It is obvious that the US created Ukraine crisis is not headed towards a happy ending and the Obama regime now is going to engage in the act of war of slapping even more onerous economic sanctions on Russia. When historians look back on all of this – which may well be the beginning of the end of the haughty, hubris crazed American Empire if not the end of human life – it the incredibly irresponsible three headed monster of Obama-Biden-Kerry and their legions of neocon and liberal interventionist winged monkeys to blame for it all.

They are just going to continue to push and every day of bullying brings an increased possibility that someone goes off the reservation and unleashes the nukes in a fit of pique. These are very perilous times and despite being given ample opportunity to back it down Barry and the boys are prepared to take it to the palace, or in this case the Kremlin in what obviously is a personal vendetta against their personification of the devil himself Vladimir Putin. Pity that our elitist rulers are unable to set aside their petty little egos in the interest of greater things – such as not instigating a global thermonuclear war.

In many ways it is an existential crisis, that is for the criminal class enriched by western finance capitalism which long ago destroyed free enterprise and turned into a global syndicate of gangsters who would never, ever be satisfied in their relentless quest to own it all. With the entire world nearly colonized even while the crooked and cooked financial system is rapidly disintegrating all that it takes is a guy like Putin to take a stand and tell the globalists to go and fuck themselves. The ultimate nightmare for the high finance mafia and the rapacious corporate parasites of the US and EU and the bloated military parasite NATO would be for Putin to be allowed to get off the hook and set an example for other countries not exactly enamored with the American Imperial way of doing business.

Say China, India and Iran similarly decide to tell Uncle Sam to cram the thievery, repression and austerity up his star spangled asshole. It could trigger the big flush of the toilet that while bringing a wave of economic misery – and possibly revolt here in The Homeland as it takes the proverbial wheelbarrow full of Reichmarks to buy a bag of fucking Doritos – could finally cleanse the system and hit the reset that the banksters lobbied so hard to avoid back during the 2008 implosion. This would truly be a good thing despite the obvious downside mobs in the streets once the ATM’s stop functioning and the grocery store shelves run bare and the wave of violence that would accompany it but let’s think long term here. Such a flushing of the Wall Street global finance racket toilet would certainly not be good for the high-rolling one percent, their whores in Washington and the media though, many could find themselves either swinging from the end of a rope or marched up the steps to the guillotine by the rabble. John Forbes Kerry can go to the front of the line too.

While Biden be the dumbest bastard to serve as VP since Dan Quayle he pales in comparison to Secretary of Skull and Bones Kerry who in the aftermath of his latest foreign policy disaster – the Israel-Palestine peace talks going up in flames continues his trademark finger wagging and bloviating about sanctions on Russia. The latest Kerry threat being that of an “expensive mistake”  or actually a “grave and expensive mistake” – just like the engineers of US foreign policy and their ongoing series of unnecessary (unless you are politically connected and profit from the death and destruction) goddamned wars.

Kerry is increasingly unhinged as of late and has been reduced to a cartoon figure, were it not for the largest military and surveillance machine in the history of the universe he would be both shunned and mocked for he has zero credibility that isn’t backed by armed predator drones, bombers, missiles and assassination squads, both JSOC and hired mercenaries. The man is a joke and brings to mind the late, great H.L. Mencken’s scathing portrayal of William Jennings Bryan:  “…at his best, was simply a magnificent job-seeker. The issues that he bawled about usually meant nothing to him. He was ready to abandon them whenever he could make votes by doing so, and to take up new ones at a moment’s notice”. The very idea that Kerry was so close to becoming the President of the United States in 2004 makes one’s opinion of the moronic George W. Bush that much higher.

Once again Robert Parry nails the woeful flip-flopper from Massachusetts in his latest piece entitled “John Kerry’s Sad Circle to Deceit” from which I excerpt the following:

As a young man, John Kerry was thrust into the Vietnam War by old men who lied to the nation out of ideological delusions, political expediency or personal pride. Now, John Kerry has become that old man, either detached from reality or believing he has a right to mislead the American people just like those old men who sent him and so many other young Americans into the bloody jungles of Vietnam nearly a half century ago.

Kerry allowed his record, especially his service in Vietnam to be impugned during the 2004 elections by the odious Republican front group “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” that exploited statements made by Kerry about American war crimes to paint him as some sort of traitor. The Kerry team’s lollygagging around over a response to the slime cost his campaign dearly despite the truth that American soldiers were committing such atrocities in the Nam, see Nick Turse’s outstanding book “Kill Anything that Moves” as well as such historically documented accounts of the Mai Lai massacre and Kerry narrowly lost the election. Kerry’s failure to aggressively attack the ads was a glimpse at the emptiness of his moral character, we are seeing that now in the ongoing national travesty of his tenure as Secretary of State, especially in Ukraine. It was kind of like his buddy John McCain who allowed Rove to chop his balls off in South Carolina in 2000 yet these two assholes are at the forefront in leading the charge for war on Putin and Russia – Jesus Christ.

Then there is Obama, who is nothing more than a foot stool for corporations and Wall Street is doing likewise in pushing the EU to support upping the financial punishment against Russia – at some point, if not already this is an act of war and Putin is to be commended for his restraint . These blindly rich pig fuckers just don’t get it, they like the rest of the American looter capitalist class think that everything can be reduced to money and that in declaring economic warfare against a nuclear power, especially Russia with it’s nationalist history, resentment over being screwed over the terms of the breakup of the USSR after the Cold War by double dealing American political swine who then expanded NATO and began surrounding Russia with missiles and the fact that the US establishment started this mess in the first place. The hysterics over the 40,000 Russian troops on the border of Ukraine is nonsense because the forces are IN RUSSIA although thanks to the Obama administration and the imminent coming rampage of US backed extremist death squads Russia has ordered the commencement of military exercises. With Obama’s dispatching of hundreds of special forces troops to Poland this thing just continues to verge on spinning completely out of control.

Just another day of American dumb-assery stay tuned for the next episode entitled “as the shit flies”.