This Sunday’s all star lineup of war criminals, liars, charlatans, recycled political hacks and deranged fiends featured more than the usual gaggle trotted out to spew lies and engage in demagoguery but the one constant remains that mangy, deranged old bastard Senator John McCain. McCain – this week sans his little butt buddy Lindsey Graham, the Palmetto State princess – was in his usual dyspeptic and cranky form in pushing for increased US involvement in Iraq. The target of McCain’s ire during his appearance on State of the Union with that annoying sow Candy Crowley was Senator Rand Paul, the most hated man (at least to the neocons and militarists) in the Republican party because he dares to speak of minding our own business and extricating ourselves from the money-sucking charnel house in the Middle East where American blood and treasure has been squandered for nothing.

Old blood and guts used his appearance to chime in on a range of topics, all wrapped in the dripping contempt towards that horrible black man who whipped his ass in the 2008 election – Obama may be a catastrophe but there is something very pathological in how McCain deals with it that makes one inclined to suspect that he just may be a racist. The race card is definitely overplayed in defending Obama and his reign of errors but it is difficult to explain the animosity that some have towards him and it’s more than just a matter of policy. The cranky one opined on how much he admired the “restraint” that the equally deranged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has shown in his latest kill crazy rampage in Gaza – to a guy like McCain anything short of Hiroshima level destruction passes for “restraint”. He also chimed in on the illegal migrant crisis where hordes of children have been showing up in the USA! USA! USA! – largely a result of decades of a murderous foreign policy in Latin America that was based on the use of death squads trained in torture techniques at the former School of the Americas to prop up corporate friendly despots. Then of course there was his attack on Rand Paul and his shilling for a return to Iraq.

According to a story in the “Inside Baseball” of the beltway circle jerk Politico (the SOTU official transcript was not available as of this writing) in a story entitled “McCain: Paul’s ‘fortress America’ comes at ‘heavy price’” the Senator from Arizona who was censured by his own state’s Republican Party for being “too liberal” – that would be liberal in the sense of the word when it comes to the “improve or we’ll kill you” foreign policy doctrine. I excerpt the following from Politico:

“Senator Paul is part of a wing of the [Republican] party that’s been there ever since prior to World War I … and that is a withdrawal to fortress America,” The Republican senator from Arizona said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “The things we’re seeing in the world today, in greater turmoil than at any time in my lifetime, is a direct result of an absence of American leadership, and we are paying a very, very heavy price.”

What McCain and the warmongers, the neocon policy wizards and the rest of the blood-suckers drunk off of their asses on American exceptionalism never mention when conjuring up their blessed world wars to make their points is that IF the United States wasn’t sold out by then President Woodrow Wilson into entering World War I then the world that we live in would be a far different and arguably better place today. There would have been no crushing of Germany nor the subsequent humilation and that embittered little corporal and failed artist likely never would have found such a receptive audience with the rabble that gathered in the beer halls. Rand Paul should be saluted by all Americans for his willingness to question the very horrific direction that this country has been led by scum like John McCain and his absolute hard on to send others to die for his own political expedience. Nor is he ever called on his bullshit that the very instability that he invokes to call for more war has his fingerprints all over it.

I don’t know why John McCain continues to receive the amount of airtime and false credibility that he does, it is not like he won the election in 2008 and should have just retired with dignity instead of continuing to float around in the media bitching and whining and in foreign countries stirring up trouble – like palling around with neo-Nazis in Kiev and helping the snake that is Saudi Prince Bandar in arming jihadists – some of which ended up with ISIS. But dignity is beneath McCain, this is after all a man who according to many when he was a guest of the Viet Cong at the Hanoi Hilton after being shot down during his bombing of civilians made propaganda videos for the communists, it is a sad sign of our ongoing national moral deterioration that he is treated as some sort of honored figure but that is why we are lurching towards collapse now isn’t it?