Having just finished reading a column from Patrick J. Buchanan entitled “A Left-Right Convergence?” in which the longtime paleoconservative mused about a coming alliance between anti-fascist elements of the left and the right I must admit that I have been pushing this idea for years and it is nice to see someone like the old warhorse himself bring it up. It has long been the ONLY logical way to seriously challenge the corrupt bipartisan warfare state and the rigged system of spoils to benefit an American oligarchy grown fat, arrogant and rotten beyond mere words that is protected by an omnipresent all-seeing eye of a gargantuan surveillance machine and enforced by paramilitary police forces and a weaponized judicial system. While I do not agree with Pat Buchanan on everything – or for that matter most things – he is onto something here and in his column he pays tribute to Ralph Nader whose new book “Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State” is as sensible as it is heretical to the so-called left in this country, a morally bankrupt gaggle of squabbling identity based groups clinging to the putrescent criminal enterprise that is the Democratic party like little piggies sucking on their mother’s teats.

Having formerly been aligned with much of the left before I came to my senses and began to identify more with the more rational progressives and principled conservatives and libertarians I can speak from experience that it is a fool’s errand to break through the cult like reverence for Barack Obama and his already crowned successor Hillary Rodham-Clinton. The MSNBC marinated liberals who have drank the Kool Aid of false hope and chump change are as unreachable as their less refined counterparts who have been lobotomized by Fox News and will always be lured out to dutifully goose-step to the polls come election time to take revenge against whatever demon that happens to be conjured up for them by Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove and Roger Ailes. They are flip sides of the same coin which like the proverbial bad penny just keeps turning up and serving the establishment by allowing the two-party racket to continue to function as though there is a nickle’s worth of difference between the two, primarily that one is just more overtly fascist than the other.

Until there is a mass awakening from the lie that is our so-called “democracy” to unify in opposition to that red, white and blue jackboot that will be stomping on a human face forever we can only continue to defy the odds, fight the good fight and prolong the imminent and inevitable collapse. But it is is not as though there are not those out there offering alternatives, Pat Buchanan shows that and I excerpt the following from his piece:

Last summer, in this capital of gridlock, a miracle occurred.

The American people rose as one and told the government of the United States not to drag us into another Middle East war in Syria.

Barack Obama was ready to launch air and missile strikes when a national uproar forced him to go to Congress for authorization. Congress seemed receptive until some Hill offices were swarmed by phone calls and emails coming in at a rate of 100-1 against war.

Middle America stopped the government from taking us into what even the president now concedes is “somebody else’s civil war.”

This triumphal coming together of left and right was a rarity in national politics. But Ralph Nader, in “Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State,” believes that ad hoc alliances of left and right to achieve common goals can, should, and, indeed, shall be our political future.

To call this an optimistic book is serious understatement.

Certainly, left and right have come together before.

Two decades ago, Ross Perot and this writer joined Ralph and the head of the AFL-CIO to stop NAFTA, a trade deal backed by America’s corporate elite and its army of mercenaries on Capitol Hill.

Congress voted with corporate America — against the country.

This is why Ron Paul was so reviled by the establishment – he had crossover appeal and the stones to take a stand against the vicious forces of the neocon infested Bush administration back in the days when any deviation from the lockstep orgy of nationalistic patriotism and blood vengeance for 9/11 would have one smeared ruthlessly as a traitor or worse. It was during this period and Congressman Paul’s courageous denouncing of the wanton crimes of the war machine while millions of Americans were learning to love torture and mass surveillance that I came to admire the man’s message as did millions of non-conformists, non-party over country loyalist and people who were able to think for themselves did.

My real leftist friends get it but they are radicals, socialists and in a few cases avowed Marxists just as my libertarian non-interventionist, pro-Constitutional and in a few cases avowed anarchists do. The real enemy is a shared one that is targeting any and all dissent which will be crushed ruthlessly when the time comes. What in the hell does anyone think that all of these NSA programs exist for? Why is that massive data storage facility out in Utah there? It is all being done for the day when the US totalitarian state finally goes fully live and the machines start spitting out the pickup orders for troublemakers. More than a few of the sheep may be on those lists thanks to the miracle of the three-hop query but their blissful ignorance will only be shattered when they round the final bend in the steel chute to line up for their turn to experience the captive bolt pistol. I found the words of former NSA turned whistleblower William Binney to be as frank a warning as one could expect, I excerpt from the transcript of a podcast interview with Rob Kall of progressive website OpEd News:

R.K.: Anything that we haven’t covered yet?  We have got to wrap this up.  Anything that we haven’t covered that’s really important that you would like the listeners to know about?

