Today the finger-wagger was out early and with a vengeance, determined to prove that he is the winner of the most disgusting and embarrassing American of 2014. The Secretary of State, with his chronic diarrhea of the mouth and increasingly shrill holier than thou attitude appeared on morning network television in all of his elitist Skull and Bones puckered asshole glory. The occasion was of course to once again smear former government contractor turned heroic NSA whistleblower as a “traitor”and a “coward” and demanding that Snowden “man up” whatever that means. The flaming liberal windbag from Massachusetts who hit the jackpot by marrying into the Heinz Ketchup Empire isn’t much of an authority on “manning up” especially considering the dive that he took in Ohio in 2004 surrendering the presidency to another former Skull and Bones elitist swine George W. Bush despite widespread irregularities.

Kerry is the embodiment of America itself these days, once a heroic and noble ‘war hero’ (if you believe his self-serving career of cashing in like his pal John McCain) who denounced the Vietnam War as the lost cause that it always was Mr. Kerry has morphed into a powerful figure who is as vile and corrupt, as venal and hypocritical of the very system that he serves. This whole nutty soap opera of Kerry lying and threatening Putin, baiting Snowden and standing up for neo-Nazi scum in Ukraine is obviously personal. Snowden and Putin dared to show him up to his fellow high-rolling globalist snobs in the Davos set. Kerry once embodied a youthful idealism and a sense of honor and justice but now is just another poisoned, soulless wealthy cadaver, devoid of even a shred of morality nor the common decency to just resign and spare all of us Americans from the ongoing temper tantrums, demagoguery and huffing and puffing. If there were ever a man who should just go and fuck off forever it is John F. Kerry. As the great American columnist H.L. Mencken put it “imagine a gentleman and you have just imagined everything that he was not”.

The forum for this pompous ass was CBS This Morning and Kerry’s remarks are excerpted from the story in The Guardian entitled “Snowden unlikely to ‘man up’ in face of Espionage Act, legal adviser says”:

In a television appearance on Wednesday morning, Kerry said that if Snowden were a “patriot”, he would return to the United States from Russia to face criminal charges. Snowden was charged last June with three felonies under the 1917 Espionage Act.

“This is a man who has betrayed his country,” Kerry told CBS News. “He should man up and come back to the US.”

Kerry’s comments came as NBC News prepared to broadcast an extended interview with Snowden on Wednesday night, beginning at 10pm ET. Snowden revealed his identity almost one year ago, on 9 June 2013.

Responding to Kerry’s comments on Wednesday, Ben Wizner, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union and a legal adviser to Snowden, said the whistleblower hoped to return to the United States one day, but that he could not do so under the current Espionage Act charges, which make it impossible for him to argue that his disclosures had served the common good.

“The laws under which Snowden is charged don’t distinguish between sharing information with the press in the public interest, and selling secrets to a foreign enemy,” Wizner said.

“The laws would not provide him any opportunity to say that the information never should have been withheld from the public in the first place. And the fact that the disclosures have led to the highest journalism rewards, have led to historic reforms in the US and around the world – all of that would be irrelevant in a prosecution under the espionage laws in the United States.”

Snowden also could face an untold number of additional charges if he returned to the United States. “He could be charged for each of the documents that has been published,” Wizner said. “The exposure that he faces is virtually unlimited under this.”

Wizner is correct, it is a rigged game and if Snowden were to be stupid enough to take vermin like Kerry at their word when it comes to fair treatment he would be disappeared immediately into one of America’s torture gulags or simply just held forever in limbo in some tiny prison cell on a military base. But Snowden is not a stupid man and this most of all puts a bug up the tarnished types like Kerry who sold his soul for pennies on the dollar.

The real “traitors” in this country are the “cowards” who hid behind an archaic World War I law in The Espionage Act of 1917 that was created solely to persecute those who were opposed to the lying bastard and father of the rotten imperialism that came in that damned war’s wake – Woodrow Wilson – another messianic meddler of the type that the USA, USA, USA has far too many in our cherished and often damnable history. The invocation of the Espionage Act by the lawless Obama regime reveals the grinning death’s head behind El Presidente’s Fozzie Bear Fascism and his regime stands for nothing more than the same rotten tyranny as that of George W. Bush only he has been made into a product that provides him with an impenetrable Teflon shield where the gullible and the O-Bots are unable to recognize his bullshit for what it is. The same type of imperialism as Wilson, Bush or any of the other war criminals who have held the exalted office.

So Snowden gives hims ballyhooed interview tonight to NBC’s lickspittle state-corporate celebrity talking head Brian Williams, I suppose that having to at some point turn oneself into the entertainment in the electronic court of bought off jackasses like Williams was inevitable to get any public exposure outside of the lies of state. The drive by attacks are already underway despite that we are hours from the interview’s being aired.

During his sit down with the employee of the mammoth defense contractor GE, Snowden made the statement that he was “trained as a spy” or in the context from NBC News:

“I was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word, in that I lived and worked undercover overseas — pretending to work in a job that I’m not — and even being assigned a name that was not mine,”

The propaganda machine pounced on that and all of the paid sock puppets and corrupt pundits and columnists are using this statement to paint the man as delusional and they can get away with it on this sorrowful star-spangled lemming farm simply because too many people cannot be bothered to fucking think for themselves. Snowden when with the CIA worked in a foreign country, under a false name, for a false front company conducting surveillance and data-mining operations – that sure sounds like a SPY to me.

The Snowden affair is playing out now, the interview with the corrupt NBC is a sing of that but the last of the real reporting by Glenn Greenwald has yet to be done. According to accounts the finale will include names of those that the NSA Stasi has spied on – I suspect that list will include a man known by Mr. Kerry named John Edwards, perhaps Eliot Spitzer and who knows how many more. I also hope that there is the wild card that is the MAIN CORE database that will be revealed and that when it all comes out that it will be enough to crucify every rotten bastard like that John Kerry who sold out their country to a cross of their own corruption and let the birds pick out their eyeballs while they hang there.