of Boston, unified in grief, outrage and I would imagine a good deal of shame after their neighborhoods were swarmed by legions of black clad paramilitary police forces conducting house to house searches at gun point in what for all intents and purposes looked like martial law. The nifty bumper sticker slogan “Boston Strong” was rolled out in the aftermath of the bombing and it was seized upon by locals, the national baseball league Red Sox who used it as a motivator for their World Series run and most of ally by self-serving authoritarian types to push for their police state as well as to use for cheap politics.

Vice President Joseph Biden was one of them. According to a Reuters story Biden thundered:

“We refuse to bend, refuse to change, refuse to yield to fear”… “that is what makes us so proud of this city and this state, what makes me be so proud to be an American. It’s that we have never, ever yielded to fear. Never”


FEAR allowed for the rollback of civil liberties

FEAR provided the basis for an illegal invasion of Iraq, a country that did not threaten America

FEAR unleashed the fully militarized police state on America, as seen in action in Beantown last year two days after the bombing as thousands of black clad paramilitary types ransacked neighborhoods to hunt down one punk.

FEAR provided the excuse for the NSA and it’s private and foreign collaborators to usurp the Constitution and to conduct massive data-mining and warrantless surveillance on millions of law abiding citizens.

FEAR allowed for the redirection of trillions of taxpayer dollars into a monstrous surveillance machine, a Top Secret America that became a Surveillance State Gomorrah and continues to grow daily.

FEAR allowed the Bush administration to turn the USA into a torture state and Obama is still covering up conduct that was so over the line that it rivaled that of Nazi war criminals hanged at Nuremberg.

I could continue but I don’t have the time…

Biden also paid tribute to the arrogant form of American imperialism that currently has the world on the brink of a war to end all wars thanks to the hubris, moral rot and bloodlust that permeates from the administration which he is a member of.  The applause line that “We are America, we own the finish line” is ironically appropriate in more ways than one, the real finish line is coming as the Empire is on a collision course with nuclear power Russia as well as economic power that is China, both of whom our neocon infested policy establishment is hellbent at confronting.

The reference to the “finish line” is also fitting for Boston in that after the triumphant World Series win of the Red Sox who rode “Boston Strong” like a gravy train there was a pilgrimage of revelers who actually showed up at that exact same finish line to kiss the street – they had better get used to doing exactly that if and when the martial law drill conducted last year goes live.

FEAR has a twin brother named SHAME and Americans should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing charlatans the likes of Biden and his ilk to have exploited the former without any semblance of the latter.