Perhaps the greatest hoax in the toxic sewage lagoon that is the political system of The Homeland circa 2014 is that there is no such thing as bipartisanship. Bullshit! While the ongoing con job that is staged for public consumption of the irreconcilable differences between Team Red Elephant and Team Blue Jackass is what passes for conventional wisdom in the state-corporate media and as such is eaten up by the rubes and low-information types that comprise the vast majority of the American electorate the truth is pretty clear to any who want to see. Both American political parties (any others are completely shut out of the phony democratic process) are nothing more than dueling factions of a criminal syndicate and there is ALWAYS agreement on certain issues. For example, the mass warrantless surveillance of millions of law abiding Americans, the ongoing redistribution of wealth to the top fractional one percent, the ongoing fleecing of the American taxpayer to continue to underwrite the criminal scams of the untouchable gamblers on Wall Street and the support of all wars both foreign and domestic. Oh, and there is the bipartisan effort to destroy prospective Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul that is now as the economic propaganda slogan goes “picking up steam”.

With the neoconservative warmongers again ascendant, the incompetent Obama on his way out and either Hillary Rodham-Clinton or some Sheldon Adelson funded Nazi ready to take over the keys to the war machine Senator Paul’s anti-interventionist stance, criticism of the NSA Stasi and other the post September 11, 2001 Constitutional wrecking machine and message which is resonating must be stopped at all costs. The neocons are the ultimate parasites and their origins as ideological worshippers of Leon Trotsky were at one time allied with the Democrats until the antiwar movement during the Vietnam era. They jumped to a new host on the rising Ronald Reagan-Bush dynasty GOP and are very close to making the round trip if the warmongering Mrs. Clinton wins the presidency in 2016. The Pauls being Rand and his father Ron – whose courageous stance against the neocons when any opposition to the Bushreich’s wars of aggression was shouted down as treason made him a modern American hero – have become public enemy number one for the entrenched two-party gangsters that have seized control of both foreign and domestic policy.

Rand Paul represents exactly what the existing occupiers of the American political system fear the most which is a deviation from their ongoing game of 3 card Monte continually staged on Main Street of a star-spangled Potemkin Village and sold to the suckers as “democracy”. God forbid that anyone ever emerge to create a debate on the “New Normal” of the wars and looting of those both foreign and domestic to enrich plutocrats, energy cartels, the global finance mafia and the whores who serve them.

The great libertarian writer Justin Raimondo of who never hesitates to call out bullshit in high places, hypocrisy and the scoundrels who are passed off as respectable by the corrupt media in their methodical polish a turd with a red, white and blue cheesecloth calls it like it is in his latest piece entitled “The Establishment’s War on Rand Paul” from which I excerpt:

The war is on – no, not that war, this war: I’m talking about the GOP establishment’s war on Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, whose presidential campaign has taken wing and soared. And it isn’t just the Karl Roves and Peter Kings of this world who are up in arms over the prospect of an anti-interventionist libertarian in the White House: they’re getting plenty of tactical support from “liberals” like David Corn.

Why do they hate him?

The Rovians hate him because he challenges the whole Fox News-neocon right-wing paradigm that has kept the GOP a dwindling minority party ever since the Bush era ended with a whimper. The progressives hate him because he is the most likely candidate – at the moment – to be facing Hillary Clinton in 2016, and they know they’ll have a hard time selling a candidate who still refuses to second guess her 2003 vote for the Iraq war. So the two groups have a common enemy – which, in politics, is enough to cement a working alliance between two supposedly antithetical forces.

Of course they aren’t really antithetical: while Establishment Republicans and Establishment Democrats duke it out every election, it’s not an ideological fight so much as a battle for the spoils. And when it comes to foreign policy, “politics stops at the water’s edge,” as that old reprobate Arthur Vandenberg used to say: left and right are united for the Empire.


In the context of today’s politics, the demographics are different but the principle of “divide and rule” is the same. The “Paul Democrats” and “Paul Independents” are precisely the kind of younger urban voters both Rand and his father have done such a phenomenal job attracting. These are people Democrats have tended to take for granted – and Rand is the first Republican politician since Reagan to challenge them on this terrain. Which is why Democrats like Corn, and the other partisan hacks masquerading as “journalists” – Rachel Maddow comes to mind – have it in for Sen. Paul.

As for the Rovians and their neocon Deep Thinkers, their unappeasable hate for the Senator is due to his last name – and the knowledge that this isn’t really about Rand Paul or any particular person, it’s about a movement that threatens to overtake them. Once John McCain and Peter King stop being the face of the GOP, the Establishment that manipulates the leadership of both parties is in big trouble.

The last thing the Establishment of both parties wants is a 2016 presidential race pitting an anti-interventionist anti-surveillance Republican against the stridently interventionist Hillary, who long ago declared that the Internet needs “gatekeepers.” I would argue that of all the potential candidates, it’s Rand Paul who has the best chance of stopping the Clinton Restoration. Jeb Bush as the candidate would make it a clash of dynasties, with the Clintons an easy winner in that kind of contest. Marco Rubio has limited appeal, and by the time the primaries get going will be polling in the vicinity of John Bolton. Chris Christie is over. David Petraeus, once a neocon favorite, is in disgrace: you only get to have that kind of fun after you’re safely elected. So who’s left?

Yes, the increasingly odious Ms. Maddow over at MSNBC the Obama apologist network. While I always have viewed Rachel Maddow with a somewhat jaundiced eye, particularly since she like Minnesota Senator Al Franken emerged not only unscathed from the wreckage of liberal radio network Air America. While serious critics of US policy and the entire corrupt system like Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes were exiled Maddow and Franken saw their fortunes improve dramatically when the network collapsed. Their prominent positions today would seem to indicate at best a tendency to sell out a cause, go establishment or cash in or in layman’s term become RATS.

I have followed the work of Maddow for a good while now and while talented, the pride of MSNBC is nothing more than a shill for the corrupt ruling political class. Her show is regularly devoted to nothing more than the promulgating of DNC talking points, playing the identity politics card (she is openly gay) to demonize the Republican party – largely through her cherry picking of the most racist, white-supremacist, ignorant religiously obsessed morons – to shill for corporate sellout Democrats. What a sad demise for a woman who actually has talent but now as is apparent zero principles beyond whoring herself out for her defense contractor employer and the Democratic party. Hell, she actually makes Roger Ailes look honorable in a perverse sort of way, after reading what has been pretty much called a hit-piece “The Loudest Voice in the Room” I can say that the man at least has some sort of values system – as largely repugnant as it often is which is something that Ms. Maddow and the rest of the war party winged monkeys that are now being scrambled for an attack on Rand Paul are lacking.