Secretary of State John Kerry, the epitome of the ugly American is once again wagging his finger in the face of Russia and President Vladimir Putin. According to Reuters,  the top Skull and Bones alum over at Foggy Bottom has ordered Putin to immediately disarm anti-austerity, anti-fascist freedom fighters in Eastern Ukraine.

Prepared to engage in more plotting with his EU counterparts in Brussels to complete the absorption of Ukraine into NATO and ultimately bring about regime change in Moscow, the stammering ass with chronic diarrhea of the mouth continues to push the envelope.

The Obama regime’s ongoing reckless actions towards Russia endanger the lives of billions if one of the hot-headed idiots decides to unleash a tactical nuke or two in a burst of the emotion that is being created by their policies.

This incredibly stupid personal vendetta by Kerry and Obama and their cadre of neocon fanatics is not going to end well for any of us and the only ones who are unable to see it are those with the ability to stop it.

The Reuters Story,  entitled “Kerry tells Russia to disarm Ukraine separatists ‘in hours’” states that:

Washington and other Western powers have stepped up pressure on Russia to take concrete action to defuse the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where a ceasefire between Russian-speaking rebels and government forces has appeared to be crumbling.

“We are in full agreement that it is critical for Russia to show in the next hours, literally, that they’re moving to help disarm the separatists, to encourage them to disarm, to call on them to lay down their weapons and to begin to become part of a legitimate process,” Kerry told reporters in Paris.

He added that EU leaders would discuss possible sanctions on Russia at their summit in Belgium on Friday.

Washington has said it also has new sanctions ready to go, but Kerry said the United States would prefer not to be in “sanctions mode” and wanted Russia to take action without pressure.

“We would like to see a cooperative effort between the United States, Europe and Russia and the Ukrainians,” Kerry added.

Separatist rebellions erupted in eastern Ukraine in early April after street protests in Kiev toppled Moscow-backed leader Viktor Yanukovich, and Russia in turn annexed the Crimean peninsula. Eastern rebels have called for union with Russia. Moscow denies Western accusations that it has allowed fighters to cross into Ukraine along with heavy weapons to confront Ukrainian government forces.

The proposed next round of U.S. and EU sanctions would target Russia’s financial, defense and high-tech industries, said U.S. officials.

Could the act of war that is the launching “financial neutron bomb” be coming? Pay no mind that Putin just acted to deescalate the situation by requesting parliament revoke his authorization to use military force in Ukraine and is continuing to the only rational party involved in the mess.

It wasn’t Putin who started it, that is unless you go back to last summer when he intervened to prevent the imminent US massive air attack on Damascus bringing both Obama and Kerry much embarrassment and then there is that Snowden asylum thing too. The propaganda machine is already spinning Putin’s move as just another one of this devilish acts of trickery while the new Cold War and all of the trillions of dollars that it would generate in profits to the death industry gets ever closer.

Americans have no idea whatsoever of the reality in Ukraine, the state-corporate media has covered up this gross violation of international law from the onset. There was the fomenting of unrest by organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy to turn out the protesters in the streets of Kiev against legitimately elected president at the time Viktor Yanukovych and the subsequent infiltration and hijacking of the protests by bloodthirsty neo-Nazi thugs who were able to introduce violence.

Senator John McCain, a psychopath and by the way that he is treated by the media, the de facto US President was photographed in Kiev palling around with neo-Nazis right before the shit hit the fan. Then there was that still mysterious killing of both police and protesters by snipers that ignited the smoldering powder keg and led to the ouster of Yanukovych along with the installation of a US-backed puppet regime led by former central banker Arseniy Yatsenyuk or “Yats” as he is affectionately known by former Dick Cheney aide and current Assistant US Secretary of State Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland.

She is also the woman who handed out cookies to anti-government protesters in Kiev in a public relations exercise and boasted to US corporate interests about the $5 billion dollars of American taxpayer money that has been funneled into Ukraine over the years to ensure that the country would be safe for corporate plunder when the time came.

The best-laid plans to surprise Putin with the Ukraine coup d’etat being executed while he was busy with the Sochi Winter Olympics naturally weren’t without their failures, anything that the neocons touch as a result of their lunatic dreams of global conquest carries the seeds of their own destruction.

There was Putin’s initial request to use military force in Ukraine and then the lightning fast secession of Crimea along with the subsequent vote to join Russia along with the official annexation. This was an unforgivable transgression despite the fact that Crimea always was a part of Russia until Nikita Kruschev (legend has it he was drunk at the time) gave it away in 1954.

The corporate forces that were ready to pillage and loot with impunity after the installation of “Yats” were furious as were the neocon geniuses whose prized target – the Russian naval base at Sevastopol was snatched from their claws immediately. The puppet government struck back and into the east went the goons and neo-Nazi militias to commit their heinous atrocities such as the murderous and barbaric acts at the Odessa trade union building which has for all intents and purposes been flushed down the memory hole. Christ knows that we can’t tell Americans the truth that their government is now on the side of the same Nazi scum that their fathers and grandfathers risked all to defeat in World War II.

