I have to admit that as the week has gone on, with the increasingly breathless media blather over the baddest bogeymen of all – ISIS – that I have been struck with the idea that this just doesn’t smell right. The emergence of a jihadist force, so nasty that even al Qaeda doesn’t want them seems to be a wet dream to a war machine that has spent the past year just itching for another military intervention. That the uprising occurred shortly after the recent electoral triumphs of both Iraq’s Nouri al-Maliki and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad makes it suspect of being a creation of the “regime changers” who can claim plausible deniability that it ISIS arose out of festering regional fanaticism hellbent at the establishment of that new caliphate long preached about by the neocon warmongers.

The unstoppable force of ISIS has provided the worst culprits of the Bush-Cheney regime, including the dark master himself with a new opportunity to revise history in favor of their ideology of global and regional conquest as put forth by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and they have been hitting the media circuit with a vigor. The emergence of ISIS has also allowed President Barack Obama to begin to reinsert the US military back into Iraq after the lying bastard had vowed not to do so. Thursday’s announcement that 300 military “advisers” were headed to Iraq is the beginning of an escalation that will further deplete American resources and squander the lives of more US troops in an ultimately doomed crusade that in effect never really ended.

Writer Mike Whitney just put out an interesting piece that I strongly recommend that questions the frenzy, especially in the corrupt state-corporate media to sell the ISIS menace – a task that shouldn’t be too difficult considering that most Americans live in a constant state of fear of their own shadows let alone head-chopping jihadists hellbent on imposing Sharia law upon besieged Christians. The Whitney piece is published at Counterpunch and is entitled “The ISIS Fiasco: It’s Really an Attack on Iran” from which I excerpt:

There’s something that doesn’t ring-true about the coverage of crisis in Iraq. Maybe it’s the way the media reiterates the same, tedious storyline over and over again with only the slightest changes in the narrative. For example, I was reading an article in the Financial Times by Council on Foreign Relations president, Richard Haass, where he says that Maliki’s military forces in Mosul “melted away”. Interestingly, the Haass op-ed was followed by a piece by David Gardener who used almost the very same language. He said the “army melts away.” So, I decided to thumb through the news a bit and see how many other journalists were stung by the “melted away” bug. And, as it happens, there were quite a few, including Politico, NBC News, News Sentinel, Global Post, the National Interest, ABC News etc. Now, the only way an unusual expression like that would pop up with such frequency would be if the authors were getting their talking points from a central authority. (which they probably do.) But the effect, of course, is the exact opposite than what the authors intend, that is, these cookie cutter stories leave readers scratching their heads and feeling like something fishy is going on.

And something fishy IS going on. The whole fable about 1,500 jihadis scaring the pants off 30,000 Iraqi security guards to the point where they threw away their rifles, changed their clothes and headed for the hills, is just not believable. I don’t know what happened in Mosul, but, I’ll tell you one thing, it wasn’t that. That story just doesn’t pass the smell test.

Whitney goes on to question the official media narrative – I went out and did a quick search and the term “melted away” in describing the Iraqi army indeed pops up in a number of different variations which is a giveaway what the story is centrally created. If any thinking American still has any faith whatsoever in the credibility of our corrupt and contemptible media then they are a sucker. After being lied to over the Bush regime’s original hogwash fairy tales to attack and invade Iraq in the first place, the pack of whoppers and propaganda that inflated a massive stock market bubble to the benefit of a small amount of crony capitalists at the expense of millions after the 2008 economic collapse (remember Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s “Green Shoots”?), the attempts to use a bogus Sarin gas attack to justify the bombing of Syria and most recently the vilification of Vladimir Putin and coverup of a US backed coup in Ukraine that installed neo-Nazi backed fascists who can anyone believe anything that comes out of the media?

While Whitney makes a compelling case there is one just unveiled masterpiece of bullshit and spin that sealed the deal for me that the entire ISIS narrative is a serious and intricate psyops hoax and that was yesterday’s amazing discovery of Saddam’s missing weapons of mass destruction by the miraculous ISIS. The tale followed the usual echo chamber routine, first appearing in The Telegraph and then being amplified by a network of right-wing neocon blogs and websites as well as operatives who appeared in chat rooms and message boards and ended up in the central neocon propaganda beacon The Washington Post this morning “Islamist militants bear down on Iraqi forces; seize former chemical weapons facility”. Just wait until the Sunday morning “news” shows, if Senator Lindsey Graham was already shrieking about ISIS plotting another 9/11 from Iraq and Syria last week the man will need to be restrained or seriously medicated about 48 hours from now as I publish this on Friday morning.

Whitney nailed it that the ISIS tale “doesn’t pass the smell test” but I would disagree in that it smells like bullshit.