The much hyped elections in Ukraine (at least the US-EU-NATO backed part of the country) took place on Sunday and have enthroned another greedy oligarch in Petro Poroshenko aka“The Chocolate King”. Despite much of the besieged country, under attack by the global finance mafia, rapacious corporations – like gas company Burisma Holdings which in one of those cozy crony capitalist mob deals just hired VP Joe Biden’s son R.Hunter Biden to divvy up the spoils – and savage neo-Nazis that serve as the muscle for the coup regime of Arseniy Yatsenuyk or as he is affectionately referred to by State Department neocon Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland – not being able to vote. The election of the candy man is just another one of those staged by the state-corporate media for the benefit of the schmucks illusions that this once great country now must suffer on a near daily basis.

Let the austerity begin – but first there is killing to be done and the eager to please Poroshenko has already adopted the US talking points in referring to anti-fascist, anti-austerity “rebels” in the East as “terrorists”. Only in America can raw horseshit like this be sold to so many eager buyers – wasn’t the entire fucking premise of the overthrow of democratically elected leader Viktor Yanukovych that he was a sleazy oligarch whoring out to foreign interests and shitting on toilets made of gold? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. If there is one minor benefit to soon to be fleeced by the IMF and other global piranhas is that the deranged Yulia Tymoshenko aka “The Gas Princess” was thrashed soundly along with her avowed referendum to start WWIII by locking down a death pact with NATO. Small matter of consolation to the victims of the latest violent escalation by the illicit regime – chocolate mogul or not – that has unleashed a new wave of carnage including the use of military helicopters against civilians.

The porcine Poroshenko will be a big hit with the neocons at Foggy Bottom and in the Obama White House, Barry himself probably can’t be more thrilled now that he has more cover for the actions of his Reagan style death squads as they continue to wantonly murder civilians. The stammering ass himself, John “Skull and Bones” Kerry has already come out and spoken glowingly of the new order in Ukraine. Per The Guardian:

The US secretary of state, John Kerry, said that Sunday’s presidential elections in Ukraine sent a “clear message” that the country’s people want to “live in a united, democratic and peaceful Ukraine anchored in European institutions”.

Though Kerry’s statement, issued on Monday, did not name President Vladimir Putin of Russia by name, his comments on the all but certain electoral victory of the pro-west businessman Petro Poroshenko were clearly directed towards Moscow.

High praise coming from a man who has continually tried to sell a new war to Americans based on false flag sarin gas attacks in Syria but Kerry has no honor, nor any shame, he is a true creature of the financial elite who when the wet work has been done in East Ukraine will descend like vultures to loot in an orgiastic frenzy while Poroshenko wipes his ass with American hundred dollar bills. Men like John Forbes Kerry represent the worst elements in the diseased character of those who have seized control of America, he once apparently stood for principle – at least in the aftermath of his Vietnam service but with the way this horse-faced charlatan conducts himself one has to wonder whether the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were onto something. Kerry made it a point to dig his bony nose into Putin’s chest with his comments that the farcical elections (omitting the ongoing murders) were a “clear message” to Russia.

Is there any wonder why the entire civilized world hates America so much? I mean is this the best that we have to offer?

This bullshit election does nothing to remedy the neocon coup d’etat disaster in Ukraine, it only worsens matters and the Chocolate King is already mouthing off about Crimea too so instead of deescalating this mess the Obama regime is only hastening what now appears to be our imminent date with historical infamy.

All because these slimy, criminal psychopaths like Obama had their poor egos bruised by the big bad Putin.