Barack Obama has made no secret of his admiration of Ronald Reagan and now he can have his very own death squads. The day after Vice President Joe Biden, he of the shining white donkey teeth that conceal a forked tongue flew to Kiev to meet with the coup government. This coming on the heels of CIA Director John Brennan’s trip after which strange things began to bubble up like that debunked forced Jew registration leaflet and the promulgation of the anti-austerity rebels in East Ukraine were the most virulent form of anti-Semites, this despite the inclusion of actual neo-Nazis within the US backed regime of Prime Minister Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk.

On Tuesday it was announced with much outrage that the body of a pro-junta politician, Vladimir Rybak (no word as of yet whether he was affiliated with either Svoboda or Right-Sector) was discovered having been tortured.  The ground has been prepped for the coming slaughter and Americans, the vast majority having no other source of information outside of the thoroughly controlled state-corporate media can park themselves upon their couches and fire up the electronic crackpipe by tuning in to CNN, MNSBC or FOX and grab some popcorn for it is time for some good ole fashion Rooskie bashing.

The US political class, poisoned by years of exposure to a toxic neocon ideology and presided over by easily offended nincompoops like Obama, Biden and their man over at Foggy Bottom, Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry is lusting for a new Cold War. Kerry, being the prone to chronic bouts of diarrhea of the mouth said as much when he waxed nostalgic about the good old days in a moment when the veil slipped during a speech at the State Department (from RT because something this idiotic will likely be scrubbed from US accounts):

“during the Cold War, it actually – it may not have seemed so at the time, obviously, to great leaders, but it was easier than it is today – simpler is maybe a way to put it.”

“We could make really bad decisions and still win because we were pretty much the sole dominant economic and military power around,” Kerry said. “That’s not true anymore.”

Kerry said that during the era of mutually assured destruction “choices were less varied, less complicated, more stark, more clear.” He said everything was clear cut and split into camps “communism, democracy; West, East; the Iron Curtain, the great line of divide. And many things were subsumed and quashed by that force of that bipolar world.”

In today’s world, US foreign policy is more complicated as “the vast array of challenges that we face today as the world is witnessing this explosion of sectarianism, religious extremism, radical ideologies, and frankly too many failed states and failing states – a vast challenge to governance, sometimes even witnessed here in our nation’s capital”’s Justin Raimondo is as usual on the attack and he skewers the Massachusetts moron in his Wednesday column entitled “John Kerry: Clueless Buffoon” from which I excerpt:

Yes, those were the Good Old Days – when children in the schoolroom cowered beneath their desks – and we almost went to war with the nuclear-armed Soviet Union over missiles in Cuba which posed no more threat than missiles outside Moscow. Does “quaint” even begin to describe that vintage scene? It’s all so Currier & Ives.

We were the Good Guys and the Russkies were the Bad Guys – and never the morally equivalent twain shall meet! If only we could get back to those halcyon days, everything would be “simpler,” says Kerry.

Having an implacable enemy of unrivaled evil supposedly bent on our destruction has its advantages – yes, a US Secretary of State actually does seem to believe this. Having nuclear-armed enemies is a Good Thing – because it makes the job of US officials so much easier. Should we support a South American dictator who murders his own people for looking at him cross-eyed – but of course we should, because he hates the Russkies! Do we really need to build more nuclear weapons than it would take to incinerate the world one-hundred times over? The answer – back then – was an obvious yes, at least to our wise rulers (who never considered how dangerous our arsenal would become once it started to age….). And how about getting involved in a war in Southeast Asia that would take tens of thousands of American lives – and easily a million non-Americans – a war this same John Kerry would refer to with unmitigated contempt as he threw his war medals right back at the Pentagon?

To think that this fool nearly became President of the United States until he was derailed in Ohio back in 2004 – Kerry is another wonderful example of the rottenness of the American political elite that rewards dishonor and incompetence and where the scum always rises to the top.

In Ukraine, acting coup regime President Oleksandr Turchynov is using the discovery of Ryback’s corpse as the Gleiwitz incident that will now allow for the paramilitary forces to be unleashed – among them neo-Nazis and likely mercenaries and the slaughter is going to begin. Biden’s guarantee to commit the US taxpayers as accomplices to the coming wave of murder, rape and torture has further emboldened the illegally installed puppet government. There is lots and lots of bloodshed coming soon. According to a Reuters story entitled “Ukraine’s leaders say have U.S. backing to take on ‘aggressors’” from which I excerpt:

Ukraine’s government said on Wednesday the United States had promised to stand by it in the face of aggression, and announced that it would press ahead with a security operation to crack down on pro-Russian armed groups.

After a lull for the Easter religious holiday, officials in Kiev decided to renew what they call an “anti-terrorist operation” against separatist militias who have seized control of about a dozen public buildings in eastern Ukraine.

There it is again, the use of “terrorist” to describe political dissenters as if those whose violence in Maidan, who hurled firebombs at police and conducted a violent (US sanctioned) rampage were not “terrorists”. Once again, it is the same old hypocrisy wrapped in a flag being used to sell yet more carnage abroad.

Pity the anti-austerity protesters in the East for the pogroms are coming while the stars and stripes fly over a nation steeped in the blissful  peace that is ignorance.