The most hated man in America today, at least  by the unprincipled charlatans in the establishment is former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and the lackeys of the corrupt National Security State and the polluted Obama regime have attacked him as they were a pack of mange crazed dogs. The running man managed to hit the big time – at least in America where television is the drug of choice – in an exclusive interview with NBC’s Brian Williams.

It was Snowden’s big public relations opportunity after months of being kicked around by scum the likes of Peter King, Mike Rogers, Michael Hayden and on Wednesday Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry who is befitting to wear the crown of king of American assholes after his last nine or ten months on the job. Kerry hit the Wednesday morning television circuit to repeatedly and dishonestly trash Snowden as a“traitor” and a “coward” in much the same way that the angel of death Dick Cheney did to the 2004 version of Kerry himself. Seems like once a particular level is achieved in the American political class that a truly putrescent rottenness blooms and Kerry is resplendent as he practically glows with hypocrisy, moral debauchery and elitist decadence.

The massive smear job on Snowden started early yesterday, well before the airing of the interview based on a sneak preview segment (one wonders if NBC picked it out) where he made comments to the effect that he was trained as a spy. The usual suspects pounced on that to mock the top target on Obama’s kill list as living in a fantasy world and other horseshit – the number one tactic of the pigs who run this star-spangled sty is to discredit and turn their vast propaganda apparatus loose. But really, considering what Snowden really said: “I was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word — in that I lived and worked undercover, overseas, pretending to work in a job that I’m not and even being assigned a name that was not mine”. While Snowden’s official duty with the Central Intelligence Agency remains mysterious when one is working either directly for or as a contractor for the US government, under a fake name, at a fake business in a foreign country and conducting surveillance I would venture to say that such a person would in fact be a “spy” in the truest sense of the world. It is lost on millions of meat heads though but those really aren’t the type of people that you really want to try to convince of anything anyway. As the old saying goes, “never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and it annoys the pig”.

But I digress…

After the exclusive NBC interview with the celebrity talking head Williams it was time to pile on Snowden and the attacks, while ridiculous and predictable were particularly nasty. NBC News has the Snowden interview on their website with the subtitle “Traitor or Patriot”, the New York Times slyly floated the innuendo that Snowden was an agent of Putin (with special bonus points for kicking Glenn Greenwald in the balls as “smug and unreasonable”) and the gaggle of vermin like Peter King, the unhinged terrorist supporter called the interview an“infomercial”. On top of it all, after Snowden stated that he had attempted to use formal channels to report an NSA run amok the American Stasi came out today and released some bullshit email from Snowden as ‘proof’ that he never attempted to utilize the proper channels. According to a story in The Guardian the NSA stated that it was the only record it could find. This is the same agency that lies about everything and performs duties for a government that sends forth perjurers like Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to lie to Congress about the unconstitutional mass surveillance and data-mining programs that the patriot Snowden exposed.

The deck is stacked in the US media, one who opposes Leviathan is never going to get a fair trial in the court of public opinion and over the next few days Snowden will be electronically lynched, likely culminating with an all star lineup of fascist scum on the Sunday morning ‘news’ show circuit. A truth teller will never get any sort of honest treatment in the US corporate-state media and while Snowden may be smart he is naive to have afforded a fully vested servant of the establishment such as Brian Williams serve as his Judas Goat.