The people in the east, knowing from history the full potential of the horrors wrought by Nazi ideology unleashed did what they could do – they fought back and are holding their own to this day despite the US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression sanctioned use of the military on civilians – including the use of incendiary munitions such as the ones used in Gaza and Fallujah. Ukraine has a new puppet leader, a corrupt oligarch installed to much hoopla in a bogus election named Petro Poroshenko aka “the Chocolate King” and early indications show that he is hellbent on doing the bidding of the US power structure in crushing the uprising in the east under that evil and ubiquitous justification of fighting “terrorists” – which is coming very soon to America.

Poroshenko is eager to please his western masters and after formalizing the deal with the devil for the Ukranian people that is the EU austerity agreement his is upping his rhetoric towards Putin. According to The Guardian in a story entitled “Ukraine president accuses Russia of doing nothing to end ‘disastrous’ war” the Chocolate King was providing the cover for the coming round of sanctions in the Obama regime’s ongoing provocations of Russia. I excerpt the following:

Speaking in Brussels, Poroshenko stated bluntly that the rebels were under the control of Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin. “I think now Russia has done nothing,” he said. “We are talking of Russian citizens, Russian officers, Russians by origin, Russian soldiers of fortune.” He characterised the Kremlin’s strategy in Ukraine as “not very pragmatic” and “very emotional”.


Asked if Ukraine would get Crimea back during his presidential term, Poroshenko smiled and said: “Yes”

It was more of the same vintage Russia-baiting as that recent absurd accusation from NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen that the Putin government was secretly working in coordination with environmentalists in fighting the “fracking” industry. From The Guardian story “Russia ‘secretly working with environmentalists to oppose fracking’”:

The head of one of the world’s leading groups of democratic nations has accused Russia of undermining projects using hydraulic fracturing technology in Europe.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, secretary-general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato), and former premier of Denmark, told the Chatham House thinktank in London on Thursday that Vladimir Putin’s government was behind attempts to discredit fracking, according to reports.

Rasmussen said: “I have met allies who can report that Russia, as part of their sophisticated information and disinformation operations, engaged actively with so-called non-governmental organisations – environmental organisations working against shale gas – to maintain European dependence on imported Russian gas.”

It was something straight out of the John Birch Society Blue Book and yet here is the leader of NATO hurling about a dangerous and baseless charge that could have dire ramifications in the United States where the fight against the destructive practice of “fracking” is facing growing opposition. Given the actions of the NSA and the Constitutional wrecking crew of both the Obama and Bush administrations, it is not much of a reach to believe that US domestic activists are already being subjected to surveillance and cases are already being built against them. it is a certainty that these are exactly the targets that the NSA is really going after and this will likely be exposed once Snowden’s list is revealed. They will have good company too in that antiwar activists and bloggers and independent media writers who dare to question the corrupt system that now dominates politics in The Homeland are going to be on it too.

The runaway train that is hurtling towards a hideous endgame over Ukraine that will likely result in World War III continues to pick up speed, Poroshenko’s demagoguery and the predictable reaction by Russian political figures who have again been stabbed in the back by the west continue to jack up the tensions. Not that Putin adviser Sergei Glazyev was wrong when he called the new boss in Kiev “a Nazi” for the recently inked austerity deal as reported by The Guardian:

Sergei Glazyev, an adviser to Putin, told the BBC before the signing that “Europe is trying to push Ukraine to sign this agreement by force” and said Petro Poroshenko, the president, lacked the legitimacy to make the deal.

“They organised [a] military coup in Ukraine; they helped Nazis to come to power. This Nazi government is bombing the largest region in Ukraine.” He said he “of course” believed the Ukrainian president was a Nazi.

Not that you will read about that in the US state-corporate media, at least not in anything even resembling the actual context but his is correct – the coming carnage in the east is going to make that slaughter at the Odessa trade union building look like a picnic. The real way that the Kiev junta think about their Russian speaking countrymen has been made obvious by not only the murderous actions of rampaging neo-Nazi militias but also by Yatsenyuk himself when he slipped up about two weeks ago and referred to the anti-austerity fighters as“subhumans” or as the many in Ukraine who cling to the legend of their hero, Nazi-collaborator and mass-murderer Stepan Bandera would describe them – untermensch.

But Kerry continues to pontificate, threaten and wave that damned finger of his as though this country still has that most priceless commodity that is the moral high ground – only the rubes, drunk on their star-spangled fat asses off of the toxic elixir of “American exceptionalism” as preached by snake oil salesmen like Obama believe that garbage – because when you throw in with the admirers of the twentieth century’s greatest criminals the Nazis,  it has been ceded forever.