The American war machine is constantly working to sell perpetual war based on such false pretenses as making the world safe for democracy, killing those who hate us for our freedoms, stopping the global communist menace, the war on terror, preemptively taking out the latest “new Hitler” and now making the planet safe for gay rights. This is a masterpiece of bullshit from the Obama regime and it will play very well with the ongoing cynical manipulation of gay voters as the 2016 election campaign begins. Liberals who have learned to love the wars that they at one time wanted George W. Bush’s head on a pike for now that the White House is occupied by a Democrat will no doubt be thrilled to line up and salute that rainbow pride flag that the imperialist Obama and soon Queen Hillary will be flying as they continue their crusade for global US hegemony or making the planet safe for McDonalds at the point of a gun.

This is raw political cynicism at its worst and every bit the equal of the Republicans firing up the Jesus juicing mouth breathers of their party base for years over the ridiculous culture wars and the drive to overturn Roe v. Wade which despite many years of iron-fisted GOP control over all three branches of the government still stands so potent it is as a political mobilizer. Under Obama the drive to make gay marriage the law of the land – and it should be the right of any individual to marry whoever the hell they damned well please – is the precursor to the branding of the USA! USA! USA! as the top global cop when it comes to protecting gay rights. Never mind the sheer hypocrisy that not only do many US states are overtly hostile to gay rights (primarily behind the cornbread curtain in Dixie) but our “ally” Saudi Arabia is one of the most oppressive countries towards homosexuality on God’s green Earth.

The new strategy for selling violent corporate imperialism to the butterflies, moonbeams and zebras crowd that are the holier than thou liberals is explained in The Guardian in an article entitled  “Obama uses embassies to push for LGBT rights abroad” from which I excerpt:

President Barack Obama’s administration has taken the US gay rights revolution global, using American embassies across the world as outposts in a struggle that still hasn’t been won at home.

Sometimes US advice and encouragement is condemned as unacceptable meddling. And sometimes it can seem to backfire, increasing the pressure on those it is meant to help.

With gay pride parades taking place in many cities across the world this weekend, the US role will be more visible than ever. Diplomats will take part in parades and some embassies will fly the rainbow flag along with the Stars and Stripes.


While some gay rights activists say support from the US and other western countries adds moral legitimacy to their cause, it can also cause a backlash.

Rauda Morcos, a prominent Palestinian lesbian activist, said local communities, particularly in the Middle East, have to find their own ways of asserting themselves. She criticized the US and western efforts in general to help gay communities elsewhere as patronizing.

“It is a colonial approach,” she said. “In cases where it was tried, it didn’t help local communities and maybe made things even worse.”

An extreme case has been Uganda, which in February passed a law making gay sex punishable by a life sentence. In enacting the bill, President Yoweri Museveni said he wanted to deter the West from “promoting” gay rights in Africa, a continent where homosexuals face severe discrimination and even attacks. In response, the US imposed sanctions and Secretary of State John Kerry compared the policies to the anti-Semitic laws in Nazi Germany and apartheid in South Africa.

In Russia, President Vladimir Putin has waged an assault on what he considers the encroachment of decadent western values, and the government last year banned “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors”, making it a crime to hold gay rights rallies or to openly discuss homosexuality in content accessible to children. Afraid for their security, some Russian gay advocates try to keep their contacts with western officials quiet.

A couple of things really stand out in the excerpted pieces, first is the invoking of The Holocaust and Hitler’s vile war against European Jews in that: “Secretary of State John Kerry compared the policies to the anti-Semitic laws in Nazi Germany”. This shtick is as abominable as it is predictable – there is nothing more repulsive than when political figures invoke the millions of dead Jews as justification for even more violence that will inevitably result in piles of corpses and atrocities but hey, it sells well to deep-pocketed liberal Jewish donors. It will only be a matter of time until Kerry and his ilk play the Holocaust card against Putin which brings me to a second excerpted bit of the story in that “In Russia, President Vladimir Putin has waged an assault on what he considers the encroachment of decadent western values”. I suspect that a good part of the Obama administration global crusade for gay rights is more of the same sleazy anti-Putin propaganda that we have been beaten over the head with to justify the US backed coup d’etat in Kiev and the neo-Nazis that were installed along with the puppet regime. I ran across a brilliant essay on the big lies of the media (in this case the BBC) by Vera Graziadei, a British Ukrainian Russian actress and writer  entitled “The Cunning Demons of Russian Propaganda, or what the BBC forgot to warn us about” that is a must read when it comes to a blistering critique of the incessant anti-Russian propaganda and the US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression crap that is peddled about what is really going on in Ukraine.

The Putin gay persecution narrative was a critical component of the gold medal winning Obama administration smear campaign undertaken by the US state-corporate media in the run up to the Sochi Winter Olympics and Obama milked it for all that it was worth by naming lesbian former tennis star Billie Jean King to his Olympic delegates. It was identity group based politics at its worst, particularly when considering how long that Obama shit on gays after he had their votes secured in 2008. The cruise missile liberals are going to love the new global crusade for gay rights even if they are too willfully blind to see that they are once again being played for chumps by a criminal Democratic party that is equally corrupt as the Republicans albeit not as overtly fascist.