The damage inflicted upon the USA, USA, USA both economically and in terms of credibility thanks to the Obama all star foreign policy team of unrivaled buffoons will truly not be understood until well into the future as the rubble from the collapse is sifted through by historians but the most important point is that it was all so unnecessary. Not that a happy ending to the neocon instigated overthrow of a democratically elected leader and the installation of a puppet regime backed by fascists and neo-Nazis could be expected and heads are likely exploding throughout Washington over the backfiring of their scheme.

There is just no way to look at America these days and now be astounded at the dismal quality of the US political class in that the savvy and demonized Vladimir Putin has just punked Obama and his minions yet again. First there was granting asylum to Edward Snowden, that blistering September 11, 2013 New York Times op ed in which Putin called out the ridiculous concept of American exceptionalism, the intervention to stop what was to be a massive attack on Syria (that one really pissed Obama off) and now the best of all in making the entire US establishment and their loyal winged monkeys in the state corporate media look like a pack of chumps by showing them exactly where they could stick their economic sanctions.

The 30 year, $400 billion deal illustrates how far that US Empire of war, greed and stupidity has fallen – picking up speed since 2001 – and the failure of Obama and Kerry’s ‘we’ll huff and we’ll puff and we’ll blow your house down Mr. Putin’ economic punishment over not falling in line with the US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression and allowing for the absorption of Ukraine. Despite perhaps the greatest US media propaganda campaign in history (it put even the run up to the Iraq attack to shame) all that America is now left with now that the prestige and moral high ground have left the barn forever is a mammoth, money-sucking military machine, a rotten to the core political system, obsolete and crumbling infrastructure that is blown away by any advanced country, a workforce that cannot compete in a global world because the lack the necessary intellect and skills, an economy that only consists of pushing bad paper through above the law Wall Street casinos and a surveillance system that has no peer. Americans have a very bleak future indeed thanks to the series of failures by an arrogant, short-sighted political class and that doesn’t take into account skyrocketing food and gas prices a good percentage of whom to blame for the coming food crisis can be laid at the foot of commodities speculators operating with impunity and big agribusiness that operates on a greed crazed, inefficient model that has driven locally produced food out of business. Dark days are coming and coming soon.

As far as the Russia-China gas deal, the virtual holy grail for the countries to which the future belongs I excerpt the following from The Guardian:

Russia and China have signed a 30-year, $400bn (£237bn) deal for Gazprom to deliver Russian gas to China in a deal that underscores Russia’s shift towards Asia amid strained relations with the west.

The contract to provide 38bn cubic metres of gas each year was signed by the state-owned gas companies Gazprom and CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) in the presence of the countries’ leaders, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, at the end of Putin’s two-day visit to Beijing.

The Russian president – who has been pushing to close the deal after almost a decade of negotiations – called the agreement “the largest in the gas sphere during the era of the USSR and Russia”.

But one British energy expert warned that the move could drive up prices for European gas consumers who are becoming increasingly dependent on Russia and now face competition for supplies.

Aled Jones, director of the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University, warned that the Britain had the equivalent of only three years of North Sea gas left on the basis of current consumption and without the use of imports. “Russia’s new pipeline to China will increase competition for natural gas from 2018 and will most likely increase the cost we pay for natural gas here in the EU. It will certainly increase the pressure on European countries to find alternative gas supplies,” he said

I am sure that the people of Europe facing rising fuel costs due to the stupidity of their leaders and their failure to do anything but lick Uncle Sam’s red, white and blue jackboots will be positively thrilled to shell out more money due to the blowback from the Ukraine disaster. At least Europe has a history of revolutions and a public that has managed to climb out of the mental morass of primitive religion that has exploded across The Homeland, it would do the peasants well to begin to ponder storming the castles and bring back the guillotine for their own rancid and corrupt political leaders.  It won’t be long until there is a realization that the expansion of NATO and the botched coup in Kiev aren’t the only things that the US establishment has lied about – that little miracle of abundant energy due to the “fracking” boom may not be all that it is cracked up to be.

More importantly though is how the US will react to this latest running drop kick in the balls from Putin. Do Obama, the buffoons at Foggy Bottom and the think tank dwelling ideologues finally back down or do they go down with all guns blazing in one final Wild Bunch style suicide charge and drag the rest of us down with them.