Conjuring up the inevitable references to Nero fiddling while Rome burned, President Barack Obama took a bit of time out of his daily duties to goof off, eat pizza, suck down some suds and play billiards in Denver. Tough gig presiding over the most vicious and hellbent at global domination empire of the past seventy or so years so the big man – or “the bear” as he now apparently now refers to himself. Hell, it’s not like there is really anything going on in the world like an out of control surveillance machine spying on millions of American citizens, nor his neo-Nazi packed death squads engaging in ethnic cleansing in east Ukraine, nor indispensable ally Israel bombing civilians in Gaza, nor relations with critical EU  ally Germany collapsing due to the discovery of two US spies within the government, a humanitarian crisis on the US southern border with hordes of Latin American children coming to America or a bizarre situation involving the bogeyman ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The bear is loose!

It is looking pretty obvious that Obama is going to just milk the gig and run out the clock on his dismal second term in office – has there ever been a lamer duck? In all fairness George W. Bush dicked around on taxpayer money a lot too, mostly retreating to his phony western movie set Chickenhawk Ranch in Crawford, TX to hack away at brush and ride his dirt bike so it’s now like Obama is breaking new ground here but it is arguable that Bush never really did much to begin with, leaving all of the heavy lifting to Dick Cheney and later Condi Rice but Obama was supposed to be the man of hope and change. Now that it has all turned into false hope and chump change, never quite able to recover from that initial self inflicted wound of the “Team of Rivals”, the underestimating of how the overreaction to a black man as president would fuel a tsunami of ginned up racism that swept the Democrats from control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 mid-terms and the daily pitched battle against both his own incompetent administration as well as the scorched earth obstructionist Republicans. The man was always out of his league to begin with and it’s obvious that he is now going to just coast through until January 2017.

The problem, other than the public relations aspect itself is that while Barry is out living it up he is leaving the work of actually running the country to guys like Secretary of State John Kerry, an abject moron albeit one with (like Bush) a Skull and Bones pedigree and Vice President Joe Biden. Other than the obvious set of gonads the one thing that both men have is an uncanny ability to say the dumbest goddamned things at the worst times and in the case of Kerry, chronic diarrhea of the mouth. While Obama yucks it up with the locals on his western foray Kerry has been in China where he like the walking embodiment of American hypocrisy that he has become wags his finger at the Chinese for spying. The latest breach being that Chinese technical wizards allegedly hacked into the database of the USG Office of Personnel Management. According to a story in The Guardian entitled “Kerry hits out at Chinese cyber-spying”:

US secretary of state John Kerry condemned Chinese cyber-espionage in unusually strong terms while wrapping up a series of high-level meetings in Beijing on Thursday, as reports surfaced that Chinese hackers breached the US office of personnel management (OPM) earlier this year.

“Instances of cyber theft have harmed our business and threatened our nation’s competitiveness,” Kerry said at a joint closing session of the sixth annual strategic and economic dialogue, as it wrapped up its second day. “The loss of intellectual property through cyber [spying] has a chilling effect on innovation and investment.”


China foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei brushed off the allegation at a regular press briefing on Thursday. “Some US media and US cyber security [firms] always smear China and create the theory that China is a cyber threat, but they can’t provide sufficient evidence of that,” he said. “We feel strongly that these kinds of reports and comments are irresponsible and not worth a comment or refuting.”

How John Forbes Kerry and by extension ANY representative of the USA! USA! USA!  actually elieve that they can possibly be taken serious anymore on anything outside of our cloistered borders is astonishing, the very epitome of the arrogance of American exceptionalism. Perhaps the greatest service provided by former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has performed is in outing the spying programs of the US government is that he exposed the entire rancid assembly of clowns as the phonies and hypocrites that they are. That Kerry lectured the Chinese at the same time that German Chancellor Angela Merkel ousted the CIA Station Chief from Germany over the discovery of the two moles shows the completely surreal alternate universe in which the Obama regime operates. It would by piss in your pants funny were it not so dangerous. It all brings to mind that great old Chinese of “may you live in interesting times”.

Obama should have picked up a good supply of pot in Denver now that it’s legal, since he already has spent years stumbling around is if in a drug induced fog what would the difference be if he just kicked back and pounded the bong for the next thirty months.