You had to know that the neocons weren’t going to go down easy after Sunday’s overwhelming vote by anti-fascist, US-EU-NATO enforced austerity opponents in East Ukraine to reject the illegitimately installed puppet regime in Kiev. It is the utmost of irony in that the regime changers whose presence within the US corridors of power have eaten away at the foundations of American democracy like a colony of Formosan termites actually managed to bring “democracy” to Ukraine but in typical William Kristol style keening outrage are apoplectic that their will was rejected by the actual people who would be affected.

The spreading of “democracy” – which when applied on foreign soil amounts to the spreading of fresh manure is the rallying cry for the chickenhawk squadrons as they pursue global US conquest at gunpoint. In the vision of our Founding Fathers one would think that today would be a proud moment when America actually practiced what she preached by seeing the victims of the red, white and blue jackboot rise up in unison to cast off the chains at the ballot boxes despite the presence of neo-Nazis and fascists using violence and voter suppression to prevent them from that God given right of self-determination.

Erupting from the roiling sewer of filth that is Foggy Bottom – home of the bumbling ass clown Skull and Bones alum that is John F. Kerry as well as Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland (aka Nudelman) – was a braying of outrage, whining, lies and propaganda that is the hallmark of sore losers. The State Department rapidly issued an official “press release” screed calling the anti-fascist referendum out as illegitimate – no mention to the cookie woman and the illegally installed “Yats” regime being such but that can be expected for an institution that has come to oppose any thing that represents morality and traditional American values:

As the United States has said, the referenda being planned for May 11 in portions of eastern Ukraine by armed separatist groups are illegal under Ukrainian law and are an attempt to create further division and disorder. If these referenda go forward, they will violate international law and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The United States will not recognize the results of these illegal referenda.

In addition, we are disappointed that the Russian government has not used its influence to forestall these referenda since President Putin’s suggestion on May 7 that they be postponed, when he also claimed that Russian forces were pulling back from the Ukrainian border.

Unfortunately, we still see no Russian military movement away from the border, and today Kremlin-backed social media and news stations encouraged residents of eastern Ukraine to vote tomorrow, one even offering instructions for polling stations in Moscow. Russian state media also continue to strongly back the referenda with no mention of Putin’s call for postponement.

The focus of the international community must now be on supporting the Ukrainian government’s consistent efforts to hold a presidential election on May 25. International observers note that preparations for these elections are proceeding apace and in accordance with international standards, which will allow all Ukrainian people a voice in the future of their country. According to recent independent polls, a substantial majority of Ukrainians intend to vote on May 25. Any efforts to disrupt this democratic process will be seen clearly for what they are, attempts to deny the rights of Ukraine’s citizens to express their political will freely.

As President Obama and Chancellor Merkel stated on May 2, the Russian leadership must know that if it continues to destabilize eastern Ukraine and disrupt this month’s presidential election, we will move quickly to impose greater costs on Russia.

The Russian government can still choose to implement its Geneva commitments, as well as follow through on President Putin’s statement of May 7. We call on them to do so.

Totally laughable in that the now flogged to death fake devil that is Vladimir Putin has warned not to “disrupt” the upcoming presidential “election” which is an always has been a farce and a rigged game by the Empire. When you are choosing between such luminaries as the   “The Chocolate King” and the “Gas Princess” you are pretty well fucked but that just doesn’t seem to resonate in a land where our fine and vaunted choices come November 2016 will in all probability be named Clinton and Bush. The Ukrainian people are not stupid enough to just sit back and get it rammed up their asses by two corrupt oligarchs working for the same interests like the sheep here in the land of the free and the home of the brave (ha ha ha – sardonic laughter). And as far as official US State Department statements, given the lunatics running the asylum charade under the ‘leadership’ of Kerry they are about as useful as kitty litter box liner.

Then there is the missing airplane network CNN dutifully parroting neocon propaganda as is typical with tales of voter fraud at the polls. One would think that after being humiliated over the imbecile responsible for posting that very telling graphic incorrectly showing that the geographic location of East Ukraine was in Pakistan that they would just stick to the panty-sniffing celebrity scandals and other tawdry sleaze but hey – it is America’s NUMBER ONE name in news and serves as a testament to the triumph of the willfully ignorant.

So we will continue to be fed bullshit biscuits by our corrupt, immoral war criminal leaders and their rotten to the core institutions as well as their bordering on parody media machine – how long will it take until Americans finally stand up on their own damned hind legs and bite back against their exploiters and oppressors just like the freedom loving people in East Ukraine are doing?

The clock is ticking…..