“waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists”

-Sarah “the quitter” Palin

In yet another of standard bits of shameful and anti-American behavior that  charlatans engage in, Sarah ‘lock and load’ Palin has emerged from semi-obscurity as the long tapered end of a turd pokes through the water in the toilet. I really and truly work very hard to ignore the celebrated by national media figure of the piece of Wasilla white trash hit it big like the Clampetts. I mean why encourage her because attention, mouse clicks and liberal wails of outrage is what she feeds on but I just have to weigh in on her latest abhorrently ignorant comment simply because it truly defines the post September 11, 2001 Homeland.  Most importantly Palin’s latest contribution to the decline of decent American society reflects upon how this country allowed first the Bush-Cheney and then the Obama regimes to transform what was once the US occupation of the moral high ground, or as Reagan referred to it that“shining city on the hill” into a dumbed-down, impoverished and meaner than a snake torture state.

In a speech before the NRA Convention in Indianapolis, the Joan of Arc of American ignoramuses brought down the house with the applause line of  “waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists”. First off we must remember that this is the National Rifle Association, once a true bastion of American responsibility and the reverence towards the Second Amendment but hijacked to become an increasingly insane arm of the Republican party and most importantly the gun and ammunition industry. After the “Cincinnati Revolt” and then under the ‘leadership of the deranged  Wayne LaPierre the NRA has become increasingly shrill, scaring the shit out of the – and I love this politically correct term – “low information voters”that the big, bad Muslim bogeyman at 1600 Pennsylvania is going to send forth his militant ACORN Negro army to engage in gun confiscations. I mean really, how fucking stupid do you have to be to buy into that sort of horseshit. Then there is the unwashed  smack-talking baby daddy, draft dodger and washed up 1970s rocker Ted Nugent who is their pride and joy as a standard bearer. Lots to be proud of getting in line behind a coward who shit in his pants at his local draft board to avoid being sent to Vietnam, a land where real people shot back unlike the defenseless animals that ‘the Nuge’ thrills in slaughtering for fun. Not that I am smearing hunters in general, most of whom are responsible American gun owners who like myself who owns a few would never tarnish myself by throwing in with the NRA traveling carnival of perversion.

But Palin would. I wonder just how much dough that that greedy bitch pulled down for her speech but I would venture that it is a lot. The woman is like a bad case of genital Herpes just isn’t going away and like the parasite that refuses to detach itself from its host Sarah Barracuda just continues to poke her proboscis back into the national political scene.  There is no other person in the land, other than Donald Trump who truly exemplifies the ugly American in all of their resplendent glory. While our troops are still overseas trapped in a never-ending series of wars, both declared and undeclared against Muslims leave it to a loudmouthed dolt like Palin to not only further shit on the honor of the pre-9/11 US of A where we didn’t revel in crimes that had people hanged at Nuremberg but to endanger our troops by feeding into the belief that the wars are indeed an extension of the primitive form of Christianity that lead to the Crusades. While idiots here on our star-spangled lemming farm have very short term memories rest assured that the Islamic radicals (some of whom are being supported by the Obama regime in Syria, a collection of brutes, al Qaeda members and savages with a taste for human flesh) don’t forget what happened centuries ago.

Nice job Palin and even more evidence at why the Republican party, after their coming electoral wave in November thanks largely to the type of morons that she and Ted Nugent appeal to showing up to vote by the thousands will be washed away by the coming flush of the toilet that will be Hillary and the record turnout in 2016 that will ride on her tail.

If you happen to be a principled conservative or libertarian you have to be aghast at the ongoing damage that this woman and the mouth-breathers that she appeals to continue to do to this once great country.  The same NRA dupes who are as manipulated by gun industry shills like LaPierre as they are by Palin and Nugent cheer the new Georgia gun law that allows for the government to force private property owners to let gun toting yahoos into their places of business with zero goddamned regard for their rights if one of them gets into a gunfight inside. But then again we are talking about Georgia, a state that makes their southern neighbor, Florida – the diseased penis of America- look like a bastion of integrity and freedom.

Shame on her and all who are down with making torture such as that committed by the Nazis into the punch line for a joke and as American as apple pie in the new American century.