W.B.: Just that my major concern isn’t with NSA having access to this data or having this data, it’s the use of it and once they get it and store it, being used by law enforcement and our law enforcement is spreading that around the world to other law enforcement and so it’s corrupting not just our democracy, we’re becoming a police state because of this but it’s also corrupting the countries around the world so it’s really endangering the democratic process and the court systems that we have established.  That is really destroying our society.  We may not know it yet but eventually it’ll get to all of us.

R.K.: Bad news.  So you told me that you’re going to spend the rest of your life on this.

W.B.: Yes.  Until my government basically starts to do the right thing, and that means become a constitutionally based operating government.

R.K.: Do you see any ideological or party differences in the way this is being handled?

W.B.: Actually no.  I think they’re all basically the same.  They’ve been, I mean for example you know Bush would prefer to have acquired the terrorists, captured them, put them in to torture them to get information; whereas Obama would kill them with a drone.  So it’s the same principle, I mean they’re just doing whatever they want, there are no limits to what they want to do.  Especially the latest NDAA that talks about giving the president the power to declare anybody, any US Citizen even in this country a terrorist and have the military pick them up, take them off the street, incarcerate them indefinitely, and give them no due process. 

That to me is executing something very similar to what the Nazis did in 1933, Special Order 48, that did exactly the same thing.  And that’s how they got rid of all of their opposition.  All the communists and anybody else that opposed them.  But I mean they sent them to the concentration camps.  So far we have not been sending them to the concentration camps but they’ll do things like send the FBI after you or maybe attempt to put you in jail like they tried to do with a number of us. 

So they’re not as radical yet but the problem is that when you give people that kind of power or they hold that kind of power, sooner or later, they’re going to use it. One way or another.  

The seriousness of our dilemma when it comes to the liberal version of dancing with the dunces and their ongoing prostration for the Democratic party and the treacherous snake-oil salesman Barack Obama is evident in the way that investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald is treated. Per the blog Raw Story Greenwald’s recent appearance on Democratic party propaganda machine MSNBC’s “All in With Chris Hayes” highlights the the hostility of liberals to the truth, particularly on Obama’s NSA Stasi as was written about by Greenwald in his just released book “No Place to Hide”.  I excerpt the following from the Raw Story piece:

“There are lots of people who watch this show who hate you, frankly,” Hayes said.

“Really?” Greenwald joked. “Oh, my god, that’s so disturbing, I didn’t know that.”

“You have a way of making people very angry at you, and you have a way –– I think sometimes, if you don’t mind my saying –– of alienating possible allies,” Hayes continued.

Greenwald said that when he started writing about politics, he “didn’t have a big megaphone, I didn’t have a large corporation that gave me a camera or a newspaper that gave me a big platform.”

“I had to find a way to be heard,” he said. “You’ve got to be aggressive in terms of having your critique heard.”

“People feel like they have to choose between Barack Obama and Glenn Greenwald,” Hayes countered. “And there are millions of people in this country who are like, ‘If that is the choice, I choose Barack Obama. I like Barack Obama. Like, Barack Obama got a lot of people Medicaid.’”

Greenwald said that the same people who attack him now cheered for him when he was attacking the Bush administration.

I certainly can understand that, it makes me physically sick to see how many liberals now give Obama a free pass for things that they squealed for Bush’s head on a pike for but that is the problem with party loyalists, particularly in a society where the two-party system is just a cover for criminality of whom the only real loyalty is against the very concept of a free and decent society.

But all that is just my own personal opinion for what it’s worth. Hell, after all I am a guy who is reviled by both sides and one who has been denounced on the Obama water carrying site Democratic Underground: “Donn Marten is just a blogger who hates Democrats” as well as by the filth over at the neocon racist sewer Front Page Magazine, a kind of Stormfront for anti-Muslim types: “For leftists like Martin, U.S.-EU policy is simply aimed at “making Ukraine safe for corporate vultures”.  There is no greater badge of honor in being hated by both the Democrats and Republicans and their legions of losers, lackeys and lickspittles but that puts me in some pretty damned good company with Buchanan, Nader, Greenwald and Ron Paul.

Americans better wake up because an alliance that sets aside petty ideological differences to mount a unified and sustained defense against the fascist corporate warfare chance is the only chance that we have.