The whining continues over the outing of unconstitutional mass surveillance and data-mining programs by former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Today’s bleating is over the release of a report by the Defense Intelligence Agency, at least the condensed, classified and excerpted version – the rest is of course Top Secret which means that everyone will just have to trust a government that lies about everything about the “grave” damage done by Snowden’s leaks. The report, 19 pages of which were procured by The Guardian under a FOIA suit filed earlier this year states that “the scope of the compromised knowledge related to US intelligence capabilities is staggering”. To this I say good, had the NSA and it’s private affiliates not been conducting warrantless spying on tens of millions of law abiding Americans then there would have been no need for Snowden to have performed his valuable public service.

When it comes to the Pentagon an institution that has as its primary function the murdering of people across the planet there is zero credibility as far as I am concerned about the self-serving claims of such damage. Were the grave warnings of the danger of the military industrial complex by outgoing President Dwight Eisenhower been taken to heed the swords long ago have been beaten back into plow shares and the trillions of dollars of taxpayer money that has been stolen and fed into that murderous five-sided satanic sewer of death and graft we would not be at the most perilous point in US history today.

The story in the Guardian about the keening wail of the war piggies is entitled “Pentagon report: scope of intelligence compromised by Snowden ‘staggering’” and I excerpt the following:

The Guardian has obtained a copy of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s classified damage assessment in response to a Freedom of Information Act (Foia) lawsuit filed against the Defense Department earlier this year. The heavily redacted 39-page report was prepared in December and is titled “DoD Information Review Task Force-2: Initial Assessment, Impacts Resulting from the Compromise of Classified Material by a Former NSA Contractor.”

But while the DIA report describes the damage to US intelligence capabilities as “grave”, the government still refuses to release any specific details to support this conclusion. The entire impact assessment was redacted from the material released to the Guardian under a presidential order that protects classified information and several other Foia exemptions.

Only 12 pages of the report were declassified by DIA and released. A Justice Department attorney said DIA would continue to process other internal documents that refer to the DIA report for possible release later this year.

Steven Aftergood, director of the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists, questioned the decision to withhold specific details.

“The essence of the report is contained in the statement that ‘the scope of the compromised knowledge related to US intelligence capabilities is staggering’. But all elaboration of what this striking statement means has been withheld,” he said.

Mr. Aftergood is correct but far too kind in his comments, in layman’s terms the Pentagon is full of horseshit and is just resorting the the standard tactic of bemoaning the damage of the leaks that put Americans at risk of “terrorist” attacks but never bother to reveal any specifics. Hell, it’s now like the number one cause of “terrorist” attacks on Americans isn’t due to the ongoing war on Muslims and the plethora of other murders undertaken by our precious imperial stormtroopers under the domain of The Pentagon. Nothing seems to be going well for the criminal political class as of late, a brief review of some of the comments on The Guardian piece is evidence that the sock puppets and paid government shills are out in force as they wage their information war to keep the truth from spreading even further than it already has. They have their work cut out for them because it seems like the resistance is building – I have noticed how so many comment sections are quickly censored or shut down once they are overwhelmed by those who are calling bullshit on this entire charade.

While the psychopathic blood barters over at The Pentagon were caterwauling and doing their song and dance the greatest enemy that exists in terms of the ongoing jihad against the US Constitution and American people was busy plotting the ongoing demise of the USA. In the US Congress today the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which is to the fascist rulers of this country since September 11, 2001 what the Enabling Act was to Hitler and his Nazis was given the seal of approval once again in preserving the cash cow of the phony war on terror and defending their own hides in an election year. The House of Representatives, a wretched hive of scum and villainy had one hell of a day in that they also succeeded inpassing a gutted version of an NSA “reform” bill that does nothing to end the mass surveillance and storage of the communications and other data of law abiding Americans for some vague future use that has all the hallmarks of totalitarianism. The scumbags can now return home to showboat and enjoy their long Memorial Day weekend having done their damned level best to have pissed on the sacrifices of all who died in this country’s past wars to “defend freedom”.